Leah burst out laughing and downed her drink. "She's pissed," Leah said with another laugh.

"Beau has that ice in her black eyes, that gives off that chill right down the spine," Leah said with a disappointed frown. "I should go apologize," Alice said as she bolted to her feet. "I don't want her angry with you."

"Me? She's-

"See you soon!" Alice dropped a kiss on Leah's cheek, making the woman blink in surprise. "Don't worry, I'll smooth things over."

When she dashed out, Leah simply blinked after her before laughing long and loud. "Lilbit you have no idea what you're in for. Then again," she downed the rest of Alice's forgotten glass,"neither does my Beau."

Outside, Alice rushed down the sidewalk. "Hey!" She shouted at Bella's retreating back, then cursed herself for not asking Leah what her name was.


Risking potentially spraining her ankles, she switched from her light jog to all-out running and managed to catch up.

"I'm...sorry!" She began in between little pants, simultaneously tugging on the sleeve of her leather jacket. "Really. It's completely my fault."

"Who said it wasn't?"

"I shouldn't have followed you. It was an impulse, really. I have trouble resisting impulse-always have-and I was irritated because of that baka Tyler and it doesn't matter. I only wanted to- could you slow down?!"


Alice rolled her eyes. "Okay, I get it. You want me to get run over by a truck, but there's no reason for you to be pissy with Leah. We just started talking and found out that her mother used to work for my Grandfather, and she, Leah I mean, knows my parents and some of my Brandon cousins, so we hit it off." Alice found herself shrugging.

Bella did stop now, to stare at her. "Of all the..the worlds too...Poppycock!" Bella muttered and it made Alice laugh.

"I had to follow you into that one and make friends with your girlfriend," she teased. "Sorry." She added seriously.

"My what? Leah?"

To Alice's amazement, the woman could laugh. Really. The type of laugh that had her shivering, the sound of her alto rumble that melted away all the ice in her eyes and made Alice sigh.

"Does Leah look like anyone's girlfriend? Man, you're really barmy."

"It's just an expression!" Alice spluttered sheepishly, hopping from foot to foot. "I didn't want to be presumptuous and call her your Lover."

Bella's eyes were still warm with amusement as she stared down at Alice. "That's absolutely hogwash kid. The guy I was jamming with is her fiance and a friend of mine."

Mystified Alice sucked on her bottom lip. "The skinny red-head at the piano? Really?" Bella only shrugged and readjusted the strap of her saxophone case on her back. "Could've sworn she was..huh. Guess my gaydar glitched...wait!" Alice mumbled to herself only to realize that Bella was half a block away..again.

"What I meant was," she huffed along the side of Bella, "I'm sure she came to check me out." Bella threw Alice a look and Alice shook her head sheepishly. "No no like to make sure I wasn't gonna harass you and then well one thing lead to another." Alice chanced a glance at her silent companion. "I don't want you to be agitated with her."

"I'm not...annoyed with her. You, on the other hand, are beyond annoying. There isn't a word to describe what a nuisance you cause."

Alice's mouth fell into a powerful pout. "Well, I'm sorry, and I'll leave you alone...since that's what you like best."

And with that, her button nosed turned up and she glided across the street in the opposite direction of their building. Bella stood there a moment, watching her sashay those very pretty legs down the opposite sidewalk. Then, she shrugged and turned the corner, muttering herself she was glad to be rid of her. It wasn't worth her concern if she wanted to wander the very dark streets at night. She wouldn't have been out here in the first place wearing those killer stilettos of she'd minded hers and hadn't possessed weirdly adorable stalker tendencies.

Bella was still the best part of the crosstown block away when she'd seen it happen. The creep slithered out of the shadows, made his grab and had Alice letting out an ear-piercing scream as she struggled. Bella dumped her case and began sprinting forward with one hand clenched and the other reaching for her brass knuckles in her pocket. Only to skid to a complete halt as she watched as Alice not only broke free but doubled the slimy creep over her knee to the groin, and knocked him flat with a perfect uppercut.

"I only had $10...TEN DOLLARS YOU SLIMY BASTARD!" She was yelling by the time Bella shook off her shock and reached her. "If you needed money, why didn't you just I DON'T KNOW ASK?!" Unable to help herself, Alice kicked the groaning man in the chest.

"ARE YOU HURT?!" Bella had to shout to get her to hear her.

Alice whirled around her advanced towards Bella angrily. "YES, damn it! And it's all your FAULT! I wouldn't have had to hit him so hard if it hadn't been for YOU!"

Seeing her nurse her bruised knuckles to her chest, Bella seized her wrist. "Your analysis of the situation is completely flawed. C'mon, wiggle your fingers."

"Go away Assface."

Bella struggled not to laugh at the irate woman before her. "C'mon wiggle'em."

"Hey!" The shout came from a woman sitting and smoking from an open window across the street. "Should I call the fuzz or is this a lovers quarrel?"

"Get away from me," Alice snapped at Bella and took several steps back... and ended up stepping onto the whimpering crook. "Yes please," she called up to the woman. "Thanks."

"Polite little victim, aren't you?" Bella muttered.

"Nothing's broken. Might want to get it X-rayed though." Alice jerked her hand away again and kicked her attacker again for good measure. "Mercy woman, mercy," the guy whimpered. "You can go now. I'm fine." She sniffed at Bella haughtily.

Bella snorted and pressed her foot against the attacker's throat as he had started to reach for Alice's foot. "I think I'll stay. I dropped my sax in a hurry to save a damsel in distress."

Alice nearly told her to go fetch it herself, but then decided if she hit the creep on more time she'd be arrested. Instead, she glared at Bella, walked down the block to get her case and carried it back.

"Thanks." Bella murmured.

Alice glared at her and sniffed. "So, the Ass does know manners."

Bella grinned and added more pressure to the crooks neck as he began to curse.

When the police truck pulled up 16 minutes later she stepped back and let Alice handle it. Secretly Bella tried to slink off but her hopes crashed when one of the policewomen stopped her and asked if she witnessed what happened. Bella sighed in defeat. "Yes."

a/n: Hey. I hope you guys are enjoying this bellice fanfic. It's a lot of fun to write tbh. This is my favorite twilight paring. Cmments are welcome.