How I married two women

Warning: Lemons.


My name is Kamijou Touma, and this is the tale of how I married two women. Namely, the curvaceous Mugino sleeping in my right shoulder, and the dainty Othinus, her body draping over my left side and leg.

"Morning sweet prince." She grinned and kissed me. There wasn't any morning breath. It was apparently related to her magic as she called it, allowing her to change virtually anything. She uses it as a mint.

The blonde girl giggled as she pulled away, green eye blissful and lips curled into a smile. I traced my thumb across her eyepatch, brushing her hair off her face. The golden light from the window behind her intermingled with her glowing hair, creating an outline that made me think for a moment that she was a god.

That was silly, of course. The only gods that exist are those form Academy City, and I've never been there my entire life.

Moans filled my bedroom. Behind the door I found Othinus thrusting into Mugino with the double sided pink dildo. Mugino was laid on the bed, auburn hair spreading out into the mattress she gripped with both hands. Othinus knelt in front of her, caressing Mugino's legs, hips, and breasts. Othinus licked her lips and lunged for Mugino's larger breasts, angrily sucking her teat and suckling like an angry baby.

Their eyes met mine, Mugino's in disbelief and then shuddering with her body in her orgasm, and Othinus' in excitement as she pinched her lover's nipple and nibbled on the other, and the rest was history.

My eyes were eventually drawn to Othinus' small breasts. I reached out and grabbed one, giving it a squeeze. It was so soft in my hand. She sighed. "You're such a baby."

"Can't help myself when my girl's this beautiful," I said, flicking her nipple with my thumb. "I love you."

"I love you too." She bit back a moan. "Keep that up and we won't be getting out of bed."

"That sounds good to me," Mugino said from my right. Brown eyes drowsily looked at me behind auburn hair. "Good morning. Give me some of that." She leaned forward, rubbing her nipples on my skin as she kissed me.

It was a good morning indeed.

"Looks like someone's eager." Othinus' eyes flicked to my cock and grinned.

"Let's send him back to sleep." Mugino moaned as I gripped her other pussy. She pushed my hand away, straddled me and sheathed my cock into her pussy. She bounced on my hips, giving me a generous view of her bountiful breasts. Her eyes were closed, one hand holding the back of her head, and mouth moaning as she focused on the pleasure I gave her.

Feeling generous I gave more. I gave her large breast a squeeze, looking in awe as it sucked my fingers. So soft.

"Hey tiger," Othinus teased and roughly pulled my chin to her face. "Eyes on me." Her lips found mine and we hungrily kissed even as Mugino kept riding me. Othinus was sucking my tongue out when Mugino hastened her hips.

"Touma! Inside me!" she moaned, steadying herself by holding my chest and burying her fingernails into my skin. I didn't know why she was telling me this. I would've done it either way. Her pussy walls tightened on my cock as she orgasmed, and I followed suit, releasing my jizz inside her wet pussy.

My lips parted from Othinus with a bridge of drool falling to my chest and collarbone. "That was hot," she said, eye dilated and breathing heavily.

"Yeah." I groaned as Mugino squeezed my cock of all my cum. A sheen of sweat glistened off her skin, and her chest heaved with her breathing. Her eyes opened and she fell against me, her breasts rubbing my chest. She kissed me much like Othinus did earlier. It was heavenly being married to two beautiful women. A glance confirmed Othinus enjoying the view.

"Gonna share some of that?" she asked. Mugino's eyes glanced to hers, returned to mine, and hesitated. Slowly, her lips parted from mine. Othinus instantly attacked Mugino's mouth and gripped the back of her head as Othinus indulged herself in another girl's lips.

Fucking heavenly.

Nothing quite returned my cock to instant hardness such as watching two girls making out with my manhood still buried in one of them.

Mugino pulled away from Othinus' kiss and pulled out from my hips. Othinus took her place, burying herself with my cock. She took her time, just gyrating her hips against mine as she let out delicate little sounds. It was just a few minutes of us blissfully enjoying ourselves in each other's company. Mugino's face nuzzled mine and leaned in for a kiss, biting my lower lip and then parting with a grin.

Mugino had her arm propped up, head resting on her hand as she watched the show. My hands caressed Othinus' lovely legs, then traced their way up to her hips. She hissed, arching her back as she moaned. "Touma!"

A luster of her sweat shined with the rays of light illuminating the room, giving her a golden shine. She was so beautiful. I struggled to come inside her and growled as I held for as long as possible. "Othinus," I groaned. "I'm-"

"Give me babies!" she screamed.

I didn't know if it was my biological desire to spawn kids or her simply being that hot but her words turned me on. I came inside her, flooding her walls with my hot semen. She came and spasmed, reaching her own peak. She laid her body on mine, kissing me gently and smiling genially.

"Love you," she whispered shyly from where she buried her face on my chest. She peeked behind her bangs and looked at me cutely, her cheeks blushing and eye doey.

"Love you too," I breathed. "You too, Mugino. I love you."

"Yeah," Mugino rolled her eyes but didn't pull away when I grabbed her for a kiss. Our lips parted with a bridge of saliva. Othinus cut it off when she took Mugino's lips next, and I took hers. The three of us stayed in bed, just trading kisses and having a good time. We indulged in each other's presence, basking in one another's warm bodies.