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Just then, one of the droids on the ground flickered back to life and managed to squeeze off one last shot before it was stabbed by Keith's blade. Unfortunately, its aim was true and the laser hit Lance directly on the part of his thigh unprotected by the thick paladin armor. Lance screamed and his leg collapsed under him.

"Lance!" Keith shouted out, unable to turn around and see how badly Lance was hurt. He dispatched his current opponent and retreated back to Lance's side. He was panicking on the inside, but he refused to let his panic get them both killed as he settled into a more defensive stance over the prone paladin. Luckily, in the fighting, the two of them had managed to get close to a wall, so Keith didn't have to worry about enemies behind him. Then, all other thought fled his mind as he took on the task of defending both himself and his downed teammate.

Shiro heard the scream and Keith's shout and froze in fear of what might have happened. Pidge and Hunk both looked up from their work as well, faces pale. Shiro mentally shook himself and told the two to finish up quickly. They started working again with a new fervor, desperate to finish and go help their friend. Shiro didn't dare ask Keith for a sitrep for fear of distracting him, but he could hear his shouts and grunts of exertion. He startled as Pidge gave a triumphant shout but quickly ushered the two tech-geniuses out of the main console room, eager to give backup to the other two members of his team.

As Shiro, Pidge, and Hunk raced through the corridors, Keith was starting to tire. Even he had limits. Suddenly, he felt something impact his shoulder from the side, then the world whited out for a second as electricity arced through him. Keith quickly recovered and flung the device from his shoulder, but that brief second allowed the sentries to close in once more. Keith resumed hacking and slashing, but he noticed the small tremors left over from the electricity weakening him. This fight would have to be finished soon, or else.

"Shiro," Keith breathed out as he continued fighting. "Gonna… need… help… soon!"

Shiro nodded even though Keith couldn't see him and replied, "We are on our way, just hold out for a little bit longer. How's Lance?"

Keith couldn't spare a glance down at Lance, but he told Shiro, "Dunno. Hasn't moved or- Agh!" Keith was cut off by another electrical shot. He flung the device off him as quickly as he could, but he had fallen to his knees. He could hear Shiro shouting his name on the comlink, but he couldn't get enough breath to respond as he staggered upright, determined to keep Lance safe, no matter what.

Keith's sword arm trembled as he struggled to keep the droids at bay. "Shiro," he whispered. "I'm not… I don't think I… not much longer."

"Keith, no!" Shiro shouted, pushing himself to run faster, leaving Pidge and Hunk behind. He was so close, he could see the crowd of sentries. He was also close enough to see a flash of electricity and hear Keith's scream from the comlink and from in front of him.

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