Saying Goodbye

It was just suppossed to be another mission, like all the rest. Find the gem monsters and poof them so one day they could be healed. Yet, they never expected the mission to go so wrong and they never knew what the price would be. The Crystal Gems played the events over in their minds wondering what could they have done differently but neither knew the answer. Now all they had left were memories and a mountain of loss, as well as guilt. The worst memory of their lives, the day Steven died.

"Amethyst look out! yelled Garnet punching a bird like gem monster in the face. It poofed and was quickly bubbled.

"Thanks G, where's Steven and Pearl? asked Amethyst looking around. More gem monsters appeared, each different in size and strength.

"I don't know hopefully they will be alright, we have work to do," Garnet said forming her gauntlets. Amethyst nodding getting her whip out and began attacking more gem mutants. Meanwhile not too far away Pearl was battling her own set of gem mutants. At least four of them ganged up on her and she was using her spear to defend herself. Yet, two of the monsters were much faster and stronger than she was. One rock looking monster with three eyes leaped at her snapping her spear in half. As a a snake gem began snapping at her.

"Pearl!" shouted a voice as a pink shield flew out of nowhere hitting the snake monster on the head. It let out an ugly hiss as the gem monsters turned to see a fourteen year old boy with dark culry hair wearing a star shirt and blue jeans, giving them a firm gaze.

"Steven!" Pearl shouted trying to get to her feet as the monsters ascended towards him. He used his shield to block as he tried poofing them. Yet the snake monster kept biting him as blood trickled from his arms and legs. "NO!" yelled Pearl as she ran to aid him. Now using her spear they worked on a offense and defense strategy, it slowly started to work as the monsters were being poofed. Yet, more kept coming, a mutant slashed at Steven's chest blood rushing from his sides. He gritted his teeth as he continued to fight, only a few more left, he had to help Pearl. Pearl was in fighter mode using her agility to her advantage trying to poof them quickly, Steven needed medical treatment as fast as possible.

Just then the last gem mutant knocked Pearl clear off the cliff Steven and Pearl were on and Steven watched in horror as he saw her fly over the egde. "Pearl!" he shouted rushing to her yet was knocked over by the massive monster. It pinned him by his arms and he could feel the bones cracking as the beast tried to bite him. "AAWWW!" Steven yelled trying to pull the beast off of him. The sweat poured down his face as he was starting to cough up blood as the beast's paws now were sending even more pressure on his ribs and chest. He summoned his bubble sending the beast flying and with as much energy as he could threw the shield square on the shattered gem's placed on the monster's chest. It poofed and he quickly bubbled it. His vision blurry and hearing was failing all he could think about was Pearl hanging from the cliff. He dragged his wounded body towards the egde and began to climb down.

Pearl lay unconscious on a small ledge and Steven was happy that she was okay. He pulled her onto his shoulders and began climbing back up. The blurriness got worse as more blood poured out of him, his body shaking but he kept climbing unaware that the ledge he was standing on was slowly breaking. Without hesitating he threw Pearl back to the top of the cliff. She just woke up in time to see this and her face grew whiter. "Steven grab my hand!" she yelled but just as the boy reached out the ledge gave way and he fell. "STEVEN!" Pearl screamed.

Steven didn't hear her as he fell, hitting the side of the cliff and the broken branches along the side. The poor boy two exhausted to even grab on as he was cut more and more, yet Garnet and Amethyst rushed to Pearl's side as they tried to grab the boy. It was too late Amethyst's whip couldn't reach him and Garnet realizing this jumped after him, tears falling down her face. "Hold on Steven, I'm coming!" she yelled. All she heard was Steven's screams of agony but then silence was all she heard. Garnet reached the bottom of the cliff and to her horror all she found was a rose quartz gem covered in blood. She shakingly picked it up as blood covered her hands but no cracks were seen. Within a few moments she rejoined the gems and they too were scared by what they seen. Could Steven even regenerate? What would happen? No one had the answers to it and sadly they returned home.

They placed his gem on his bed and both decided that if Steven didn't regenerate within three days they would tell Greg, Connie, Lapis and Peridot what had happened. Luckily they didn't have to wait long. Within eight hours the gems watched and once the gem began to glow bright, happy smiles were placed on their faces. A ray of light appeared as a figure emerged from the gem, the figure had curly hair. The grins grew wider until they saw the figure changed to another figure they knew very well. Rose Quartz came out of the gem but instead of her happy face, her face was covered by her hands.

"Rose is that you?" asked Pearl unable to believe her eyes tears slowly forming. Rose continued to sob unaware of where she was and so Pearl asked her another question. "Rose, where is Steven?"

Finally Rose spoke and said the seven words that shattered each gem's hearts. "Steven is gone, he didn't make it," she sobbed holding his t-shirt in her hands. That was when the gems knew their world had ended for Steven was dead.

Author's Note: Sorry to write such a sad story this was a crazy dream I had a week ago. I just added some stuff if you want me to continue this story please let me know otherwise it will remain as a one shot. Please review.