Chapter 76 - Splitting Up

(1:08 am)

" file..." Bonnie groaned in defeat.

"That's right, Bonnie! You are so busted!" Kim said with a smirk. " find where your shallow musically-untalented boyfriend is!"

"How DARE you call him that!" Bonnie growled at Kim.

"Have you EVEN heard him sing?" Kim countered back.

Rufus then began to smell something.

"You found a scent, buddy?" Ron asked.

"Uh-huh!" the mole rat squeaked as he scurried into the bushes, following the scent.

"What's Rufus up to?" Ron then questioned his girlfriend.

His question was answered when Junior jumped out from the bushes with Rufus crawling up his shirt. He was making cawing noises and flapping his arms as if he were a dodo bird.

Bonnie gasped at Junior's stupidity.

"Rooting out bad guys, what else!" Kim grinned.

Bonnie, in a split-second decision, pushed the arresting officer on the ground and ran as fast as she could. Junior and Camille ran with her, including the stolen Coco Banana handbag and the Golden Bone.

"She's getting away with the Bone!" Barkin cried.

"Not if I can help it, Mr. Barkin!" Kim growled.

Kim was stunned that Bonnie would be so brazen to commit so many crimes but now was the time to prevent the three from escaping.

"Come on, you two!" she instructed Junior and Camille, "Junior's old has a getaway car on the other side of the park! We'll split up so that the wannabe doesn't catch us!"

Bonnie took the left path in the woods. Junior went down the middle while Camille went to the right, in the direction of the football field.

Kim, Ron (with Rufus), Monique, Felix, and Zita ran to the fork in the sidewalk.

Kim discussed the plan of attack to her other friends.

"Here's the plan! Ron, you and Monique will take care of Junior! Felix and Zita, you'll handle Bonnie. I'll take care of Camille and the Golden Bone!"

The other four, and Rufus, nodded their heads and then split up in their respective directions.


Junior was still running at a fast pace. He turned his head behind just to make sure that no one was chasing him.

"Hah! Look like I got away from them!" he snickered.

Then, he saw Ron and Monique catching up to him.

"How could those two move so fast? I have to hurry to the getaway car!" Junior panted. He was starting to get out of breath as the two teenagers caught up with him.

The car itself was about 1000 feet away from him.

"Finally, I can taste the sweet chocolate frosting of freedom!"

Ron cried out, "Rufus! Go for the tires! I'm going to aim for the taffy!" He took out a wad of chewed-up taffy from Ann's bathrobe.

Rufus, in the meantime, crawled on all fours to get to Junior's getaway car.

Monique reacted with disgust while running.

"Ewww! How are you going to stop Junior with that!"

"Trust me on this, Monique!" Ron replied while throwing the wad of half-chewed taffy at Junior's legs. The strength and stickiness of the taffy wrapped around his legs and he tripped and fell.

"Oh, my beautiful nose is ruined!" he whined, rubbing his nose.

Junior then looked at Rufus, whom was on the passenger tire of the car.

"What are you trying to do this time, you pink rat?"

Rufus glared at him and then used his teeth to pop the tire, making it flat and useless.

"Looks like we've got you now, Junior!" Ron grinned.


"Come back here, Camille!" Kim exlclaimed. She was giving chase to Camille in the park. Debutante was also in the stolen Country CB handbag as well, enjoying the ride of the swaying of the purse. Also inside the large handbag was the Golden Bone.

Kim had tucked in the undone strap of her overalls to prevent it from being caught on a nearby branch.

"You gotta catch me first, Possible!" Camille taunted. Her normal purse still held the Golden Bone inside.

Wade, still in his room, flew the wrist Kimmunicator on a remote.

"Kim! Go for the fish-flavored cat treats in your handbag!" he suggested.

"Eww...why did you even put them in there, Wade?" Kim asked with disgust.

"Just trust me on this!" Wade insisted.

"'re the tech genius..." Kim replied while taking out the treats.

Debutante emerged from the purse, smelling the treats. She jumped out of the handbag.

"Come and get it, Debutante!" Kim smiled while holding the treat in her hand. She then began to run with the treat with Debutante following her.

"Get back here with my cat!" Camille exclaimed.

The chase continued out of the park and alongside the football field, which was still wet from the storm a few days ago due to the grass turf.

"Ewww!" Camille complained, "There is so no way I am putting these Country CB boots through that!"

But even worse for the ex-heiress is that the said football field has its gates locked. This meant that she had to go through the grassy area next to the football field known by the townspeople as the Commons. The Commons usually gets very muddy after rainstorms, so parts of the area were in that condition.

Camille gulped hard, for the getaway car was on the other side of the Commons. But with Kim breathing hard behind her neck, what could she do?

Camille took a deep breath and jumped into the mud puddle...only to get stuck.

"What? Ewww...this common mud is icky! And I'm more used to rich people mud at the spa!" she whined.

Kim tackled Camille in the mud as both women fell down into the mud, making a mess of themselves. Debutante jumped out of the bag...only for her to get also stuck in the mud as well.

"Do you realize how much these boots cost, Possible?" Camille asked, sneering.

"Nothing if you use a five-finger discount, Camille!" Kim snarked back at her.

"So what are you going to do to restrain me?" Camille questioned.

"I think the mud will do its trick on you!" Kim said before noticing the Golden Bone. She took both the trophy and the CB handbag.

"NO!" Camille yelled! "Give me those back!"

"They'll be going back to their rightful owners, thank you very much!" Kim mocked. "I already informed the police of your whereabouts, so it won't be long before they arrest you!"

She walked away from a defeated Camille for her to be arrested.