Another day another story written. So I was sick with a horrible cough. To pass the time I was playing Darkest dungeons when I realized there isn't a lot of fanfic's of Darkest dungeon ... at all even with crossover tossed in. So I figured why not add another one for the fans of this amazing game to enjoy. (I don't own Darkest Dungeons or RWBY)

"There is a place, beneath those ancient ruins, in the moor, that calls out to the boldest among them... "we are the flame!" They would cry, "and Darkness fears us!" They descend, spurred on by fantasies of riches and redemption to lay bare whatever blasphemous abnormality may slumber restlessly in that unholy abyss... but the Darkness is insidious. Terror and Madness can find cracks in the sturdiest of honors, the most resolute of minds... and below, in that limitless chasm of Chaos, they will realize the truth of it. "We are not the Flame!" They will cry out, "we are the moths and we are DOOMED!" And their screams will echo amidst the pitiless cyclopean stones... Of the Darkest Dungeon."

The unknown ancestor of the Ravenade Estate.

In the courtyard with the Highwayman, Antiquarian, Leper, and Man At Arms were sent to kill the Countress who's vampire mosquito's have ravenged the land for there amusement and sycophants desires to serve the monstrosity and maddening thing that lives underneath the manner that once was the envy of others.

"When the senses are shacken, and the soul is driven into madness, who can stand?"

William Blake

Dismas Pov.

All my life I have been called many things. Thief, Murder, Brigade, The Highwayman, but now I'm about to be called a Dead Man. I thought while bleeding out on some random tombstone of some rich prick I have never heard of.

Well this sucks heh, here I am fighting an oversize maggot calling itself the Countess alone now, considering that all my friends are dead and their blood now soak's the mud surrounding this fucking courtyard. Who would have thought I died like this, that old gypsy woman was right about everyone else's death except mine. Apparently I'm suppose to die next to a bust or something like that, not by an oversize maggot.

"Dismas the fame highwaymen who is wanted for multiple counts of theft and murder, but yet left after the one mistake. You killed hundreds by your hand's alone and yet you leave the life of a successful thief all because of one mistake." She said as she slither forward like the maggot she was before she grabbed me by the throat and lifted me up to her face.

"God Damn for a supposed noblewoman her breath smells worst then the peasants." I thought as her foul breath hits my face.

"Tell me what do you fear. You clearly don't fear death, you get off on that. Oh... I know what you fear. It's this little thing that frighten's you isn't it." She holds up a locket of the two who shouldn't have been there.

"Where the hell did she get that?" I asked my self watching her dangle my beloved's locket.

"You fear the voice emminating from this little trinket. The voice of a dead mother and her son who never got to grow up and see the beauty and tranquility life has to offer, but no instead they were struck down by a thief's bullet. The irony isn't lost on you but as well as the father. Whom couldn't go to the funeral because he was wanted for killing a family in a failed stagecoach robbery gone deadly wrong." It chuckles while letting the locket swing back in forth in the foul Odorless wind of this damn place.

I was enraged to the point of strangling the bitch but even though my mind was willing the body was weak I couldn't do anything but squirm as the thing laughed while chocking me. "Heh heh heh heh." I Crocked as it stopped laughing realizing I was trying to laugh.

"What's so funny Dismas did your fragile little mind finally snapped?" It asked in a mocking tone, it loosened its grip around my neck for me to speak.

"No although I am about to snap. I have another fear and it's actually related to this moment." I crooked.

"Oh really, amuse me what do you fear more then your guilt. Is it death by someone more superior, Is it falling into madness, or is it kissing me." It mocks as it gets it head closer to hear my words.

"I ... I... I fear... they can't get your stinking cockroach blood off my clothes when they buried me." I said with Defiance as a knife that I hid in my coat sleeve fell into my hand.

Dismas is now stalwart

"Many fall in the face of Chaos, but not this one! ... not today!"

I quickly slit the beast jugular before it backs up its head. It dropped me as she tried to slow the bleeding from its neck. Heh heh the terror on its face was hilarious but there was no time for laughter. As soon as she dropped me I quickly grabbed ahold of my comrades purse and grab her special powder she brought with her.

I quickly inhale the dust causing my adrenaline to go crazy. I quickly ran and ducked underneath the creature's tongue as it wiped at me. I raced over to grab the old mans shield and bashed its jagged point end into its slimy and unsavory tail of the beast causing it to hollers in pain. It tried and turn around but the shield holds it in place. I began to slice at crucial artery points letting its blood seep into the accursed mud from which it stands upon. The blood from beast tail and all its other injuries my friends inflicted has caused it to slowly slouch to the ground.

The countress realizing she was going to die tryed to save itself from my wrath as it rips its human body from the slug. She squirmed and squalls as she crawled to a strange alter of some kind, while naked as her hair once clean and pristine hair was now a mess and covered in mud and blood. She began to cry and plea world's of an unknown language that I never heard of to the altar. As I got closer the alter started to glow.

"Oh no you don't you bitch." I thought before I raced forward.

As she tried to say the final word's of her chant. I quickly grabbed her and threw her onto her back. Instead of the last words of her chant leaving her mouth she silent screech in pain when my blade pierced her heart.

"When you go to hell tell em Dismas sends you." I said as my blade was pulled from her heart. She screams one last time as her body goes limp as her blood flow from her a cursed body. I sat next her as the adrenaline left my body leaving my body limp.

So I killed the beast possible saving hundreds if not millions of lives. Thought not as evil as the beast under the mansion that still dwell's, this here will have to do for my redemption. I then noticed that the shameful locket was still in her hands, I struggle to reach for it as my vision became darker by the second. I eventually grabbed it from her hand but she springs to life and gets on top of me. She then says the worlds "jgtvd, ubdsl thbfd la Dismas ukbf hnvyszk MELAS"

I quickly pointed my custom flintlock pistol at her head and pulled the trigger. As her brain's and part of her face now covers her Brest, she fell backwards dying for third and FINAL time.

"Oh shut up I'm trying to die in peace." I crooked one last time and ready myself for death's embrace... that surprisly never came.

Now usual when you are bleeding out and your vision goes dark that should be the end, but for some reason I felt like any sense of death just fled from my body, like I was claimed by something much ... much worse.

My suspicion were right when a strange looking woman walked out of the shadows. She clearly wasn't part of the court but she seems to have the same hair style of the countess. Her skin as pale as a corpse with black evil looking veins showing, her eyes pure red like the devil skin tone matches her eye color and have some kind of smirk that clearly screams evil.

"Oh your dead aren't you. What a pity you were looking to be such a promising Allie and a great winemaker as well." The woman said in slight disappointment as she stood over the body

She then turn to me before speaking to me. "Oh and so you are the one who killed her. Some wonded human killed the Mother of The Winged Death, how embarrassing for her. Well no matter we made a deal and thus I must complete my end of the bargain."

She then aprooches me and lift me up to her height with her fingers wrapped around my neck as a black sword started to form from her hand. The world around me seems to fall apart around us and the void seems to take its place. The sword got bigger as the evil grin on her face got larger. I quickly looked around and noticed the broken sword of my Leper friend who had fallen in battle as I reached for the sword.

"Any last words human." She says as she raised the blade above her head.

"Just eight. I plan ... on dying ... but... not ... today bitch!" I said as I gripped ahold of the blade and quickly cut off her hand holding me.

Either that was pure luck that I survived or the dumbest idea that crept into my head, because as soon as I cut her hand I spiral downwards into the void as that witch screams in pain as she holds onto the stomp that used to be her hand, get further and further away into the distance. I then thought to myself "Dismas the Highwayman died killing evil incarnate. Not a bad way to die."

I closed my eyes and waited for death to take me.

After what felt like an eternity I gasp for air like I was drowning. My eyes burst wide open as I began to cough and weep like I forgotten to breath.

After finally taking a breath of air I realized I was bent over a puddle of water on the ground my reflection looked so wrong. Instead of wrinkles and bags of time on my face I saw the smooth face of youth of my teenage years.

"What in the world is going on." I thought to myself as I felt my face.

After a few minutes of feeling my younger face in this makeshift mirror I noticed in the back ground the moon. It wasn't as small as I rember it nor round but rather shattered like a broken mirror. I turned around and noticed that this moon was indeed broken. After starring at it for awhile I put my thought's together, realizing that I need more information about were I am before trying to find my way back to the estate. I quickly checked myself and sighed in relief that all my stuff was with me.

I walked out from the alleyway I was in and noticed a almost deserted street and I looked up to see a sign glowing neon called from dust to dawn. I don't know what sourcery that sign holds but if this store is allowed in this town then it's probably safe to enter.

Inside I noticed vials of different colors on the wall and weird looking flat books on racks lining up the store. I then noticed the store keeper looking at me with nervous and terrified look on his face.

"What's his deal?" I thought to myself before I realized I was wearing clothes that made me look like a thief. I pulled down my scarf and walked over to him.

"Sorry if I scared you but it seems that I am lost do you have any maps that you can sell me?" I asked politely. Thank god my voice hasn't changed. While growing up my voice constantly cracked and was high pitched.

The store keeper seems to calm down realizing that I wasn't gonna rob him. He then pointed towards the back end of the store were a more of those weird looking books were but a sign hanging from a thin rope hangs above with the words map on it.

"Thank's old timer." I said politely as I walked towards the maps section of the store. I then found a normal book that said 'Where's and When's of Remnant', It seems to be a map book of the world.

"Better then nothing I suppose." I said under my breath as I began to read th book.

While reading I heard the door bell ring as a girl smaller and clearly younger then me walked up to the clerk. What caught my eye was the fact she was wearing a red cloak.

Um were can I find the latest 'weapons and you' magazines?" She asked the clerk. He then pointed to the aisle right next to me.

"Thank you" She says in a pleasant tone.

She walked to the end and was looking around till she found a flat book she was looking for and started to read it while wearing weird ear cuffs.

As soon as she started reading another bell sound can be heard as a bunch of men in color matching suits walked in with one in a white suit and a horrible looking hat walked in.

"Do you know how hard it is to find a dust store open this late." He says as one of his henchmen points a weird looking gun at the old mans head.

"P-Please take the Lein and leave." He pleaded with his hands in the air.

"Shhh, shhh, shhh, calm down. We're not here for the money." He said as the henchmen were raiding the cub beets for more of those vial's.

While they were stealing I slipped out of sight not wanting to deal with this robbery. That's when I noticed one guy with a sword walking over to the girl.

"Alright kid put your hands up." A henchmen with the sword said as he pointed it towards the cloaked girl.

"Damn it. These guys look like they kill stragglers Regardless of age." I thought seeing these men calmly collect the vials from the shelf while remaining vigilant. So while one of the henchmen was trying to get the girls attention I placed my scarf over my face and quietly sneaked up behind him.

The thief finally got the girl's attention. "Are you ... robbing me?" She asked.

"Yes!" He said annoyed. I stand up behind him unaware of my presence.

"Ok but what about that guy right behind you?" She asked while pointing to me.

"Wait what?" He turns around only to see my fist before I knocked him out cold.

"Really kid? Does the term subtlety mean anything anymore?" I asked sarcastically as I turn towards the rest of the theifs who were robbing the old man still unaware of us. I crouched down behind the end of book shelf planning my next move carefully when the girl squat next to me.

"Oh so you're not with these guys?" She asked as she looked at my attire with interest.

"Most certainly not." I answered as I reached for one of my small knifes in my sleeve.

"Oh... Ok then. Stay here this will take a second." She said as she stands while taking the weird looking ear cuffs off her neck and placed them into her pouch she has on her back.

"What are you..." I couldn't finish my sentence when the girl ran up and literally pulled a huge scythe from out of nowhere and drop kick one of the thief's out the window with her as well.

"Ok I'm conflicted on who should I help, the thief's or her." I thought while watch her beat the crap out group of thief's. She was amazing, her movement was completely fluent with her weapon despite its size. That's when I noticed one thief has a gun pointed at her.

"Ok I'll help her." I thought while taking out a spare knife from my coat sleeve.

The henchman who was about to fire his weapon missed when my knife pierced his hand causing him to drop the gun and hold his hand as he bends over in pain. He looked up only to be knocked unconscious by a swift kick to the face. The girl had just noticed me saving her again, and gave a thank you nod before going back to fighting more henchmen.

"Heh no rest for the wicked." I thought before joining the fight.

3rd Pov

After Dismas and the girl fought off the remaining henchmen. The leader walked outside with a brief case and stopped right next to an unconscious henchman.

"You were worth every cent, Truly you were." He said sarcastically as he dropped the cigarette from his mouth.

"Well red and wannabe thief, I think I can call this an eventful evening, and as much as I like to stick around ..." He stop mid sentence and point's his cane at the girl to which the bottom part opens up. "... I'm afraid this is were we part ways." A flare shoot's out of the cane and going right towards the girl. Dismas quickly pushes the girl to the ground as the flare barley missed his arm and the girls chest.

"You ok?" Dismas asked as he helps her up.

"I'm fine thanks." She politely answered. She then looks around for the criminal to see him climbing a ladder. She turn to the clerk who was walking out.

"You don't mind if we go after him do you?" She asked the clerk who shook his head in response. She then grabbed Dismas around the waist and pointed her weapon at the ground.

"What are yo..." the girl fire's off her gun at the ground, sending her and a panicking Dismas through the air. They landed on the roof. Dismas fell to his knees.

"Kid don't do that again please." He said while heavily breathing.

"Sorry about that." She said cutely before turning back to the thief.

"Hey!" She called out to the thief.

"Persistent..."He said annoyed as a bullhead appears from behind him.

Dismas was stunned by the flying machine but he regained his thoughts as he turns towards the thief who walked inside an open door. He turn around and reached into his pocket and throws a red vial at there feet.

"End of the line, Red and Theif." He says as he aims his cane at the vial. Dismas knowing what he was about to do pulls out his flintlock pistol and quickly aims it at the thief. With one shot the the ball hits the thief right in he arm. He steps back in pain from the led ball penetrating his arm.

"Ugh How is that possible?!" He Shouted before aiming again at the vial with his other hand while his good hand covered the bleeding hole in his arm. Dismas quickly grabbed the girl and pulls her away from the vial before the thief took the shot.

The shot hits the vial causing an explosion sending concrete explosions everywhere but the debris stoped in mid air and the flame turn purple.

"What the hell?" Dismas thought as he got up.

Dismas Pov

A woman in a purple cape came out of nowhere and started moving a riding crop around like a wand. Maybe she's a witch I don't know what the hell is going on anymore.

An another person took the place of the thief and now was shooting fire from her hand. The witch was using the debris as cover and as a protective at the same time. This went on back and forth till the fire witch got a massive ball of fire in her hand and threw's at the girl. I quickly grabbed the girl pulling her out of the way of the fire ball and falling back onto the rooftop. As we fell I had one more ball already loaded so I shot at the women seemingly missing her but I was not intending of hitting her.

"Thanks again." She said sweaty before she picks her self up. She then turns before activating her scythe into a rifle and started firing at the fire witch. She blocked the bullets before that strange looking machine turn around and flew off.

"God damn it, they got away. (Sigh) Hey kid you alright?" I asked as I turn around to see her over by the other woman.

"Your a Huntress!" I heard the little girl said in amazement.

"Can I have your autograph?" She said with an awe-stricken face.

"Wait a what?" I said under my breath.

Else where in Vale

A night club is literally burning down as two muscular women watch from the sidelines, slightly intoxicated from earlier.

"Well talk about on the house." A blonde teen said while standing next to a Redhead teen who was holding onto a glaive.

"Yes but I wish they would put up more of a fight." She responds. Then three police cruisers shows up.

"Ok nobody move this is the VPD." The police officer said as they pointed there stun guns at them.

"Well ready for round two Yang?" The redhead says while cracking her knuckles.

"You seriously want to fight the police... ah screw It your on Boudica. Who ever knocks down the most police must buy the winner the next round of drinks." Yang says while cracking her neck.

"It's a deal then." Boudica says with a smirk. The two berserker's charged straight at the twenty police officers.

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