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"OHH AHH!" Juvia moaned loudly as she climaxed.

As Romeo moved off of her he laid next to her on the bed, the housewife pulling the sheets over her body.

"Thank you, Romeo that was wonderful." She smiled "And thanks for your help cleaning out that guest house."

"It was no problem Miss Fullbuster."

"I told you, call me Juvia when we're alone." She said.

"If you don't mind me asking why did you need the guest house cleaned out?" he asked.

"Oh, my sister in law just got a new job here so she's going to be staying with us while she gets settled in." Juvia sighed "I'm afraid you won't be able to come around as much."

"All the more reason to make the time we do have count then." He said reaching over and rubbing her soft pale breasts.

"Romeo." She moaned as he kissed her neck but stopped when they heard a car door "Oh dear it's my husband, quickly get dressed and go, you know the way out the back-window right."

"Yeah." Romeo sighed getting blue balled a bit.

Romeo quickly scampered out the back window on the second floor, sneaking off before Juvia's husband Gray could return. He looked at the guest house, he was curious what the new women moving to the neighborhood would look like.

A couple days later.

"Thank you for letting me stay with you guys Juvia, I know it was sudden but I couldn't pass up this job." Ultear said.

"It's no trouble." Juvia smiled "I'll be nice to have some extra hands around with the baby."

Ultear Milkovich was Juvia's Sister-In-Law, she was the older sister of Juvia's husband Gray, well half-sister they had different fathers. Juvia was surprised Ultear was changing jobs right now, she was 48 and most people are settled into a job and planning their future retirement in the next ten to fifteen years at that point.

Despite being unmarried Ultear still looked rather attractive with sharp curves, wide hips and full breasts, plus long purple black hair with not a hint of Gray. Juvia was almost jealous…then she remembered Ultear had a doctorate in Physics and could afford all sorts of beauty and spa treatments to keep herself looking rather young and fresh.

"Well, the guest house is all yours." Juvia said with a bit of a smile that showed her annoyance under it, she didn't like her sister-in-law living in her house

"Oh, how kind of you, so accommodating." Ultear said returning the subtle gesture.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

"I'll get it." Juvia put her wine glass down and went to open the door "Oh Romeo?"

"Now's not a good time." She leaned in and whispered.

"Who is it?" Ultear asked leaning over.

"Oh, just the boy next door." Juvia said before whispering "You should go."

"Umm some of your mail got delivered to my house by mistake." He handed her a letter "I just wanted to give it to you."

"Oh, well thank you so much." Juvia took it "You're a kind boy."

Romeo left and Juvia closed the door.

"Who was that?" Ultear asked.

"Just Romeo, he lives nearby some of our mail was delivered to him by mistake." Juvia placed the letter down.

"Hmm, he was cute." Ultear chuckled "If all the boys around here look that good, I think I'll like it here, I'm supposed to teach a few classes at the local college too."

"He is quite handsome." Juvia giggled a bit.

"Oh, looking at other men when you have my brother?" Ultear smirked "How naughty."

"N-No it's not like that." Juvia blushed.

"I'm merely teasing." Ultear smiled, her thoughts drifting slightly to the boy.


The next day Juvia had to take her baby to a doctor's appointment leaving Ultear alone on the property, the woman walked around the cushy neighborhood trying to get a feel for things.

"Oh, it's that boy from yesterday." She hummed seeing Romeo out for a run.

"Hi." He passed her "Are you new around here?"

"Ultear Milkovich I'm staying with my brother and his wife for a bit." She said.

"I heard about you." He said.

"People have been talking, I've only been here a day." She laughed.

"No Miss Fullbuster had me clean out the guest house and mentioned you were coming to stay there." He said "I just didn't realize it was such a pretty lady."

"Oh, how sly of you." She laughed brushing her sundress "So I have you to thank for having such a nice clean guest house to live in."

"I'm always helping out around the neighborhood." He said "So if you need anything just asked."

"Oh, I can think of a few things you could help me with." She said looking at him.

"What was that?"

"Did I just…say that out loud." She gulped.

Romeo just laughed "It's no big deal."

"Well how about you help me bring the last of my things in from the garage to the guest house." Ultear smiled "I'd really appreciate it they are awfully heavy."

"Sure, that sounds good, they do seem heavy." Romeo looked at her, both subtly hinting at what they thought the other was getting at.

Ultear really did have some bags to be moved and when Romeo got them into her small quaint guest house and put them down.

"Good, there's just two more bags I want you to grab." She said lifting her shirt and flashing her breasts "Fun bags that is."

Romeo reached out and cupped them, the mature woman moaning as he rubbed her gently.

"You certainly are hands on, so strong." Ultear moaned as Romeo stood behind her rubbing her breasts, pulling and pinching her nipples "Hmm, I had a feeling there was more help you gave around this neighborhood than just moving things or mowing lawns."

"I told you I'm always looking to help girls out no matter what it may be." Romeo said as she grinded her soft ass on his crotch.

"I'm no girl." Ultear laughed "I'm a woman."

"I've got plenty of experience with them too." Romeo whispered rubbing her thighs through her jeans.

"I suspected as much." Ultear moaned as they fell back on the bed.

She felt the boy pulling off her clothes and squeezing her soft curves. Ultear had always been a hard worker, but she always enjoyed younger men and frequently would seduce her students in exchange for giving them higher grades. Still even she was surprised by the vigor Romeo displayed, the way he kissed her body, his lips lingering on her soft creamy breasts, the spontaneous fling with the young man made her feel excited and youthful again.

Ultear clung to his hard muscular body as she felt him undressing, his large cock now on display. She smirked and ushered him forward while jiggling her breasts, quickly slapping them around his shaft.

"HMMM!" She started drooling and licking the shaft, lubing it up as she bounced her breasts up and down softly.

"Oh yeah." Romeo moaned as Ultear started sucking his cock while bouncing her breasts around it to stimulate him.

Ultear looked up at him, eyes shadowed with lust as she felt his meaty tip between her lips, the gentle sucking she administered causing little salty drops of his precum to leak out. Romeo was occasionally rolling his hips a bit, pushing more of his cock into her mouth, the feeling of her soft jiggly breasts only making him moan more and more.

Ultear let her breasts fall to the side, she gave Romeo a few more good sucks before flipping over onto her stomach and shaking her ass a bit. Romeo got behind her pressing his hands into her wide sexy ass before spreading her cheeks and pushing his cock into her.

"YES!" Ultear moaned gripping the sheets "Fuck me~"

Romeo started aggressively bucking his hips as he laid on top of her and laid into her, hard cock plunging deep into her tight pussy.

"That's good." Romeo grunted feeling her ass against his abs "You're so hot."

"Just like that!" Ultear screamed feeling his balls slapping her ass.

He leaned into her pushing as deep as he could go as he let out a deep moan and blasted a hot load of cum into her. Of course, Ultear wasn't done and wasted no time pouncing on the boy and keeping him in her room, she had a lot of stress she wanted to work out.

"Hmm?" Juvia arrived home and saw the light was on in the guest house and could hear some rather rancorous coupling going on in there "Jeez, she certainly didn't waste any time."


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