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I a quiet little suburban town, the upper-class neighborhood was sparking back to life, mini mansions and estates waking up for a new day was beginning, Lucy Heartfilia was one of these people waking up, she put on her robe and got ready for the day. Lucy was the trophy wife of Natsu, an important business man. Trophy wife sounded rude because they were in love, she was more of a trophy wife in spirits, forty-seven, blonde, big breasts, rich lifestyle, didn't have to work…it was actually sounding worse the more she thought about it.

They had lived in this new neighborhood for a few years, her husband and their daughter Wendy. Wendy had been somewhat unfortunate, she hadn't inherited Lucy's well endowed natural figure but she didn't seem to mind all that much.

"Alright Mom I'm going to hang out with Shelia." The girl skipped rapidly down the stairs.

"Enjoying the last few days of summer before senior year?" Lucy smiled.

"Something like that." Wendy grabbed the keys to her car and headed out, and since Natsu was on a business trip their mini mansion was empty except for the older mature blonde.

Lucy sighed a bit and sat around in her nightgown and robe, she didn't even feel like bothering to get dressed right now.

Despite pushing Fifty Lucy was still considered gorgeous, she had large natural breasts, although recently they started sagging a bit, long blonde hair with a few grey hairs that she dyed out, and the slightest hint of wrinkles covered by makeup, and with her daughter in highschool most people agreed she was a MILF by the strict definition.

"Maybe I'll go out to the pool." She thought going upstairs.

She liked the sound of spending a day by the pool, sipping iced tea, sun bathing and all that. She threw on a cute yellow bikini that hugged her mature body and made herself a drink, after all that was ready she went out by her pool and laid out on her lounger.

It seemed no one else in the neighborhood was out right now, it was quiet, she couldn't hear her neighbors but that wasn't unexpected, to her right was the Conbolt house, living there was a son and single father. The father was out almost all the time Lucy rarely if ever saw him, the son Romeo though was friends with her daughter, they were in the same class in high school. He was a handsome kid Lucy wished Wendy would make a move on the kid.

"Hmm." Lucy sipped from a class with iced tea in it as she heard a nearby sliding door push open.

She turned her head, sunglasses blocking any glare as she saw the boy she was just talking about walking out to his own pool.

"Oh…wow." Lucy gulped.

He was just wearing a speedo one with quite the bulge in it and he was quite toned. When did he start looking so, good, how had she never seen how much of a little stud was living right next door. She partially felt bad about thinking these things since she was married but…damn.

"Oh good morning Miss Dragneel." The boy waved at her from across the fence.

"Hello." Lucy looked him over "Out for a swim?"

"Yeah trying to get a few more in before the end of the summer." He stretched, his abs crunching and his biceps popping with strenght a bit.

"Oh you gotta be kidding me." Lucy nearly drooled "And that bulge? How's a kid his age packing something like that?"

Lucy watched her daughter's friend swim around for a while, muscles glistening with water and sweat, soon though it was noon and the hot august sun was baking down on them.

"Romeo?" Lucy walked over to the stomach high fence that separated their property and leaned her breasts on it "Why don't you come over, I'll make some lunch."

"Really, sure." He smiled.

Lucy went inside around the house and opened the door for the boy only to see he put on a shirt, she was rather disappointed that he covered up his toned teen body but she was still able to get a good peak at his undercarriage which was the main dish of her eye candy.

She made some sandwiches and sat and chatted with him, making sure to tease him a bit, leaning her large chest on the counter, never bothering to cover her bikini clad body any more than she already had. She teased him a bit about Wendy, trying to get the two of them together.

"I know she might not have my figure but Wendy is a catch." Lucy told him "Don't let her pass you by."

"Yes Miss Dragneel." Romeo mostly dismissed her.

"But hey like they say take a look at her mother and you'll see what a girl will look like when she's older." Lucy smiled "Maybe she's got a growth spurt coming on."

"Well that wouldn't be terrible." Romeo blushed a bit.

"Oh why, you think an old woman like me looks good?" Lucy teased him some more.

"You're not old." Romeo told her "And you look great."

"Wow thanks, if I was thirty years younger I'd snatch you up myself you little charmer." Lucy said.

"Good to know." Romeo laughed a bit.

Lucy walked over towards him "Unless you…like older women?"

"Miss Dragneel?" Romeo was clearly nervous as the MILF got close to him.

"Please…call me Lucy." She smiled with a sultry look before suddenly kissing him.

"HMM!" Romeo kissed back and held her hips, his hands reaching back to touch her ass/

"Come on you little stud." Romeo was clearly shocked but not turned off by the sudden escalation by the older woman taking his hand and leading him upstairs to her room.

Once up there she quickly pulled his shirt off to see his hard abs.

"Someone's been working out." She hummed tugging at his swimsuit.

"Yeah." Romeo laughed "I do a lot of stuff to stay in shape."

"I'm not complaining." Lucy pulled his speedo down "Oh my, how big."

"HMM!" Romeo let out a small gasp as Lucy started stroking him "Should we really be doing this?"

"Don't be so nervous." Lucy licked the tip of his cock "You're no virgin I'm sure, but have some fun with a real woman, MMMM!"

Lucy started sucking and bobbing her head, breaking down any last bit of Romeo that was going to hold back from her.

"Hmm, you've got a good one." Lucy licked the shaft while stroking it.

Romeo moaned holding Lucy's head a bit as she bobbed back and forth and sucked him off, his long thick shaft getting coated in her saliva, his lime sized balls quivering a bit with each of her suction heavy gurgles.

"Enough foreplay." Lucy kneeled up on the bed and started taking her bikini off "Lets get to the good part."

Romeo used his hands to explore Lucy's mature body, rubbing her breasts, pulling down her bikini bottoms to grab her ass, Lucy was giggling and moaning as she was played with by the schoolboy. Eventually she was laying on her back on the bed, legs spread and rubbing her pussy as Romeo stroked his cock to keep it at full mast.

"Come here." Lucy licked her lips as Romeo got close.

"HMM UIGH!" Romeo groaned pushing into her.

"OHHH!" Lucy moaned as she felt the thick cock push into her.

Romeo held her hips and started thrusting as Lucy rocked against him a bit, her breasts swaying around on her chest as she let out womanly moans to compliment his more boyish grunts.

"OH HARDER!" Lucy moaned "LIKE YOU MEAN IT!"

"I'm-UGH!" Romeo grunted as the MILF's pussy took him deeper and deeper.

"You're not seriously cumming already are you?" Lucy laughed "How weak."

"GRRR!" Romeo thrusted more and more, groaning back as he fucked Lucy, his balls slapping on her thighs for satisfying clapping and fapping noises while his cock plunged into her perfectly "AHHH!"

Lucy felt him release inside her, she would have preferred a little more but she also took some pride in having made him cum so quickly.

"Don't relax just yet you little stud." Lucy smirked.


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