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Today Romeo was at the mall with his two friends Wendy and Shelia. Shelia was Wendy's best friend, a girl of equal age with long pink hair that she tied back, a well developed curvy body, and was very popular with boys. Wendy was a little jealous of her friend's body, but never really showed it.

Romeo wasn't planning on going shopping today, but the girls were, and he got dragged along to assist.

"Well how do we look?" Wendy asked stepping out of a dressing room with Shelia, both wearing stripped bikinis, Wendy's blue and green and Shelia's yellow and dark blue.

"Fine." Romeo shrugged "But why are you buying swimsuits since summer is ending now."

"Cause it's the end of season sale so these are super cheap and cute." Shelia smiled as her chest bounced a bit "So we can use them next year."

"If they still fit." Wendy hummed looking at Shelia's bust "I remember a few years ago you brought that strapless one and by March there was no way it would fit."

"I had a growth spurt freshman year." Shelia smiled striking a pose "Don't worry Wendy I'm sure you'll have one soon, just look at your Mom you'll totally grow soon."

"I hope so." Wendy pouted a bit looking at her flat chest.

"Well you two can get changed I'm going to a store myself." Romeo told them.

"You shop alone." Wendy smirked.

"I know how to buy things." the boy rolled his eyes and walked off.

Romeo went across the mall to a men's ware to find what he was looking for, underwear. Unfortunately before he could even look at one item he was tapped on the shoulder.

"So this is what you're buying." Shelia teased.

"HA!" Romeo gasped.

"Seriously." Shelia smirked "Underwear? Did you seriously outgrow the pairs you bought a few months ago?"

"And what if I have?" Romeo asked.

"Then we need to go to the changing room right now." Shelia smirked with a blush.

Despite being best friends with Wendy and knowing she had a bit of a crush on Romeo, Shelia and he had been friends with benefits for a few years now, ever since her aforementioned growth spurt when she caught him checking out her tits. She still remembered their first time at a party, he was a lot smaller then, over the last few months her friend had grown quite the schlong.

"Where's Wendy?" Romeo asked as he and Shelia slipped into a changing room and she quickly got to work getting his pants off.

"Still shopping, I told her I was running to the ATM so we'll need to make this quick." Shelia tugged his pants down and saw his cock spring free "Holy fuck it is bigger!"

"I told you so." Romeo groaned as she started pumping his shaft "My underwear are super tight."

"Seriously how many times do I need to tell you, wear boxers instead of briefs, it'll give you more room." Shelia started licking the tip.

"You wanna try walking around with this thing swinging between your legs?" Romeo rolled his eyes and moaned a bit.

"Never thought about it…sounds kinda hot." Shelia laughed before opening her mouth "HMM!"

She slowly began bobbing her head, softly sucking his cock. Romeo groaned and rubbed the back of his friends head as she sucked him off.

"That's-HHM-weird." Shelia slurped "Normally you moan so much more, where'd you get this resistance from?"

"I don't know, guess I just did." Romeo said not willingly to admit he'd been fucking MILFs the last few weeks.

"Well not like it makes a difference to me." Shelia said getting him good and lubed up "Come on, we need to hurry up."

Shelia wasn't going to bother with any more foreplay, she leaned on the wall and hiked up her skirt, shaking her ass at him, her dark pink panties stretched over her thick backside. Romeo got behind her and slid her underwear down to around her knees and just pushed right into her.

"HMM Fuck~" Shelia moaned bracing her body a bit before reaching up to pull her t-shirt up so she could squeeze her tits.

Romeo's cock pushed and stretched Shelia's walls holding onto her hips and pulling her farther and farther back onto his long thick rod, the pinkette moaning back as her big bust bounced around, smacking into each other softly.

"Oh yes Romeo that's it, just like that." Shelia moaned as her ass smacked into him "Fuck me~"

Romeo was happy to oblige, thrusting his hips more and more to make Shelia's insides quiver and hug his cock back, the two pressing their crotches tighter and tighter together. Romeo leaned over Shelia, reaching around to fondle her tits while his hips kept pumping, his big rod pushing deep, getting ready to flood her full of his hot seed.

"So close…" Shelia moaned as Romeo pinched her nipples "HAAAAA!"

She let out a squeal of pleasure as her pink love canal tightened around Romeo's cock and started milking it for white gold. Romeo grunted and started nutting inside her, semen flooding into the girl.

"Fuck…good job." Shelia moaned fixing her breasts and tucking them back into her bra.

"Well I'll head back to Wendy." Shelia said cleaning herself off and fixing her panties "Meet us at the food court when you're done buying new draws."

"Yeah, yeah." Romeo rolled his eyes.

"You know…you should take Wendy out sometime, I bet she'd be able to handle that bad boy." Shelia smirked.

"I'll think about it." He told her.

"That's what you always say." She sighed walking off.

Even though she was fucking him on the side Shelia was always trying to set her friends up, but Wendy was too nervous and Romeo too dense and noncommittal.

"What took you so long?" Wendy asked when Shelia met back up with her.

"They were restocking the machine so I had to wait." She made up an excuse "Come on let's go eat lunch."


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