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Put Hymn to Her – The Pretenders on your headphones, and look out the window at the moon...

Adrien lay on his back in bed, awake. Still awake.

Still awake.

A single beam of moonlight fell through his window blinds. He idly reached one hand up and cupped the moonlight in his palm, turning it this way and that to see how it looked. The moonlight rested there against his skin, weightless and bright, almost alive. It sang to him.

He carefully swung his legs off the bed and stood, keeping his hand as still as he could so as not to lose the moon in it.

The brightness made everything else fall into shadow, and the walls of his magazine-perfect bedroom seemed to fall away into nothing. He couldn't care less for any of it – not the trinkets, not the perfectly-styled distractions. Right now, they were only shadow, and he was following this light. He walked quietly towards the window, lifting his hand through the moonbeam as he went.

He slipped the blind up, and the moonlight fell in a broad stroke across the white carpet. He looked up at the full moon. It called him out and yet somehow held him away, as if the window was an unbreakable barrier between them.

Without taking his eyes from the moon, he lay down in the swathe of light. It fell across his skin, left mostly bare on a warm night. It was as if he could feel it everywhere it touched, as if the moonlight were another person there with him, easing his isolation and assuring him he wasn't alone. It filled him with longing.

Longing for her. As unreachable as ever, always on the other side of something invisible between them. The music flowed through him as the light washed over him, and the two together sharpened his loneliness into a longing that could pull on the heartstrings of the stars.

It tugged on the senses of a man listening to the skies through a large window. He smiled.

"Love for someone who flies ahead of you. But that's the problem isn't it?" the man murmured. "It means you're the one that is always left behind".

A butterfly flapped once, flapped again. Glided. Dark shadow in the moonlight.

It touched the skin of his palm, where he'd cupped the moonlight so carefully. Something lost was about to be found.

"You want her more than anything. Lune, I give you the power to blind her with the same longing you feel. All I need in exchange is her Miraculous."

"And I will get it for you", Adrien replied. "But don't call me Lune.

"Call me Her".

The power coursed through him, reforming around him into a glowing white robe. He grimaced. With a thought he turned the robe into a tuxedo, perfectly styled and fitted to him. The moonlight bled across his white hair, his midnight eyes. It blurred with the lines of the tuxedo. He leapt for the window and pushed it open with no effort, almost floating through the air.

In a moment he was gone, lost into the night, hidden by every patch of moonlight that touched a wall, every moonbeam that glanced from a window or puddle. Only the moon could see where he went, and she wasn't telling anyone.

Startled out of his sleep, Plagg looked out of the window after his Chosen.

"SHIT!" he yelled.