Soo...this is actually the first FF/One-Shot I have ever written in another language...So please have mercy and forgive my poor english ;)

If you find any mistakes please inform me (although they are probably overwhelming). I am very open for any kind of criticism/help/suggestions.

"You've found it!"

Thor's eyes went wide as he spotted the orange-glowing stone in T'Challas hand. "Yes I have. And I can already tell you that it shouldn't be used lightly."

"Why is that?", Thor asked and received an eye roll from his brother. "What do you think, Thor? It's an Infinity Stone. You have seen for yourself what those are capable of."

Thor ignored him and studied the Soul Stone intently. "It has been buried in the grounds of Wakanda for all those millenniums?"

"It's the reason why we have always been able to communicate with our ancestors. Our scientists believe that it's influence gave the flowers their specific properties.". There was a short break before he continued. "When my sister held it in her hands the image of our father appeared."

"Surely your sister knows that nothing has the power to resurrect the dead"

"Of course. Like I said, it was only an image. He did not speak nor look at her directly."

"Do you think what I think?" Thor turned to Loki who gave him a questioning look.

"You cannot be serious, brother!"

"Why not? I know you miss them just as much as I do, Loki."

"What good would it do?"

"...We could see them one last time. It would give us strength in the coming fight."

He shook his head disapprovingly. "Do what you must. You'll never listen to me anyway."

"You cannot fool me, brother." He smirked at Loki. "You do it."

"Absolutely not"

"Why? You said yourself that you'd do anything to speak to mother one last time."

Loki bared his teeth slightly, "That conversation was for your ears only. And if you would have listened properly you'd know that she couldn't speak anyway."

"Do it."

Rolling his eyes once more Loki took the stone from T'Challa's outstretched hand and closed his fingers around it. Immediately he felt the energy searching through him and closed his eyes against the storm of emotions that it brought to light.

"This is a bad idea..."

His eyes still closed he waited for his brother's response, but none came. Did it work?

To his right he heard Bruce gasp while Stark murmured silently a curse somewhere behind him. Mistake…

He did not dare to open his eyes. "Thor...what happened...did it work...?"

Still no answer. "THOR!"

"Loki..." Something in Thor's voice unsettled him. "I think you should see this..."

Cautiously he opened his eyes...he blinked once...twice...No. That just couldn't be possible.

When he had opened his eyes he had expected to see Frigga and maybe Odin, but, not this.

In front of the little group stood two figures and none of them were the parents who had raised him. At least he could now understand why his fellow Avengers seemed so distraught.

On the right side stood a really tall blue figure with piercing red eyes that wore nothing more than a thin linen cloth. His whole body was adorned with complicated markings that resembled those on Loki's Jotun-form. Laufey.

One really did not have to be a genius to understand that they were looking at his biological father. Even in Loki's Æsir-body they looked somewhat alike and as far as he knew the Avengers were aware of his adoption. Still, it was not Laufey that made him want to throw up because to his left stood the one that could under these circumstances only be his mother. His mother…

"Oh no...that can't be...", he was surprised to hear himself breaking the silence.

It seemed as if his despair had brought his oaf brother out of his own stupor because he laid a hand on his shoulder and turned him gently to face him. "Look at me, brother", he said, but Loki could not bring himself to meet Thor's gaze. "Brother...", he grasped his neck like he had done so often in their childhood, "...look at me, please". Loki tried to struggle out of his grip, but Thor wouldn't let him, afraid that his brother would somehow vanish before he had a chance to reassure him. "This doesn't change anything. It matters not...", he stopped there unsure of how to continue. Loki only shook his head.

The uncomfortable silence was interrupted when Bruce sighed heavily and Stark, who seemed to have gathered his wits again, stepped forward and patted Thor on the back.

"Well Thor, does it feel to be an uncle?"

There will probably be one more chapter.