AN: This story will borrow elements from the original Rapunzel fairytale as well as the early drafts when Disney was working on in it's early development progress. Some references regarding Hans past are borrowed from 'A Frozen Heart'.


A long time ago, a single drop of sunlight fell from the heavens. And from that small drop of sunlight, bloomed a magical golden flower. Legend said it had the ability to heal the sick and the wounded.

Centuries passed and soon, across the lake from where the flower was located, a kingdom prospered nearby. The kingdom was ruled by a beloved king and queen; King Frederic and Queen Arianna. Much to the joy of the kingdom, the queen was going to have a baby. But, unfortunately, late into her pregnancy, Arianna got sick, really sick. They were running out of time and they prayed for a miracle.

Desperate to heal his wife and unborn child, the king ordered the subjects and his guards for search for a medicine - anything - to cure his wife's deathly illness. Particularly, the magic golden flower. However, unknown to the kingdom was that the flower was already being used by someone who had already discovered the flowers whereabouts many years ago.

Her name is Mother Gothel. Known as having exquisite features when she was a young women, Gothel used the flowers magic for her own greed by making herself young for hundreds of years. And all she had to do was sing a special song only she knew. The song she sang to the flower was the only way for her to activate the flowers powers and for a hundred years, she kept the location of the flower to herself, for fear that someone would take her precious flower away from her.

Every night, Gothel would set out to the flowers location whenever she grew back to her old, raggedy self. Gothel always made sure that no one was following her once she went to the flower. She could not risk one lousy ruffian following her so, in any case someone was indeed following her and posed a threat against her, Gothel carries a knife with her. 'A women must always have something to protect herself with against hooligans.' She tells herself.

The golden flower sat at the edge of a cliff next to the sea. Due to it's bright light and that it stood in clear view, Gothel hid it with a disguise she made herself. Gothel uncovered its disguise and removed her cloak. Her appearance was what most people would call a witch. Her sagging skin was covered with wrinkles and marks, most noticeable on her hands and arms. Her thinning hair, which used to be black as the night sky and curls that most women back then craved for, lost all it's volume and is now a dull white-grey. Veins were prominent on her hands and wrists and she had several bumps and other marks on her face.

She puts it's disguise beside her and slowly stroked the flowers petals gently with her thin, pointy finger - as if the flower was delicate like glass. She inhales and sings.

"Flower, gleam and glow
Let your power shine
Make the clock reverse
Bring back what what once was mine
What once was mine..."

In a blink of an eye, Gothel's physical appearance changed drastically. No more did she look like an old, haggard woman but, a beautiful young women with a fair complexion, hair as black as night, cheeks dusted pink and a slender, voluptuous with a curvaceous figure. She sighs in delight feeling the youth of her past overwhelm her.

But her moment was short lived when she heard the guards shouting coming close. In a haste, Gothel covered the flower and quickly ran off, unaware that her clock accidentally knocked it's disguise over.

The flowers bright light quickly caught the attention of the guards nearby and they took the flower immediately to the king. Using the flowers magic, the king had the queen drink the flower after placing it inside a bowl of water. Carefully, she drank the water and shortly after, the king and his subjects waited for the queen to heal. Much to their relief, the flowers magic healed the Queen. And soon after, the queen gave birth to their child.

The princess was born healthy much to her parents relief. The princess also had beautiful flowing golden hair and vibrant green eyes identical to queen. Frederic and Arianna cherished their daughter immensely. In honor of the Queen's safe recovery and the birth of their daughter, the king held a celebration where the kingdom and other neighboring countries would come together and celebrate.

Kingdoms that Corona had close relations with came to the kingdom to welcome the new princess. Many even brought their own children with a few of them hoping to make a proposition for the king. The party held for royals was held inside the main hall. The king and queen sat on their thrones while Arianna held a very excited princess. Those who visited lavished the princess with gifts.

Late in the night, as the celebration came to an end, the king and queen announced everyone to meet at the courtyard. The royal family launched a flying lantern into the sky. For that moment, everything was perfect and everyone was happy. But then that moment ended.

While everyone was sleeping late into the night, Gothel sneaked her way into the kings and queens bedroom. She crept her way to the princess crib quietly so as not to wake the king and queen. Gothel stared down at the sleeping princess and triumphantly smiles when she sees the princess golden locks. Gothel takes out her scissors and slowly reaches for a strand of her hair. As she did so, Gothel sang the lullaby she always sang to the flower. Due to the king's guards stealing her precious flower, Gothel has slowly aged much to her displeasure. And she wasn't going change back to her hideous appearance while the flowers magic was close to her reach. Gothel grins in delight, unable to contain her excitement that finally, finally she will remain young and beautiful forever.

However, as soon as she snipped a hair of the princess hair, the glow instantly vanished and the lock she cut turned into brown. Gothel gasps and her appearance soon changed back to it's ragged form. Gothel stares at the lock of hair in disbelief, unable to understand what went wrong. Why did the magic disappear? Gothel looks at the princess and then a thought occurred to her. The princess and the flower are connected due to the king using the flower to heal the queen. Cutting it would lose it's magic. At that realization, Gothel came up with another plan.

Frederic and Arianna woke up the hear the distress cries of their daughter. They woke up and as soon as they noticed their daughter was missing from her crib, they looked at the balcony where the doors were opened and the last thing they saw was a old women holding their daughter before she disappeared from their sight.

Despite the kingdoms efforts, they were unable to find the lost princess nor the women that took her. Heartbroken after their daughters kidnapping, Frederic and Arianna launch thousands of lanterns into the sky every year on her birthday. With this, they hoped that someday their daughter would return. But, unknown to the kingdom, deep in the forest, hidden inside a valley, there was a tower. Inside that tower, also lived Gothel and the princess whom she named Rapunzel.

Gothel raised the young princess inside the tower and kept her hidden from the world. She raised the child as if she were her own and made sure that Rapunzel stayed hidden inside the tower. For Gothel, Rapunzel was her precious flower and for that, she was determined to keep it safe so no one would find it. Despite that, not even Gothel nor the walls of the tower, can keep a young girls curiosity of the outside world locked.

AN: Originally I was going to have a young Hans and his family attend the party, I even had a whole scene written down, but, I eventually decided to erase that whole bit since I thought it would be unnecessary for this chapter.