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Haggar spun and threw her knife at Keith, striking him solidly in the side. This new pain was the straw that broke the camel's back and Keith let out the most heart-wrenching sound Lance had ever heard.

The last thing Keith heard before the world went black was Lance shouting his name.

Lance could barely breathe. Keith just went limp, hopefully just unconscious. He had no idea what that crazy yellow jello was doing to Keith, but it obviously hurt, not to mention the knife in his side. Lance barely noticed the restraints digging into his wrists as he pulled forward, desperate to help his friend. Haggar cackled at the entertainment, then spun around to leave.

"Think about it, Blue Paladin. Just answer our questions and your partner's pain will go away," she said as she strode out the hatch. The guards followed her out, but Lance could hear that they stayed right outside the door.

"Keith. Keith!" Lance whisper-shouted, as he tugged on his restraints. There was no answer from the red paladin as he stayed limp in the chair, but Lance finally felt some movement from the shackles on his wrists. With all the yanking, the manacles had bit into Lance's wrists, rubbing away the first few layers of skin. Blood welled up from the injury, and lubricated Lances wrists just enough to gain some wiggle room. He began pulling harder, aggravating the wounds but slipping further and further up his hands. After what felt like an eternity but was realistically only 5 or so minutes, Lance's right hand pulled out of the shackle. Mentally cheering, he tugged harder at the left hand. Slick with blood, the shackle slipped off his wrist. He celebrated for a quick second before refocusing on Keith.

Lance rushed over, hands hovering uselessly above his teammate. He had never had to deal with injuries like this before. Sure, he knew how to bandage up a scraped knee or how to hold up a cut hand when a knife slips, but this was way too far beyond his skills. Since they've been in space, all injuries were treated by a pod or some other magical alien remedy. Lance made a note in his head to learn more about first aid if- no, when they got back to the castleship.

He at least knew not to pull out the knife in Keith's side. Lance took out his bayard and concentrated hard on it turning into a small blade, and it surprised him when the bayard actually listened to him and changed to a small knife form. Lance made quick work of Keith's restraints, but he realized that he had no idea what to do next.

Back at the castleship, Pidge and Hunk were hard at work writing a program to track the comms in the paladin suits. They had succeeded in tracking their own suits, they just needed to boost the tracking to reach farther. They had been stumped for a while when they decided to ask Coran for help. Luckily, he knew exactly what they needed. Using a satellite dish at the top of the castleship, they took the inputs of the signals it picked up and ran it through their program. Before long, they got two hits.

"That has to be Lance and Keith! We know where they are!" Pidge exclaimed. Hunk was beaming as the two of them ran to the bridge to give Shiro and Allura the good news and to start plotting their course for rescue.

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