One beautiful night in Gold City, Sorcerer SMC (or SMC for short) and his good friend Rainbow Dash The Hedgehog Productions (or Dashie for short) were entering a local diner in the city to get some dinner. They say their friend Cedric, a sorcerer from the kingdom of Enchantia, working their as a chef. "Cedric?" Dashie asked in confusion, "Oh hi Dashie, hey SMC, how's it been lately?" The sorcerer replied with his question.

"Great!" She said before she asked "Why are you working at a diner?" Then Cedric responds by saying "I'm taking a month off of work at the castle... so might as well work at this Japanese Diner!" "Well you are one of the many roommates in my mansion so you're pretty close to home" SMC stated before Cedric asked both of them "May I take your order?" "Can I get the Chaliapin Steak Don?" Dashie asked before the request was accepted, then SMC said "I'll take the chicken!"

"Hmmm what kind of chick- OHHH I got the best idea! You'll see" Cedric stated as he began cooking dinner for the two heroes. "Where did he learn to cook so well" The young knight asked his friend, "I guess he's been binge watching cooking shows and anime..." she replied before someone broke into the diner and destroyed all the meat with its flames. "You call this a restaurant?" He said before revealing himself to be Hades, the Lord of the Underworld.

"Hades?" SMC exclaimed in shock, "Correct and I'm getting rid of this excuse for a restaurant" he stated before Cedric came over and said to Hades "You can't!" Then Hades thought it over and had an idea, he snaps his fingers at him and says "Tell you what Cedric, even though all the meat is destroyed, I want you to make the juiciest meat dish so I don't have to close this dump down!" "You can do this Cedric" SMC stated to give the sorcerer confidence.

Cedric then pulled out some ingredients and began cutting potatoes, before he firmly chops the onions and mushrooms. Hades was analyzing what he was doing and thought to himself "Wait...I ruined all the meat in this restaurant...what could he be making without decent ingredients?" Cedric then adds more and more ingredients as SMC shouted "GO CEDRIC GO!" The sorcerer gets a sauce pan on the flaming hot stove and pours red wine and sake sweet soy sauce into the pan before dropping some butter in it.

Hades then said " could he make such a perfect pork roast?" Then Cedric answered by saying "You thought you ruined all the meat in the fridge? You did, but what you didn't realize is that I had just bought thick slices a bacon for tomorrow!" Then he pours the sauce on the meat and placed a water crease on it before asking "Wanna try a bite?" The Lord of the Underworld slices a piece and takes a bite before his eyes widen and he shouts "F**KING DELICIOUS!"

"I knew you could do this Cedric!" SMC stated as he was in great pride for his roommate. "You know what? Screw what I said earlier, keep this place open!" Hades exclaimed which made Cedric and his two friends even more happier.

End of Chapter 1