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Hermione slumped on her seat, her face set with an angry scowl. She was reading the Most Potente Potions in History, when her Mum had walked in her room, grabbed the book from her, and then had the nerve to tell her that she was studying too much, and that it would be good for her to go out for a while.

Her Dad and Mum then forced her to get into the car, and they were now currently speeding on their way to some park near Central London.

"Come on Hermione, don't look so dull. This is good for your own health you know, get a fresh breath of air outside, take a walk…" her mother trailed on.

Hermione sighed. "I know Mum, but I know for a fact from other fifth-years that Professor Snape's going to be extra hard this year."

"That doesn't mean you need to swallow an entire library of Potion books sweetheart. I know your very ambitious and excited about your studies, you've always been, and I'm very proud, but sweetheart we are worried about you." Her Dad looked at her through the rear view mirror. "You have been studying extra hard this summer. What happened at your school?"

Hermione gulped. She still hadn't told her parents that Voldemort had come back from the dead and that Harry had played a large role in it. Not on purpose of course. It would scare her parents to death, and she was very sure if they had known everything that had happened in her life at Hogwarts, they would have taken her out of Hogwarts a long time ago. Probably during her first-year (Hint hint: troll). She had begged Professor McGonagall every year not to send any letters to her parents. She had not told the full truth to her head of the house when she said that she would tell her parents everything that happened in the school year. The Professor was still reluctant, but had agreed when Hermione told her that it would seem very suspicious if there were so many owls seen flying to her house with letters in their beaks. Thank Merlin that wizards and witches didn't have too much common sense to just mail the letters.

"Nothing happened Dad. I told you it's just that Professor Snape's gonna be awful this year. Fifth-year is also a very important year. We have the O.W.L's." She felt so bad and guilty, as she always did when lying to her parents. She felt the distance between her and them grow each time she lied to them, which kept occurring since first-year. They had no idea of most of the dangerous adventures she and her friends took almost always near the end of the school years. Hermione never wanted this to happen, never imagined that she could lie so well when she wanted to, and tried to not do it too much, but it just kept happening.

Hermione sighed quietly. Well there was nothing to about it now. They reached the park soon, it was a not too crowded place, thank Merlin for that, and the weather was nice. Not too sunny, not too windy. Practical, just the way she liked it. Her Mum had told her this was her childhood park, so she was not too quick to condemn it. She hated parks, when Hermione was little, her Mum used to drag her to nearly every park near their neighborhood, when she'd had rather read her books. There she was encouraged to try and make some friends, but failed each time, usually because she was laughed and teased for having 'buck-tooth teeth' (thankfully that was gone now) or was quickly left alone for talking in a way that was older than her age (she was not known for miniscule vocabulary alright). She instantly grew a hatred for parks, for it was there she had for the first time realized she was different and understood the definition of loneliness after watching all the other kids play, while she was left alone, friendless. It was there she had been first called a know-it-all and other nasty words that stung. It was there she had realized that children were one of the cruelest beings and found that books were her best friends. However she didn't show her bitterness to her parents anymore, seeing the desperate and worried looks her parents exchanged one day, when they realized that their child could not fit in with the other kids her age. She pretended to have fun since then to not distress them.

She had worn one of her favorite coats for this small outing. Her Mum decided on a picnic and had brought all the food she could think of. Sometimes, Hermione thought, her Mum reminded her a lot of Molly Weasley, her other best friend, Ron's mother. Thinking about her friends made her smile. Her parents had been ecstatic when they heard that Hermione had made friends in her first-year. It was one of the reasons they accepted and supported her so much for being a witch and letting her go to Hogwarts.

Hermione heard the laughter of children playing, and a smile flitted across her face, when she saw a little girl and boy holding hands like it was a life-line. They both were pouting at their parents. She couldn't hear them, but saw they both were speaking rapidly at the adults, not taking a single breath to stop.

They reminded Hermione of the little innocent girl she used to be. Where she didn't know about the monsters in the world, and her only worries were about grades and her friends. Her mind wandered to Harry, and she had to hold back a sob. Poor Harry, he had been so withdrawn after Cedric had… she couldn't bear to think about that tragedy, and Harry, poor Harry had seen the whole entire dreadful thing. He had to see his parents murderer rise from the dead, see his parents betrayer, watch his classmate die, know he had been forced to play some role in bringing his parents murderer back to life, then duel the monster, grab the Triwizard portkey all the while and take himself and Cedric's body along with him, and then had to endure Mad-Eye Moody reveal himself not to be in fact Mad-Eye Moody, but Barty Crouch Jr. who put Harry's name in the Goblet of Fire and started the whole bloody mess in the first place.

Hermione couldn't believe that anyone in their right mind would think Harry would be alright after that event. She was proved right when the trio headed back to the Gryffindor common room that night. Only Hermione, Ron, and Neville witnessed Harry's breakdown. Well not exactly a breakdown, but instead completely closing up. Harry stared at a wall with no sound of emotion for around five minutes straight. Hermione had called his name many times to get his attention in frantic panic. Just as they were about to get Professor McGonagall, Harry suddenly moved. He blinked and looked at their worried faces watching him, his gaze blank, like he didn't know them. Then in a blink of an eye he was back, smiling and pretending nothing happened. But Hermione was certain that the boy wasn't pretending. He truly didn't remember. She, Ron, and Neville had watched him carefully all until they got on the Express, when Harry had finally snapped and showed some emotion other than placidity. Never had Hermione felt such relief when Harry had lost his temper. It was to her a sign that things were going to be okay. Never was she so wrong.

As Hermione aimlessly walked around an empty area near the park, she saw a scrawny, almost skeletal figure digging through a rubbish bin, his back to her. She was filled with overwhelming sadness. Remembering she had food in her pack, Hermione walked quickly towards the figure. A few feet away from the malnourished man, she realized he was not a man but a boy and she was also hit by his familiarity. She was beyond shocked when she recognized his hair and figure. Could it be, she thought.

"Harry?" she mouthed inaudibly. "Harry," she said again, this time out loud in complete shock. The ragged figure shook, as if he was startled and turned around letting Hermione's eyes lock with the emerald green ones of her best friend's.

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