Chapter 2 - Royal Complications


Bonnie Rockwaller stopped Kim and Monique dead in their tracks. She was wearing a blue croptop, sneakers, and her signature dark-denim baggy overalls with both straps undone with a belt in a losing battle trying to hold them up. They are showing off her plaid Country Club Banana boxers. Courtesy of Junior's money, she had bling as well, from diamond and gold rings on every finger to bangles and bracelets that cost in the five-figures. She had piercings on her bellybutton and on both her ears. She even has her signature golden glasses in a desperate attempt to look smart. Her brunette hair was in a ponytail.

There were three other cheerleaders that were with the Queen. Rebecca Starlet, whom is also a senior, was a blonde cheerleader that often followed around Bonnie. Like Bonnie, she too wore her baggy dark-denim Country Club Banana overalls in an unorthodox way. She wore them, bib-down with the straps attached, but she removed the right side buttons to also show off her Club Banana boxers as well. She accessorized this with her famous $500,000 star necklace and a pink frilly top and a diamond stud on the top of her ear.

Amanda and Sarah were juniors, so they wore black croptops with baggy jeans showing of the rims of their Club Banana boxers.

"What do you want this time, Bonnie?" Kim sneered at her longtime rival.

"Nothing much..." Bonnie chirped, "'s just that you and Monique look like country bumpkins wearing your overalls like that!"

"So what?" Kim asked, dismissing what the Queen said, "You're wearing overalls too! Country CB by the looks of them!"

"Four hundred of the best bucks I spent on!" Bonnie beamed while shaking her behind, her overalls buckles clinking behind her back. "As for your counter, Possible, I, and my cheerleaders, always wear them the way MC Honey intended at her concerts."

"But...that defeats the whole purpose of wearing them!" Kim countered.

"And the both-straps-undone thing went out in the late 90s!" Monique agreed with her friend.

"So not, it's starting to become all the rage with girls like me!" Bonnie snickered, "Then again, I don't have to look like either a dumb hick hick like yourself, or a little 5-year old! Which I believe is about the correct intelligence level of your boyfriend, K!"

Rebecca giggled, "Hillbilly!"

Kim was taken aback by this insult of Bonnie, "Stop dissing on Ron's smarts, Miss Fancy-Four Eyes! Sure he isn't smart like some of the other people at this school, but he'll be at least smarter than you or your boyfriend...combined!"

"My Junior is so richer than your loser BF's Naco royalties that he still gets!" Bonnie proclaimed before whispering into Kim's ear, "Which I want, by the way."

Kim pushed Bonnie aside and shouted, "You are NOT going to lay your grubby hands on his royalties, Bonnie! That is intended for him to go to college!"

" is for losers, except for sororities! That's where all the cool people go to! And not to mention the hottie college athletes I'll attract!" Bonnie grinned.

"And for the ones who want to drop out like Drakken did..." Kim muttered to herself.

"I just want to let you know that we still need to do those signs that are going to wrap around the stadium for tomorrow night's game against Upperton, Kim! I hope you brought along a 64-count pack of markers!" Bonnie reminded her rival.

"Don't worry." Kim sighed, rolling her eyes, "I'll get them at Smarty Mart!"

"Oh and say hi to your loser boyfriend for me there!" Bonnie smirked as the four evil cheerleaders, known as the Queen's Court, laughed and walked away from both Kim and Monique.

Kim growled, pounding her fist against the wall. Her left strap slipped off her shoulder.

"Bonnie thinks she can insult my BFBF like that?! She's gonna get her karma and eat it!" she shouted. It wasn't fair that Bonnie would insult him like that, but that was she had to put up with for 5 years now.

"That's not going to be on the vegan menu anytime soon." Monique quipped.

"But she's right about the marker part thing." Kim replied, pulling her overalls strap back up. "Maybe we can stop by Smarty-Mart before hitting up Club Banana."

"And while you're on the topic of Miss Brunette Moptop, fresh from the presses is that Tara and Bonnie are on the verge of splitting up their friendship!" Monique added, getting the latest gossip through the halls of Middleton High faster than anyone.

"Are you trying to pull my finger, Monique?" the redhead laughed a little, "The two have been tight since the second grade!"

"Ever since you and Ron became a thing at the prom, Miss Brunette's really drifting apart from Miss Blonde!" Monique said.

Kim was caught by surprise by the black fashionista's remarks.


"I ain't shuttin' it, Kim!" Monique said, "It's about to be splits-ville for those too."

Kim giggled, smirking "Too bad for Miss B if her food chain is falling apart!"

"Switchin' gears, lemme ask you, do you know what Ron's going to be wearing on the date?" Monique questioned, changing topics back to the date.

"Come to think of it, I don't know." Kim replied, "Since we're going on a small budget, I think some nice jeans will be likely."

"Yeah, that'd be more his thing." Monique agreed. She also came up with a plan.

"Hmm...I got an idea! Meet me up at school, at the end of cheer practice!"

"Spankin' idea, Monique!" Kim agreed with the plans, "How about 4:30?"

"RIght time for the right plan to shop!" Monique said with excitement.

"The good thing about today is that I only have one class with Bon-Bon, aside from cheer practice, while I have three with Ron." Kim said, pointing out her class schedule.

"So what's the bad?" Monique wondered.

"The bad thing about the class I have with her..."

(15 minutes later, Geology class)

Kim sighed, her head resting on the desk " her blowing bubbles and texting right in front of me!" Monique was sitting to the left of Kim while Bonnie was sitting in front of her rival. Her overalls straps were still down and she lowered them slightly so that Kim could see nothing but Bonnie's Country CB boxers. The belt that was holding up Bonnie's undone overalls was about to break.

Even worse was that Bonnie was chewing and blowing bubbles on her strawberry bubblegum.

Mr. Steve Barkin came into the classroom and shouted, "Okay, people. Your previous geology teacher, Miss Carter, is serving a year in the state penitentiary for a Ponzi Scheme related to pet rocks. So I will be comandeering her class!"

Monique whispered to Kim, "Good thing she did plead the Fifth. Miss Carter did allow gum chewing and texting in class."

"And hence, the torture from the Queen B..." Kim sighed.

Barkin continued, writing on the chalkboard. "Now, roll call. Is everyone here?"

Barkin looked around the room and saw that there were no empty desks.

"I like that...perfect attendance!" the oft-sub teacher grinned before getting to the lesson plan, "From what Miss Carter left you students, she has prepared a test for you on Chapters 6 thru 14 in your textbooks, including knowing the periodic table, on Monday! I hope you have studied well."

Kim had a thought bubble of studying on an airplane while on a mission. Bonnie, on the other hand, interrupted Kim's thought bubble with a loud pop of her gum. She thought only about Junior and tanning on the beach while texting on her phone. Her popped bubbles were becoming more annoying and more grating.

Barkin, at first ignoring Bonnie's gum-chewing habits, insisted to the class, "So let's turn to Chapter 15, shall we? The chapter of where granite is used for our glorious and proud American monuments!"

Kim opened up her textbook, as did the rest of the class. Bonnie, however, put her book on its spine. She continued to text and was blowing a large bubble of gum.

Seeing that the bubble is about as big as the brunette's head, Kim raised her hand.

"Uh, Mr Barkin?" she asked.

"Yes, Possible?" Barkin said, replying to his student's question.

At that moment, Bonnie's bubble popped as the gum remants got on her face.

"You got a cleanup at aisle Rockwaller." Kim grinned, looking at her rival's predictament.

"Ewww..." Bonnie groaned, trying to get the gum off her. "Get it off of me!" She was still texting to Rebecca, who was next door in Chemistry class.

The towering features of Barkin overshadowed Bonnie.

"ROCKWALLER!" Barkin yelled so loud that it bounced off all four walls.

Bonnie looked up from her phone and was unaware of why Barkin was so angry.


Trying to keep his cool, Barkin insisted, "It seems you've enjoyed texting one too many times. And you got...gum I presume...all over your face!"

"Yeah...what's your point?" Bonnie sneered.

Barkin seized the moment to swipe Bonnie's flip-phone from her hands.

"Hey! That's my phone!" she whined.

"Not anymore...for the rest of this class." Barkin said to the Queen B, "And on top of the gum-chewing, that will be an automatic detention for you, missy! 4pm, H-hall!"

"This is not fair!" Bonnie pouted.

"Life isn't going to be fair for you, Rockwaller! Someone give her a towel!" Barkin decreed.

Bonnie growled at the embarrassment of getting detention while a random towel got thrown in her face. She was staring at Kim angrily.

"I'll get you for this! Stupid tattling Possible!"

"Too bad, so sad!" Kim smirked.

(45 minutes later)

Kim went to Tara at her locker. Tara was wearing a denim jumpsuit that was slightly too big for her with holes in the kneecaps and slightly tucked into brown boots. Silver hoop earrings, a stud piercing in her right ear, two rings on each finger, and a single silver bracelet completed the outfit. She was completely nervous, as if something was occupying her mind.

"Hey, Kim!" the blonde cheerleader called out, waving to her.

"Hey, Tara! What's the sitch on your end?" Kim asked to one of her main cheer friends.

Tara darted her eyes around and grabbed her Spanish book, "Uh, nothing! Everything's hunky-dory!"

"I heard from Monique that you and Bonnie are going splits." Kim said about what happened.

"Sorry, Kim, but it's just a false rumor!" Tara said, dismissing those claims, "You know Bonnie and I have been best friends since the second grade!"

Bonnie, Rebecca, and Amanda came up to the two cheerleaders.

Bonnie barked at Tara, "T, I want you to take care of my history homework, ASAP!"

She then glared at Kim, "And as for you, Miss Giver of Detentions...I will see you at cheer practice, wannabe!"

"Whatever, mean B..." Kim uttered.

Rebecca and Amanda unload two textbooks into Tara's hands. The trio of mean cheerleaders walked away from Kim and Tara.

Suddenly, the belt that held up Bonnie's undone overalls snapped.

Bonnie grabbed them by the bib just in time before they fell up. "Ugh...I don't want to pull off a Stoppable on me. That'd be so humiliating. She continued to hold the overalls up by the bib.

"See?" Tara grunted, trying to hold the books, "She's being helpful!"

"Tara, I don't see the whole 'doing someone else's homework' angle as being helpful!" Kim said, pointing the flaws of that method.

"She also made me do a term paper on Victorian England." Tara said, straining from the weight of the books.

Kim sighed, "I'll try to think of something, Tara. I got enough on my plate as it is."

At the other side of the school, Ron and Felix were at the Stoppable locker.

"So jeans it'll be, huh?" Felix asked.

"Exactly, Felix! They are going to be the coup-de-grae of my date outfit with KP this Saturday.

"You also got the game Friday, so why not come to my house Saturday morning or afternoon?" Felix asked, aiming for some bro-time, "I assume your schedule won't be tied up."

Ron looked down and said, "Rufus, what does my Saturday look like?"

Rufus, from Ron's pants pocket, took out a mini electronic day planner and gave a thumbs up, squeaked "2 to 4:30."

"Thanks, Rufus, ol' boy! I'm free from around 2 to long as I am not saddled with diaper-duty with Hana." Ron replied.

"Awesome! Some zombie-blastin' and mindless brain-mashin' of Zombie Mayhem 8 on the PXB720 should be a walk in the park." Felix said with a grin. He had practiced for around three weeks on that game on the highest difficulty setting.

"Felix, you'll provide the video games, I'll provide the snackage!" Ron laughed.

The two headed to their next class.

Unknown to them, Bonnie peered her head from around the corner hallway, overhearing every word they spoke. Her unbelted, undone overalls were halfway around her behind

"You heard what the Naco loser said, Rebecca?" the brunette clucked, "Stoppable is..." She looked around for where Rebecca was.

Rebecca was about 20 feet away on her cell phone.

"Look, I don't care if you're still upset about the whole Steve Foley thing, Jessica! Stop whining like a little girl!" she exclaimed.

Impatiently, Bonnie snatched Rebecca's flip-phone the same way what Barkin did with hers.

"Hey!? That was uncalled for, Bonnie!" Rebecca protested.

"Would you please get off your flip-phone for one second and listen?" Bonnie insisted, her overalls now completely off her behind.

Rebecca folded her arms and asked, huffing, "Fine, Bonnie! What's your plan for getting that two-loser-couple in trouble?"

"We're going to ruin their little date on Saturday. At the same time, I will be on a glam date with Junior as well...well, before Barkin unfairly took my phone away!"

"But how are you going to do two things at one?" Rebecca wondered.

Bonnie took out a picture of the Tweebs from her handbag, "Leave that to me!"

Seeing the picture, Rebecca began to chuckle evily. Bonnie wringed her hands and began to chuckle as well.

"Now if you don't mind, R, I'm going to spread some wild gossip around!" Bonnie shouted.

Rebecca looked down on the floor, "Uhm...Bonnie, I wouldn't do that."

"What are ya, chicken?" Bonnie laughed it off, "Everyone needs to heed the words of the Queen of Middleton High, MEEEEEE!"

"First of all..." Rebecca said, pointing down, " might want to prevent any more Stoppable moments!"

Bonnie then looked down and gasped. Her overalls have completely fallen down on the floor, showing off her Country CB boxers.

"AAAAAHHH!" the brunette screamed. Two guys on the Middleton High football team wolf-whistled at her.

She pulled them back up but, as per her usual fashion when it came to overalls, she doesn't hook them.

Bonnie ran up to Crystal, still trying to hold up her overalls from falling down again.

"So have you heard of how Rob Reeger snuck into the teacher's lounge?"

"Really, Bonnie? That...was so 8 hours ago." Crystal said with dismissal.

The next cheerleader she tried to gossip with was Liz, "Have you heard about the one where Jessica broke up with Steve Fol..."

"So two days ago, Bonnie!" Liz said, completely ignoring the Queen.

She then tried Marcella. Of course if anyone was more receptive to gossip, it would be her.

"So how about..."

"That was four hours ago, Bonnie!" Marcella said, not even making eye contact with her.

What's going on here? Bonnie thought to herself, First I get detention and now everyone is ignoring me! Has the world gone insane?