Hello! Welcome to the missing moments from the FTS series! This one is just Will musing about the younger siblings and how much they resemble their parents. Enjoy!

Will was gonna kill the Seven when he saw them. He really was.

Don't get him wrong, he loved these kids. Especially his itty bitty, incredibly adorable daughter. But that didn't change the fact that they were instruments of chaos.

If it wasn't Louis electrocuting people for fun or Zoe randomly soaking campers with water, it was Gabby sneaking into the forge to play with deadly tools and Gemma, his own daughter, stealing a bow and attempting to practise with it.

Somehow he knew his dad was at fault for that one. Thank the gods that the twins were too small to do anything, Will didn't want to think about what mayhem they would cause.

Not to mention that somehow he, Malcolm, and Nyssa were the only people taking care of the six children with only occasional help from Chiron. Poor Lacey had tried to help with Louis but quit after two days. The six-year-old had traumatised her to the point of tears.

Which stuck them with Nyssa taking care of Gabby while Malcolm had Zoe and the twins, leaving Will with Gemma and Louis. Thankfully the little boy seemed to like him well enough and didn't do anything to him and Gemma was usually content so long as he was holding her.

And honestly Will couldn't complain about that. His baby girl was so cute and polite, he almost never wanted to put her down. He felt better with her in his arms, it distracted him from the fact that his baby boy was out on a deadly quest.

His brave, beautiful baby boy. He had only known about Zack for a couple days before he left but he already loved him. If he hadn't told him that he was adopted, Will wouldn't have known the difference. His black hair and olive skin was all Nico but the clear blue eyes and happy personality was irrefutably Will.

He had been told by Malcolm that it was most likely magical adoption that had changed his features to show Will and Nico. He could believe that, especially looking at Gemma.

She was the polar opposite of her big brother with almost white blond hair and dark eyes,paired with tan skin and an occasional brooding attitude. Will didn't how a two-year-old could be so brooding but Gemma managed it.

He could also see how the younger kids resembled their parents as well.

Louis was a carbon copy of his father, minus the scar on his lip. The only time he could see Piper in him was when he was concentrating, when his expression matched his mother's to a T.

Zoe was basically a mini Annabeth with the only exception being her black curly hair (Courtesy of Percy) rather than blond. The little girl ran through camp bossing people around without a care in the world.

Gabby was most definitely all Leo, at least in attitude. She giggled and laughed, and made hilarious jokes for a three-year-old. She attempted to be in the forge all the time despite Nyssa telling her no. Will did catch glimpses of her mother though.

She would sometimes pull out some magic, simple things really. Like moving a water bottle closer. Plus she had light brown hair and amber colored eyes that she assuredly didn't get from Leo.

All in all, they were most definitely their parents children. Whether that was a good thing or a bad thing, Will didn't know.

But he did now one thing. If anybody ever came after these children Will wouldn't hesitate to kill them. They were his kids, damn it.

He was still killing the Seven though.