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She sees him as a friend and boyfriend. Sweet, caring, and innocent. He makes her feel like the queen of the world. Raptor is aware of his darker side, as Bak morae confesses everything to her. While his love for her borders on unhealthy, they somehow make it work. It is also because of Bak morae couple teams aren't as easily allowed. Bak morae would do anything and everything for Raptor and same vice versa.

Raptor's family.

Some of them like Bak morae, others are wary. Most of them enjoy his company as he brings a soothing presence when he comes. While a few disapprove of their relationship, most of them see that Bak morae has never loved anyone as much as Raptor.


They get along just fine, and Bak morae coos over him alongside Raptor. He becomes the sweet and doting older brother figure that is everything Raptor isn't. Stell feels protective of him just as Bak morae is.


They share a strange almost father-son relationship. Bak morae treats Orca accordingly as a father would, albeit childishly alongside Medusa. Bak morae takes it upon himself to teach Orca a few things about fighting and life and he quickly becomes one of Orca's few supports throughout life. Medusa, Orca, and himself go out to diners with a family coupon in their hands and pester each other just like family would.


It's a strange relationship. Close enough to call siblings but distant enough to almost be in a relationship. Medusa is one of the few that can get away with hitting Bak morae and scold him. She holds an almost older sister-like position in their apartment. Bak morae considers her one of his rare few confidants as they did raise Orca together. Medusa is just glad that Orca didn't turn out as weird as Bak morae had. They live comfortably together.


An intense rivalry over Raptor in Bak morae's mind. He dislikes Haze because he is another love interest to Raptor and Haze dislikes him because he feels something odd about Bak morae. They're paired up often because of how well their powers get together much to their outrage. Haze is one of the rare few that Bak morae shows an expression to other than a happy smile, and much to Spoon's worries Haze is one of the few that outright provoke him.


While they don't dislike each other, they certainly don't get along. Bak morae is well known for his tactical mind and is unafraid to use people to get to his goals. Dana worries that Bak morae could become a villain were he not more ambitious about his goals. In turn, he has a healthy amount of fear for Dana and goes out of his way to not anger her, and Dana feels there is something wrong with Bak morae as well. When working together however, they are something to be feared.


Bak morae doesn't like her. She tries to use him and tried to force him to join the Inspectors, but he refuses. Bak morae hates being pinned down or used for another person's sake. The director reminds him of his teacher in ways he cannot even begin to explain and unconditionally hates her.


They get along surprisingly well, with Bak morae talking and Sasa listening. They make good photos together and many of the women in Spoon don't mind exchanging them.


They get along very well. Songha was tasked to befriend Bak morae by the Director, and soon found the task pleasant enough. When Bae morae stops yammering about Raptor he can be an interesting and questionable man. They hang out every so often to grab drinks to lament about relationship issues.


Bak morae has been scarred by this man, and his influence affects him as much as Raptor does. Bak morae does get flashbacks from working under him and learned that murder is a suitable option to deal with annoying people. It clashes with the morals that Raptor imposes on him. One day he will learn to let go of the past, but not today.

No. 2.

They're awkward friends at best, and strangers at worst. Really, their relationship is one sided as Bak morae doesn't care for No. 2 as much as one would think he should. It's a dynamic entirely dependent of Bak morae's moods.


They get along fine, as Bak morae has a soft spot for children and the fact that she's the chief's sister. He spoils her and adores her very much, and Hyena doesn't dislike the attention. Hyena is one of the few next to Orca, Raptor, Dana, and Medusa that can pick out his emotions with stunning accuracy.


They're good partners, and Bak morae often imposes his speeches onto Naga. They get along fine most of the time until Bak morae or the other snaps. Sometimes they're great friends and other times they treat each other like glass. Naga knows that there is a deeper, darker side to the man, and at times he wonders what secrets his sunny smile is hiding.

Bak morae

He doesn't hate himself, but he doesn't love himself either. But he's pleased with the path he's currently walking, as long as he can hold Raptor's hand.