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"In the howling darkness of the end…

…Men Will become monsters…

…But Hope will ride with those courageous enough to carry…


The Narrator

Patch Island… 15 years later

The view picks up on the cliffside, the two graves have reflected the times they find themselves in. Ever since that night nearly fifteen years ago Remnant has never been the same. With no Dust, millions had perished. Either from starvation due to lack of trade, disease that Dust made medicine could cure, or the Grimm that were held back by dust power bullets. Though, Grimm wasn't the only threat. Many people became bandits, Parts of kingdoms fell to ideology both radical and old, and old wounds had begun to open and rot. In some parts of the world, the death toll was so high that the people couldn't help but put the blame on the Faunas. After all, the White Fang took full credit for the attack. Because of this, Faunas kind faced overwhelming prejudice in multiple forms. Some were placed in chains, enslaved once more; And in other parts they were unwelcomed at the end of a sharpen stick. Along with the great recession of civil rights, the standard of living has failed as well. People have begun to live in shallow huts, basic decency has become a lost art. A whole generation of children will be under education in basics. It was a Dark Age, and the old shall be the last that knew how life was like before the dark times.

The grave stones reflected the time. Covered in dead plants, over run with brownish grass and dead leaves, and the stone cracked from years of harsh weather. As it stands there silently the sound of crunching leaves can be heard approaching the stone graves. A female figure kneels down before them, after a moment she wipes away at the grime to reveal the names. The woman was in her thirties. Wearing a tattered red cloak, covering an old overcoat jacket that covered leather armorer. Her face was covered with a wool scarf and her red cloak. Once done removing the filth and grime from the names she places down a rose onto the ground of both graves. She stands up and takes a step back. Looking down at the graves of Both Summer Rose, and Dismas, The Highwayman. As she stares, she reaches for her neck before pulling out an old cheap locket. She opened it to look inside at the photo, before something interrupted her thoughts.

A loud cawing noise can be heard off in the distance. A flock of crows have flown from the old road leading to Vale. Something must have happened; her old instinct had kicked in warning her about the dangers on the island she once called home. The stranger pulled out an old flintlock and a rather large and strangely carved stick. She had welded and tied a short sword to the end and carved out the bottom to allow something to fit. Before long she disappeared into a cloud of red mist. Leaving a trail of rose petals in her wake.

In Atlas

The view cuts to a rose on a glass desk. There Winter sat rubbing her temples in frustration. Atlas has seen better days. Ever since the night Atlas, the once the proud boasting center of technology in the world was now a disaster. Starvation, Grimm, attacks, and crime flooded the streets. This was made worse by the unexpected cold seasons. This mixed without proper leadership led to The Wealthy declared independence from the kingdom and began a slave army, under the name F.H.A.C or Free Human Atlas Confederacy. Those captured were made into slaves, and they had started to brand Faunas and Atlas soldiers with the infamous SDC symbol to mark them as such. Then there are the NWF, the New White Fang. Faunas civilians who took up arms under the New White Fang, the old one regime died in the White Fang Civil war. Now these Faunas took up arms solely to build a nation of their own. They didn't take prisoners, least human ones. They too have begun to brand those they captured with the symbol of the old White Fang. A sign of shame. Atlas for the most part was losing, till the new general took charge, now both factions are on the run. Hiding in the Atlas Mountains and being hunted. Though the battles have been hard fought, a new kind of trouble was on the horizon. A war, on the home front. As she rubs her temples, a soldier enters the room.

"General Schnee. She is here." The soldier said with a salute.

"Very well. Send her in." Former Specialist, now acting general Schnee said.

The soldier nods before moving aside, allowing for Weiss to enter, or rather dragged in. Since the fall of Beacon, more pacifically, the death of Klein, Weiss has gone down a dark road. She has been finding comfort at the bottom of a bottle. Getting into trouble as she drank what was left of the Schnee fortunes away. Then she had begun to vandalize graves, robbing from anti faunas stores, and hanging with the wrong crowd. Her title of Heiress was tarnished after the night of blood, but now there were rumors that she has been sleeping with anyone she finds remotely interesting. Suffice to say, she has fallen far from grace. The irony of it all, was how there mother has been since the night. She had the opposite reaction and begun to improve herself both as a person and a mother. Why, she hasn't touched a drop of alcohol for nearly fourteen years now, and has aided Winter with Preto. Recently she has begone a campaign fighting for Faunas Rights that has gain more favor from the citizens then the NWF ever could.

"Tsk, hey sister. How's the war going?" Weiss said in a drunken mutter as she was tossed onto the chair.

Her clothes were more apparent to her current state. A pair of old military pants, sewn and repaired. A raggedy white shirt that had a fine light blue hunting stock tie. All covered in a heavy rotting blue military coat two sizes too big. Her hair was covered by a scarecrow hat that she had stollen, though that did little to cover up the messy tangled up hair that covered much of her face like a vagabond.

"Well, if you must know we have successfully raided another Free Human Atlas Confederacy safe house downtown." Winter remarks as she nods her head to the soldier to leave.

"The Free Human Atlas… oh, you mean Fuck?" Wiess asked getting an irk from Winter.

"… (Sigh) suppose they were business smart. Not clever with naming their own things. Yes, we raided the F.A.H.C." Winter remarks as she rubbed her temple.

"Heh, I'm not so sure. They were so busy fucking their own interns to realize that their own companies were fucking the people of Atlas." Weiss slurred as she gets up from her seat. Removing a flask from out behind her back. She threw back the flask till it was completely empty before going for a bottle of brandy. She ignored Winters remarks as she removed the cap. Tossing it over head as she chugged the bottle. Not caring as Winter approaches her. She continued on chugging till Winter had enough and snapped.

"For the love of Monty will you stop with the incessant drinking?!" Winter shouted as she smacked the bottle to the ground. Causing it to crash. "I swear, you are nearly as bad as Audrey."

"Oh, and how so? Is it because she died fighting those who use to praise us?" Weiss asked with an unemotional response.

The two stared off at one another. Audrey died saving a family from F.H.A.C. Coco, never really forgave herself and Weiss has begun to pin the blame on her older sister. As they stared off at one another, the door opened and in comes a young boy. He was wearing an old overcoat jacket with a blue scarf wrapped around his neck. Underneath was an Atlas military uniform. His hair was a mixture of Black and White, in a slick back style.

"General Schnee, is everything alright?" The young lad asked holding onto General Schnee's old saber with

"… Everything is fine, Preto. I simple had an argument with your Aunt." Winter said as she looks towards the private. "Just… give me a moment more. Will you?"

"If you wish General." Preto said before leaving. The two watch as he leaves the room, once gone Winter lets out a small sigh.

"(Sigh) I did not brough you here to yell." Winter said as she heads to her desk.

"Really? I though you brought me here to yell and criticize before asking me to babysit my favorite Nephew… Speaking of which why didn't you name him after the husband?" Weiss asked.

"Out of fear that you strangle him. You weren't exactly found at the idea that I was fraternizing with him." Winter remarks as she sits down in her chair.

"Yeah, or how dust made abortion pills lose their effect. Tsk, talk about a happy accident." Weiss said sarcastically.

"… in any case, recently I received a letter." Winter said as she reaches down to her file cabinet.

"Really? Was it another death threat from fuck, or N.W.F? Weiss asked.

"No, rather it was addressed to you." Winter said as she opens a safe and begins to unlock it.

"Oh great, even with the dustweb down I still get spam mail. (Sigh) Fine, who did I piss off this time?" Weiss said as she lays back in her seat.

"I don't know… nor do I want to. But, it's who sent this letter I'm more concern with." Winter said as she retrieved the unopen letter.

"Really, who is it from?" Wiess asked with a raised brow. Slightly curious about who wrote such a fancy letter to a Schnee.

"It's from Ozpin." Winter said as she hands Weiss the letter.

Weiss remained silent. Ozpin, has been dead for fifteen years now. But looking at the letter, she recognizes the hand writing. It was indeed Ozpin's handwriting. Looking up in confusion she quickly opens the letter and begins to read it, all while the view pulls into the dark.

In the woods of Mistral

Mistral, while mostly a forestry and agriculture kingdom had its fair share of problems. Blame for the night of blood trickled down to Mistral school of Haven. The woman known as Cinder was a student of Haven, or at least final reports said. People begin to question who let her in. Naturally Headmaster Lionheart was to blame and the fact that he was a Faunas made him an easy target. It all came to a head when he was found dead in his office. Throat slit. While the report stated it was suicide theory's that it was murder ran rampant, leading to the Faunas population to be evicted from most safe settlements. Thousands of families wandered the continent. Finding it difficult to stay in one place. However one place that Faunas were Welcomed was Polendina Village. A settlement that grew from the influx of wandering Faunas. Course a few humans were in the village, they were wary of them. After one to many raids by bandit groups and fanatical groups have caused the Faunas to be warry of human travelers. Though occasionally there would be one or two who will be welcomed with open arms. The view shifted to a woman with long messy black hair, chopping logs when two ginger freckled young Bunny Faunas came running up to her. Nearly tackling her as they hug her legs.

"Aunt Blakey, Aunt Blakey!" The two children scream with excitement as they hugged her legs.

The woman dropped her axe and turned to them. It was Blake. Since the night of blood, she has secluded herself to the land. Becoming one of it's founding members of the village, alongside Bigby. She had long since discarded the bow. Wearing her Faunas features as a sign of shame, not pride. She had adorned herself in simple pair of old black pants and a white tank top. She also wore a hooded poncho made from fabric she quilted together. She has never forgiven herself what had happened. Tattooing the names of everyone who died with Yang being carved into her chest by a dulled blade. Course wearing the sins on her arm wasn't enough, so she practiced self-flagellation for a time. Eventually, she found some sense to forgive herself. But deep down, she hates herself.

"Monty almighty! What are you two thinking!" Blake shouted to the kids as they hugged her feet. "I could have busted your skulls."

"Teehee, no you wouldn't." The twins said with bright smiles.

"Yeah, there too crazy to get killed by accident." a voice called out. Looking up, she can see a familiar ginger standing by a pole. "And trust me, if they don't get it from there parents then they got it from me."

The ginger was Nora. She had change very little over the years. Still carried her hammer and her rambunctious personality. But the time since the night of blood did change her. Her hair was buzzed in half with a few braids hanging down it. She sporting a scar across her face from a Beowolf, and her eyes were darkened with black powders. Her clothes were fur toga made from animal pelts, and a very flexible kilt. Her muscles were more noticeable, as well as the fact that she hasn't properly groomed or bathed herself.

"Yeah, suppose that's true… only the mad would go a week without washing." Blake said as she covered her nose.

"Ah, what's wrong with the smell of battle?" Nora said before approaching Blake and giving her a hug powerful bear hug, lifting her and the kids up into the air. "Besides, where can we find a bath house on the road?"

"Ugh, a simple stick of deodorant… maybe even shaving would help." Blake struggled to say both because Nora is crushing her insides and the smell was repulsive, especially since her faunas features made sense more powerful.

"Tsk, it's almost winter. No way I'm going to freeze. Besides. Who grooms anymore? One good thing about living in this dark age, no more waxing." Nora said with a smile before letting go. "Though, I do miss pancakes… and beds… oh and Pancakes. Especially Pancakes."

Before Blake could tell her she said pancakes twice another voice called out. It was Jay. He was calling out to the two kids and they went running back to there parents. Nora follows before motioning for Blake to follow. Blake was hesitant but did so. After the night of blood, Jay and Velvet got married soon after. They became a traveling circus of sorts, bringing hope to those in need. However just because they were traveling circus didn't mean they didn't run into any troubles. Nothing that two trained huntress and a mad jester could handle. Recently, they were blessed with twin boys. Named Arancia and Oranje. Both as rambunctious as their father but kind as their mother. They made a yearly stop into Polendina village to entertain to poor Faunas's, and for two friends to rekindle. Nora became part of the circus seven years back when the twins were born. Wanted to make sure they grew up safe. On the few times they had arrived, Ren would be with them. Which reminded Blake of something.

"So, no Ren this year?" Blake asked.

"Yeah, he's finishing up training with Grand Master Tardif. Though I can't wait to see him again. Cause guess what I found." Nora said with excitement. Blake gives a chuckle before shrugging. Nora reaches into her pocket and pulls out an unwrapped condom. "It cost me an arm and a leg… well actually the last bandit that attacked the kids, but still can you believe it. A condom. Heh, these things are like gold."

"… I, see." Blake said with a faint blush. When the world came to an end, people were looking for an escape. Drugs, booze, and even sex became the most common form of escapes… till the drugs became hard to come by, or when the kegs were tapped. And like the two Condoms became a thing of distant memory. This caused a minor population increase, but with no doctors there came a high chance spread of disease and failed pregnancies.

"So, you are going to do this where?" Blake asked.

"Pst, at the academy." Nora said as she slips the condom back into her pocket.

"Oh thank Monty." Blake said with a sigh of relief.

"… why are you so happy, it's just sex. I'm honestly surprise you don't get any action." Nora stated causing Blake to blush.

"It's… not that Nora." Blake said as her blush grew. "It's… You and Ren nearly destroyed the entire house every time you go at it."

"…Pst, heh, heh, heh… yeah right." Nora said with a chuckle.

"I'm not joking Nora. Because of you and Ren's… revelry, Old man Wolf is demanding that the whole village goes celebrate when you are around." Blake said with a fluster.

"Please, with me traveling along with the family I don't get much time with Renny. So, when we are together, we need to make each moment count. Even grumpy old man wolf would understand that." Nora said waving it off.

"But do you have to do anal? Every single time?" Blake asked causing not only her to blush more so, but Nora as well.

"… um wha, I mean… Pst wha, girl what you talking about?" Nora asked trying to sound relax despite the fact that she was blushing more than Blake.

"Every time, you moan loud enough you always mention that you're doing… butt stuff." Blake said, whispering that last part causing Nora to become blustered as she tried to hide her embarrassment from passing Faunas citizens.

"Pst… heh, heh… ok, point made." Nora surrendered before remarking. "But, I'm not ready to be a mom. I mean it's not because of I'm in capable, but we want to find a nice and safe home to raise them. Like Jaune and Pyrrha did."

"Yes… but do you have to continuously do quote, 'butt stuff', unquote." Blake asked as she cross her arms.

"Have you seen Ren's abs? How the hell can I resist them? And the way he uses it hmm. There are some things these hands can't do." Nora said as she held up both hands. Blake stopped for a moment. She begins to wonder if Nora refuses to bathe to hide the stench on her hands… and if so, how quickly can she leave so Blake could burn her clothes.

Her thoughts were interrupted however when she spotted Jay and Velvet. Velvet was dressed in a seductive carnival master clothes while Jay was dressed in a creepy one. The people begin greet them when a tall yet thin man walked forward. It was Bigby still baring the scars openly, and having his horns show proudly, and a neckless around his neck was a few gears stained with the sent of the village name sake. They were talking for a few moments before turning to the two. He walked over and hands them something before returning to his tent on the top of the hill. He was a reclusive man ever since the Night of blood. Barely even speaks anymore tot since the death of Penny. The two looked down at the objects Bigby gave them. It was a letter, signed by Ozpin. As they open their letters, the view pulls back to the forest

In the Vale Forest

The view pulls in from the forest where a small temple was built. With few Huntsmen emerging in the crisis people begin posting jobs for anyone to aid them. Thus, the rise of hired mercenaries began. Though they were not as good as a Huntsman, they still proved useful. Though one clan of Mercenaries that proved to be as good as Huntsmen were the Bounty Hunters. Though, for one to become one they must learn from the master himself. He resides in the forest outside of Vale, a place of infamy known as Chernyy drakon academy. A former frontier town now a palace where many young men and women alike learned the skills of being a bounty hunter. Unlike the Huntress and Hunters of old, they were ruthless. Upon graduating they received a blank scroll to which they must write the names of those who wronged them. They then set out to hunt down these people. Usually if they ever return, they plant their trophies upon, the wall. The Wall, was just that. A wall filled with bags stuffed with Molars, Faunas Parts that can be mounted, and the occasional skull. One mount at the very center was a Faunas bulls horn, that was still missing it's other part. For the final test, the combatants must face off against the best student. If they can beat the best student, then they were officially bounty hunters. If the best student can beat all the students without failure then they will graduate.

Today, five students had the pleasure of fighting off Grand Master Tardif's prize pupil. A dog Faunas name Manya Syehriy. She has grown these past fifteen years. Quiet, dedicated, and upmost, ruthless. She wore a black skin tight Gi. Her hair was cut short to prevent it from snagging. Her opponent was wearing something similar, a young boy who thought he could pass the test with ease; especially against a dirty faunas. The two waited for the grand master to arrive. Soon enough he appeared, from the side door. Tardif has grown. Wearing traditional blue and red Deel, and walking with a cane. By his side was a young girl with strange hair. One side was black as the Grandmaster, but Pink as her mother. He sat down before the young girl sat by his side. He eyed the two as he taps his cane against the ground. This caused the two to get into defensive position. And after an intense second Tardif speaks.

"… Nachat'!" Tardif announces. With that the boy came racing in with a flying kick. Manya easily catches it before tossing him to the ground. Not letting go, she stepped on his back leg before quickly twisting it, causing the Fibula and Tibia bones to burst into pieces. And popping out of the skin. The boy cried in agony as Manya finishes him with a hard stomp on the back of his skull. Rendering him unconscious.

"… Bezuprechnaya, Pobeda." Tardif said before patting his cane against the floor.

Two students in similar Gi's walked forward with a stretcher, placing the boy on it as Manya turns to the rest. Originally, they had cocky grins and smug looks on their faces, but after seeing there friend taken down with ease, how fast bravado goes. Manya takes a step back before getting into a combat stance.

With a smirk she then asked. "Who's next?"

The boys response, was to run. Which they did officially throwing the match away. Tardif gives a sigh before pattering his cane. Shortly, a pack of dogs were sent after the children who ran. As the screams of these young men can be heard in the background, someone voice can be heard.

"Do you really have to release the dogs?" the voice said as a familiar young man walks through the door. It was Ren.

He had grown since the night of blood. His hair was cut short and recently grew back just long enough for him to make a small pony tail. He grew a beard similar to his father's. and had a scar that came down the right side of his cheek. His clothes were that of the Bounty hunter. Chainmail suit, over a long tunic. In his arm was a spike helmet with the infamous mask attached to it. Only major difference was the fact that this one had a green, white, and pink texture.

"Da, they must face threats head on no matter how painful." Tardif replies before turning to Manya. "Manya. Zaberi svoye snaryazheniye i vstretimsya v moyem ofise."

Manya gives a nod before leaving. Ren had known Tardif for fifteen years now. Not a single word did he understood what Tardif had said. Be he motions him to follow and Ren did so. He was led into a small office space where the young girl sat down to the side. She begins reading a book while Tardif and Ren spoke.

"Before we begin. Did you complete your task?" Tardif asked.

Ren nods and pulls out a bag. Inside was a pair of fox faunas ear. Both of the Albain twins were dead. Tardif gives an approving nod before turning pulling something out. A letter of sort. He tossed it to Ren who caught it.

"This arrived earlier today. Signed by Ozpin." Tardif remarks before getting up. He walked to an old map of Remnant, currently modified to detail all new kingdoms and territories of notable bandit clans. "We have received word that this was sent out across the world. Calling upon friends of old. Including your beloved Nora."

Ren remained silent, looking down at the letter. He was honestly stun to see it. Ozpin has been dead for nearly two decades. He opened the letter reading it. It was an invitation of sorts. Back to Beacon. Beacon had long since fallen, nearly a year after the night of blood. However in the upcoming years, the list of ways to die had increase evermore. Grimm still roam it's decaying halls, but so do other. More sinister and ancient things still do.

"You wish me to venture back?" Ren asked.

Tardif gives a nod before turning around. "Take Manya with. Rumors of Adam and Cinder never leaving is something that we must look into. No stones left uncheck."

Ren gives a nod before asking something. "And what of your wife?"

"… Engage only when." Tardif answers. "Do not tell Manya she is there."

Ren gives a nod before taking his leave. Tardif turns around to see his daughter reading. He couldn't help but smile before walking over to his desk. He opened it up to pull out an old photo. Of him in his younger years. With Neo kissing him on the cheek. The view then pulls in on the photo, and on Neo's cheek.

In Vale

The view pulls out on familiar Green haired professor. After the night Education that was once common knowledge has slowly begun to become lost knowledge. Math, sciences, basic economics. Without Dust knowing how to forge weapons, build walls, and farm the land were more important than a basic education. Still not everything was lost to time. A few educators got together and through charity of struggling people of Vale. Eventually a school was built dedicated to teaching those who attend the knowledge that was lost to time. Currently teaching alternate form of medicine was none other the Professor ("Doctor! I may be old but I'm still a Doctor!") Oobleck.

He wears a black sleeved shirt that was resewn multiple times. His iconic yellow tie was patched together and he wore a leather apron over this along with long rubber gloves. His hair remained the same, with the exception that it was showing more grey strands. Recently he has grown a mighty mustache in memory of a friend who recently passed away from Tuberculosis. On the board was a diagram of a leach and on the desk was a corpse donated to the school. Opened up to reveal the inner workings of the body. As he finishes writing down basic facts on how they can be applied for medical use.

"Now, can anyone tell me why leaches are a good substitute to needles?" Professor ("Doctor!") Oobleck asked. The class were filled with middle age men and women. They had traveled to Vale to learn to become doctors in there small and desperate communities. A few students murmured till one hand made of bone, twine, wood, and metal raised up.

"Yes, Ms. Xiao Long." Professor ("Doctor!") Oobleck asked as the view changed over to Yang.

She, has gone though much these past fifteen years. Her clothes were the same uniforms from Beacon, with the exception of a tie. Her hair was slightly longer then before, though much cleaner and less raggedy then before. This was due to a mandatory shower after surgery procedure. Life after the Night of blood had changer her, for an entire year after that horrible night, she remained in her room. Refusing to leave. It got so bad that it started to irritate Paracus who was living there at the time. She fashioned her a new arm to quote, 'get her out of the house.' It took her awhile to get use to it. As time went on, people begin traveling to patch for aid Paracus provided. Most doctors had no idea how to treat most injuries without dust base medicines. While preforming surgery on the dining room table, Yang begin helping her with surgery. Eventually, she had learned enough that she had gotten her own list of patients she helped. The new arm proved helpful since it didn't shake like her other. She had decided to attend the college seeing that Patch had recently been hit with scarlet fever.

"They inject a Peptide and proteins into body not only preventing the host from feeling them, but also stopping the blood from clotting. As well as transfer the medicine as an effect from sucking the blood. Allowing it to travel through the blood circulation with ease." Yang answered.

"That is correct Ms. Xiao Long." Professor ("Doctor!") Oobleck said before returning to the board. He continued his lecture till the door to the room opened. In steps Glynda. She for the most part looked the same. With the exception that she had more grey hair and whore a long skirt that looked almost make her look like a nun with the raggedy old cape on her back.

"Sorry to interrupted Professor ("Doctor!") Oobleck but I need Ms. Xiao Long to accompany me." Glynda remarks.

"Doctor, Glynda… (Sigh) Alright, Ms. Xiao Long, you are excused." Professor ("Doctor!") Oobleck stated as she pushes back his glasses.

Yang nods her head before picking up her books and walked out but not before speaking to Professor ("Doctor!") Oobleck on the way out. "Thanks for the lecture, Professor Oobleck."

"(Sigh) I swear if you weren't my best student, I'd have you expelled for calling me Professor." Oobleck said with a sigh.

"Heh, sure you will." Yang said with a smile before giving a lazy salute on her way out.

She followed Glynda through the halls of the newly formed college. Eventually they arrived at the head administrator's office. Inside was Paracus. She funded this college and begin teaching students till a few old administrators joined her. She had her hair cut short and wore a scholar graduate robe over decaying button up shirt and blue tie. The room was stuffed with multiple had written books. Recently publishers had appeared with old but reliable printers. But for the most part hand written books were the norm. To the side was a chemistry set that still had traces of the last… subject. Next to it was a glass box, inside hanging on a pole was her old plague doctor outfit. No longer needing it seeing she teaches medicine not preforms it.

"Hey, Paracus… before you ask. No, I didn't spray painted that mural on the wall." Yang remarks in defense but she was stopped by Paracus who simply raised her hand.

"That is not why you are here today." Paracus states as she sits down in her seat. "Though, I have no idea why you bring it up unless you did have something to do with the painting of me in, a suggestive form."

"Um, well like I said, had nothing to do with it." Yang remarks as she crosses her arms while Paracus and Glynda stared her down.

She was telling the truth that she didn't had anything to do with it. She just watched amusingly as the real vandalizers painted an entire wall depicting Paracus in a provocative stance and with less clothing on. She didn't report it, but least she still gets a laugh out it, if only Boudica was there to see it.

"… In any case, recently we have received a letter that is very concerning." Paracus said as she reaches into a small box filled with letters.

"Is it another threat, because you teach Faunas? Tsk, some people can hold a grudge." Yang remarks as she rolled her eyes.

"No, though we have received a little more today." Paracus remarks as she pulls out an open letter and hands it to Yang. "This letter was addressed to you, from Ozpin."

"… Ozpin?" Yang asked with bewildered eyes. She then reads the letter. Silently murmuring the occasional word out loud. As she reads it, visions of what happened during the night of blood hit her like a freight train. Her arm shook in fear and her pupils begin to dilate. Worst, was the final line. Ozpin, wanted her to return. Return to Beacon. She looks up from the letter, the two had read the letter themselves yet didn't bat an eye to her response.

"T-This can't be real. It must be a fake." Yang said in rejection to the letter.

"I'm sorry Yang, but it's real." Glynda said with a down head, feeling sorry for her.

"We have extensive collection of letters and documents written by what we thought to be late Ozpin. And we had multiple experts look it over. It is indeed Ozpin's hand writing." Paracus said before pulling out a few files. "And thus, you will go to Beacon to investigate further."

"WHAT! No way. There is no way I'm going!" Yang objected.

"You are. And that's final." Paracus Snapped before leaning back. "(Sigh) Yang, we are understaffed. I need you to investigate this. I know it will be hard, but for the love of Sir Francis Bacon, get over it. It's been fifteen years. The man who took your arm is probably long dead by now."

Yang still didn't budge. She glared at Paracus. Just because she was the headmaster or gave her a new arm, didn't mean she will knock her lights out. However before she could finish, Paracus interrupted her by saying the line. "Chances are, the rest of Team RWBY will be there."

The room went silent. Yang's eyes went wide. She hasn't heard anything from her younger sister in a decade. There were rumors and tales that she had been busy these past fifteen years. Killing and robbing people who deserve it. Weiss, Yang had heard a little too much from her. She had tossed self-respect out the window and turned to hard hitting spirits. Last she heard she was caught pissing on her father's grave. Don't know if it was literal of figurative but she did not want to find out. Then there was Blake… she hasn't heard a word from her. Not once since the night of blood. She left and never return. Was she alive or dead, Yang never knew. Though the only question she had to ask was how.

"… How, do you know? That they will be there." Yang asked.

"I don't, but the note mentioned being sent out to friends and enemies of old and new. Odds are he was implying Team RWBY and JNPR. I even received word that captain Arc will be arriving in a few days." Paracus explains her theory.

"Jaune will be here?" Yang asked with wide eyes. Paracus gives a nod and the room went silent as the view pulls out the window, into the grey sky.

On the old road to Patch docs

The view cuts back to a lone stranger on the road. Wearing heavy white and gold armor, a white Tudor helmet, along with a leather belt and red sash wrapped around his waist. On his side was a long sword and a scroll. He carried a small pack on his back, not much just a day's journey to Patch Dockyard, he was hoping to catch a boat to Vale. As he walked along the road, he hears a loud snapping sound. This caused the lone stranger to stand still. Soon after, an arrow fired from the thick woods. Before it could hit him, the knight grabbed his scabbard and it quickly became a shield. Deflecting the arrow with ease.

"Tsk, nice try." The man said as he lowered his shield. "I don't know why you attack me, but unless you have a death wish, you will let me pass."

There was no response for a few moments, till five hooded figures came out on both sides of the knight. They were poorly dressed, hoods covering there faces, and they were armed with a mixture of knifes, and swords. With one holding a bow.

"Oh, we will let you pass. Just hand us you weapons, clothes, and what you have in that bag." One of the bandits said as he flips his bag.

"And if I refuse?" The man asked.

"Well, then we'll take it from your cold corpse." A young bandit replies before rushing towards the knight.

He easily side stepped the bandit before relieving him of his head with one simple slash. The bandit fell to ground headless, and the lone knight stood over him. He then gets into a battle stance with his long sword at the ready.

"Clearly, you men have chosen this life. So, let me give you a choice. Walk away, do something better with your life's. But if you can't see the stupidity in your choice then you will die here." The man said as he held up his blade. "And I hope to Monty that you choose wisely."

There was a brief moment of silence. Neither party made a move. Rather they stood still. Nine bandits, and one lone knight. They stood still for a few moments till one in the back lets out a battle cry causing the nearby crows to fly away. He charges from behind and slashes down. The knight simply side steps him and slices in between the jaws, causing the bandit to lose his bottom jaw as he hits the ground. The bandits took this as a chance to attack and they all charged at once, while the one with the bow quickly pulled back his bow and let loose an arrow.

The knight acted quickly and dodge to the side before clashing swords with one bandit. The knight easily pushed him off before twisting his blade around and thrust it under his arm, stabbing one bandit in the heart. The other Bandit had loaded another arrow and took aim. Seeing this, the knight quickly bashed one bandit in the face with his elbow before grabbing him. Like a human shield the arrow hits the bandit in the eye killing him. The knight discarded the body into a few of the charging bandits before retrieving his sword. As he pulls it out, the jawless bandit get off the ground and prepared to shank the knight in the neck. Before the blade could even touch the knight, a sharp knife punctures his throat. Spewing blood onto the knights back neck.

He turns around to see the bandit gaging in pain as the blade is pulled from his back neck. Before him was a mysterious woman in red with a war scythe. Before he could figure out what had happen, another bandit chargers and she quickly removed his legs like wheat from the chaff. She then twirled her blade before impaling them in the chest. Seeing her attack, the bandit brought the night back to his senses. He quickly retrieved his blade and used it to parry and attack. As they fought, the one with the bow quickly notched another arrow and pulled it back. He let it loose, and the arrow flew towards the woman. It missed her but ended up passing through her cape. She stopped to look down at it before looking up at the man with the bow.

She gave an angry gaze, one that caused her eyes to light up with a flicker of silver. The Bandit begins to panic at the sight before dropping his bow and racing down the road. She could easily catch up to him, but didn't peruse. She instead puts her scythe on her shoulder and inserted something into the stick. After a few moments, she lets out an exhale before a loud Bang can be heard. The fleeing Bandits head exploded into a pieces of skull and brain before collapsing to the ground. She gives a small sigh as she lowers her weapon and removed a two-cent flintlock from it. She secures her flintlock to her belt before turning around.

The knight had just finished gutting the last bandit when he heard the shot. He was astonished to hear the sound of a gun after all this time, but by now he had figured out who this stranger was. He pulled back his sword and begin to clean the blood from it with a rag he carried in his back-belt pocket. As he does, he speaks to the approaching woman.

"Heh, you were always a crack shot. Even in when the world ran out of bullets, you still found a way to make a working pistol, work without Dust. Funny how things work out, ain't it. Ruby." The knight remarked as he finishes cleaning his sword.

"Tsk, yeah I suppose so." Ruby replies as she pulls down her hood and scarf to reveal her face. Her hair was buzzed at both sides and the top was cut down and pulled back in a spiky form. On her right cheek was a scar she received in her years of traveling. "Though to be fair, not all of us were lucky to have a classic weapon. Suppose you're lucky, Jaune."

The knight gives a nod before removing his helmet, revealing himself as Jaune. His hair longer the last time Ruby had seen him. The front was cut to prevent it his view from being obstructed. Though the back had being to curve a bit. Along with the new haircut he has grown an unkept beard. The two stared at each other for a few moments. Measuring each other up till they let out a wide smile and hugged each other.

"Monty almighty it's been ages since I seen you!" Jaune said with a loud smirk on his face.

"Heh I know, it's been what, fifteen years?" Ruby chuckles. The two continued to hug before letting go. After they did Jaune then flicked Ruby's forehead.

"Ouch, what was that for?" Ruby asked as she rubbed her head.

"For leaving. We were worried sick when you left." Jaune said seriously.

"Ugh, fair enough but there were people dying. I had to do something." Ruby argued.

"But alone? Did you had to do it alone?" Jaune asked as he place his hands on his hips. Ruby didn't respond to that. Course she could have asked but everyone had their own problems. She didn't regret it. She already said hi to her dad, mother, and great, great, great something Granddad. Who was her friend. After a moment of silence, he lets out a small sigh. "(Sigh) You missed so much while you were gone."

"I know… how is, Pyrrha?" Ruby asked hesitantly.

"She's fine. She's in a wheelchair but she doesn't mind. After all, she married the man of her dreams." Jaune said with a smile as he held up his left hand showing a ring on his finger.

"Oh my Monty, congratulations." Ruby said with a smile.

"Heh yeah. Recently, we had our eighth child. A little boy." Jaune said with a smile.

"Whoa, you had eight children." Ruby asked with wide eyes of surprise.

"Yep, seven girls taking very much after their mother." Jaune said with a terrified smile. He had experience being the youngest boy of a family of sisters, but raising them on the other hand. Well, suffice to say it was more work then what he would wish for anyone.

"Oh, must have been hard. Raising seven kids." Ruby said in a sympathetic tone.

"You have no idea." Jaune said with a more obvious terrified smile.

"Well… what did you name him?" Ruby asked.

"… We… well, Since he's our first boy. We decided to name him. In honor of the man who's scarf your wearing." Jaune said slowly as he points to the scarf around Ruby's neck.

"Oh. Him..." Ruby said as she looks down at the scarf. After a few moments she speaks up. "Dismas Arc. Suppose that's a good name."

The two went silent for a few moments. Talking about old friends was… difficult to say the least. After a brief moment, Jaune speaks up. "So… why are you back?"

"Well, a week ago I received this letter from Ozpin." Ruby remarks as she pulls out the letter. "I… I-I can't even begin to imagine how this is possible."

"Yeah, you and me both." Jaune remarks causing Ruby to give a confuse look. Jaune then pulls out his own letter. "Just yesterday, I received this letter. From Ozpin."

"Really? Let me look." Ruby said as she went beside Jaune. She then reads message out loud, as she does the view pulls to the side.

Hello students and those who know me in passing.

It's me, Ozpin. I know my 'apparent' death, is by now common knowledge these days; but I am indeed, still alive. I have seen how the world become in my absent. While it is a tragedy how the world fell into a dark age, I'm glad to hear that you and others have, in your own ways; put pieces of it back together.

The view pulls to the side, there Yang was packing her things when Paracus hands her something. Her old Bird mask. Yang looked at it hesitantly before taking it. As she puts it to the side she equips a little something she has been working on. An upgrade to her prostatic arm, that will give her an edge in combat. The view then pulls once more to the outside of Chernyy drakon academy. Ren and Manya had just left the doors and were heading to Vale. Both dressed in similar outfits to the one Tardif wore at Beacon. As they walked down the road, Ren takes one last look at the academy before he places on his helmet.

Many of you suffered losses that I can't even begin to imagine. Losses that have shaken you, molded you, even broke you. I… I can't even begin to describe my sympathy for all of you and what you went through. However, despite this, you have grown on your own into the epitome of what a Huntsmen and Huntresses should be. I know you can fix the world, maybe even restore it to its once prosperous time before the attack… sadly, now is not the time.

The view pulls towards Atlas. There, Weiss had boarded a boat heading to Vale. On the boat was Poppy and the old general accompanying her. Poppy wore ancient Atlas Armor and carried an old but reliable Crossbow. Ironwood, was covered in multiple bandages and a face mask to his disfigured body. His disease that his robotic parts had suppressed has overtaken his body. Leaving him a wondering corpse that has one foot in the grave. As the ship is ready to set sail, the view pulls to the side to reveal that Blake and Nora were leaving Polendina Village. They were hesitant in their steps, after all they were heading back to grounds that was smeared in the blood of there friends. Though they had a long way to go before they cross the bridge.

See, as all of you know there are threats to this world. Threats that are ancient, so old they outdate the Grimm themselves. A few you have heard about them in old stories, and a few had the unpleasant experience of facing them in person. I'm sad to say, that the oldest and foulest of these threats has awoken. Beneath the school lays an evil that nearly destroyed the world almost a thousand years ago. Once that I was in charge of handling should it ever awaken.

The view pulled in on Sun, who was working as a law enforcer with a blue haired Scottish wolfhound he named after a dead friend. He for the most part didn't change. A magnificent beard, longer clothes. And a few scars revealed in his open shirt. He had received the letter and was heading out when he was joined by Boudica. She had not changed one bit since the night of blood. With the exception of a face scar and a new haircut. As she followed along the view cuts to the side to the deserts of Vacuo. In it, a lone figure rides on a hoarse. The figure soon revealed herself to be Ilia. Wearing a blue Beledi dress and a keffiyeh wrapped around her head. She too has received the letter, and was making her way through the Vacou desert. Armed with nothing but an obsidian knife, and a stone spear.

If not defeated, then I fear that the world with all the good and evil that it inherits today shall be destroyed. To which I call upon you, and others to fight this ancient threat. For there is nobody else like you in the world who can stand up, or even remain sane to the end against this horrific monstrosity.

The View then shifted to Beacon grounds. A part of the courtyard has been flooded from the wreckage, causing it to become a marsh like land. There, a familiar figure sits in a decaying metal chair in the middle of the Swamp. Surrounding her was various bloodsuckers of the crimson Court. A few new faces included some that resemble WF, Mercury, and Emerald, as they dance silently to the eerie sounds of vulgarity, the figure sitting at the table was offered a glass of crimson blood. She turns to reveal herself. Cinder, once Salem's best operative, now the Countess of the Crimson Court. A monster inside, now shown on the outside as well.

I know you may protest. Maybe even refuse. But in the upcoming months, you shall soon see the signs. That the world will be coming to an end. Originally, I had safeguards in place so that the creature would be dealt with no casualties… however that all changed on what you have begun to refer to as the night of blood.

The view then pulls to the side to an unknown area of the Forever fall forest. There a group of Faunas were enjoying the reverie and barbarity they had just accomplished. Arguing, fighting, and feasting at tables with human corpses hanging high from the trees, and slaves serving their whims. At the end was Adam. Leader of the White Fang. Since the Night of Blood the organization fell into civil war, and before becoming a shell of itself. Now a bandit group with him as the leader, he sits on a throne of bones made from those who opposed him. In hand was a Faunas Skull. The former leader of the White Fang Selina Kahn. He would stare into it, wait patiently to replace it with skull of his 'beloved'.

So with a heavy heart I write this message, pleading to you. To Return to Beacon. Return and face the hoards of undead, Grimm, abominations, and other horrors that now claim the school as home. For only you, can stand against the whaling madness, the Darkest Dungeon of Remnant.

Sincerely, Ozpin.

Ruby finishes as the view picks up where they had left off. She looks up at Jaune before asking Jaune. "It's the same message I got. Huh, who else do you think got it?"

"Well, Pyrrha got one. Even Cardin too. Course she can't come because of her condition and the kids but Cardin will head out after the surgery."

"Cardin, Cardin Winchester?" Ruby asked surprise to hear Cardin got the letter.

"Yeah, funny how yesterdays bullies become todays friends. A week ago he lost his son and a eye. Think he needs an escape for now." Jaune remarks.

"Oh… wow. Sorry to hear that." Ruby said feeling slightly bad.

"Yeah… so I presume you are heading to Beacon as well." Jaune said changing the topic.

"Yep, just stop by to say hi to a few people, before heading to Vale." Ruby answers.

Jaune gives a nod in response before asking her. "So, do you mind if we travel together. You know since we are both heading the same direction."

"I'd love that. We have a lot to catch up." Ruby said with a smile. Jaune gives a nod before walking down the road. Ruby took one step forward when something crinkled under her foot. Looking down she was standing on a piece of paper. She leans down to pick it up. Looking it over, it was a bounty poster. With her name on it. She was depicted menacing with the title befitting her.

"Wanted, Ruby Rose, The Highwaywoman, Dead or alive, 5,000 in gold. Ruby read aloud with a smile, she then chuckled before speaking to herself. "Heh, that is another five hundred more since last week."

She then let's the poster go into the wind before reaching for the locket around her neck. She opens it up to reveal the faces within. On one side was a portrait of her Great, Great, Great something grandmother and grandfather. On the other side was an old photo she had printed out a long time ago. Of her and Dismas the first day of school. She looked fondly at it for a few moments before remarking to herself.

"Heh, Ain't no rest for the wicked huh Dismas?" Ruby said before closing it and following Jaune. As she does, the view pulls back watching the poster she had discarded fly away, till eventually landing on Dismas own grave. There it remains as a small rose bloom out of it. As it does the view goes black as music starts.

Play "I'm a Wanted Man" By the royal Deluxe.

(Whoah oooohhhhhooo)

(Whoah oooohhhhhooo)

(Whoah oooohhhhhooo)

(Whoah oooohhhhhooo)

(Whoah oooohhhhhooo)

(Whoah oooohhhhhooo)

(Whoah oooohhhhhooo)

(Whoah oooohhhhhooo)

The View opens up on a wanted board. On the board were multiple pictures of familiar faces. After a few moments, a crossbow bolt pins to the wall a headliner that was on fire.

Darkest Dungeon of Remnant

By Wombag1786

They didn't know it when they turned me loose
I shot the sheriff and I slipped the noose
The law ain't never been a friend of mine
I would kill again to keep from doing time
You should never ever trust my kind

The view pulls to the side as the flames begin to spread. It passed by a few wanted posters of WF operators till they view stopped on photos of Team JNPR. Each one having a bounty in the thousands. As the fire burned away their posters, it revealed underneath them wanted posters for Reynauld the Crusader, Jingles the Jester, Boudica the Hellion, Tardif the Bounty hunter.

I'm a wanted man

(Ohhhwhooo oooh)
I got blood on my hands
(Ohhhwhooo oooh)

Do you understand?

(Ohhhwhooo oooh)
I'm a wanted man

(Ohhhwhooo oooh)

I took the pistol and I shot out all the lights
I started running in the middle of the night
The law ain't never been a friend of mine
I would kill again to keep from doing time
You should never ever trust my kind

The view then shifts over to a wanted poster of team RWBY. There crimes had marked them in the thousands. Just like JNPR there posters burn away to reveal the names of others bellow it. Dismas the Highwayman, Audrey the Graverobber, Bigby the Abomination, and Paracus the Plague doctor.

I'm a wanted man

(Ohhhwhooo oooh)
I got blood on my hands

(Ohhhwhooo oooh)
Do you understand?

(Ohhhwhooo oooh)
I'm a wanted man

(Ohhhwhooo oooh)

I'm a wanted man

(Ohhhwhooo oooh)
I got blood on my hands

(Ohhhwhooo oooh)
Do you understand?

(Ohhhwhooo oooh)
I'm a wanted man

The view changes to a few other wanted posters. Doctor Oobleck, Specialist Schnee, and Qrow Branwen. Each one with their names on it. As the flames pass by it revealed wanted posters for Adam Taurus, Cinder Falls, the Countess, and Salem.

(Whoah oooohhhhhooo)

(Whoah oooohhhhhooo)

(Whoah oooohhhhhooo)

(Whoah oooohhhhhooo)

If you ask me to change
I don't know, if I can
I'll always be, who I am

The view shifts to another corner, in which Bounty posters for Ozpin, General Ironwood, Glynda Goodwitch, and Ilia Amitola on it. As the fire burn away the posters, it revealed below it another set of posters. Alhazred the Occultist, Baldwin the Leper, Junia the Vestal, Amani the Shield breaker.

I'm a wanted man
I got blood on my hands
Do you understand?
I'm a wanted man

The view then shifted down to two wanted poster. One had both Sun Wukong and Neptune Vasilias with a thousand while the single one of Cardin Winchester hand only five dollars. As the fire burn them away it revealed two posters. William and Fergus the Houndmaster and the dog, while the second poster was Barristan, the Man-at-Arms.

I'm a wanted man

(Ohhhwhooo oooh)
I got blood on my hands
(Ohhhwhooo oooh)

Do you understand?

(Ohhhwhooo oooh)
I'm a wanted man

(Ohhhwhooo oooh)

I'm a wanted man

(Whoah oooohhhhhooo)

I'm a wanted man

(Whoah oooohhhhhooo)

Do you understand?

(Whoah oooohhhhhooo)

I'm a wanted man

The view pulls back as the entire board was engulfed in flames; another crossbow bolt punctures the board. This one had a double bounty. Both Dismas and Ruby on it, depicted in fearsome manner. With a reward now in the millions. On it, it states.

Wanted Dead or alive

Highwayman and Highwaywoman

Dismas, and Ruby

(Whoah oooohhhhhooo)

(Whoah oooohhhhhooo)

(Whoah oooohhhhhooo)

(Whoah oooohhhhhooo)

(Whoah oooohhhhhooo)

Beneath Beacon

The Scene opens on Beacon, or the ruins of it. As the sun begins to set the view shifts down. Far below the ground it goes till the view settled on the Beacon Vaults. There a few supports were on the ground. In the darken ruins of it, the view pulls on the door. The massive door to madness, was still closed.

After staring at it for a few moments, nothing happened. Then suddenly the door creaks open a bit. A faint red glow appeared from the slivers of the open door. As it does a low growing noise can be heard, with the faint heartbeat getting louder and louder. The heart, of Darkness had begun, and ruin has come to Remnant.

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