Itanaru story.

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The characters are three years older after sasuke comes back, yeah Itachi died in the series but it is my story.

Chapter 1:Kidnapped, Sex and where is Naruto?.

Itwas a sunny, peaceful and quiet day in Konoha and it was around 10 am in the morning. Sasuke and Sakura were waiting at the bridge for Kakashi and Naruto to start today's mission. As always Kakashi was late. Three hours later Kakashi turns up.

"Hi, sorry i'm late but i ran into a very cute girl and..." started Kakashi. But Sakura interrupted him.

"You liar!" yelled Sakura " And where the hell is Naruto?!".

"I don't know." said Kakashi.

They waited a whole hour, then they sensed something must be wrong because naruto was always early. So they decided to go to Naruto's house.

At Naruto's House...

Sasuke knocked on the door, but there was no answer, he turned to Kakashi and he nodded. Sasuke kicked the door down and what they saw was terrible. The place was a mess... the chairs were upturned and had shurikens and kunais in them, the couch was blown to pieces like a bomb had hit it, there was shattered glass everywhere and then Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi went into Naruto's room. The bedroom was the same as the other room, but on the bed was dried blood and scratch marks all over the walls. There was signs of a battle and a struggle.

" Kakashi, what happened here?" asked Sakura.

" I don't know, but we must tell lady Hokage" Said Kakashi.

"Yes, sir" said Sakura and Sasuke.

They ran out the door and went to the Hokage's tower.

Meanwhile at Naruto...

Naruto was waking up from being knocked out. Naruto looked around the room to try and figure out where he was and how he got there, when he remembered Itachi and his panters, Deidara and Kisame.


Naruto had just woken up and was about to eat his breakfast, when a knock sounded at the door, so he got up and opened the door and saw Itachi and his friends. Naruto took a fighting stance and they did ,too. They fought and they went into Naruto's room. Naruto was up against a wall, when they knocked him out.

End of flashback.

Naruto snapped out of his thought when Itachi came into the room. Naruto struggled, but he was Binded by his own headband to a double king-size bed and he was butt-naked.

"So, you are awake now?" asked Itachi.

"Itachi, WHERE THE HELL AM I?!" he shouted. But Itachi slapped him across the face.

"You are very loud. To answer your question, you are at the akatsuki's hidden base." Said Itachi.

"Ok. Now why am i here?" said Naruto.

"We are after the demon inside you, but we have to catch the other demons first before we take the Kyuubi from you" said Itachi "But before then you will be staying with me till then. And you will be my personal sextoy till we need to kill you" Itachi said with a cruel smirk. Naruto was more stunned then shock, he could not believe his ears and while Naruto was in shock, Itachi started to lick Naruto's Stomach. Naruto shivered as that sinful tongue licked his belly button next. When Itachi saw this he got hard down south and then he went up to Naruto's nipples. Itachi started biting them, licking and pinching them, too. Naruto screamed with pleasure.

"You like that?" asked Itachi.

Naruto said "Leave me alone".

But Itachi just went on. Itachi licked everything of naruto's, even is member. Itachi licked and bit lightly on Naruto's member, he even licked the head. Naruto felt his member go hard and wanted more.

"m-m-more, p-p-please" moaned Naruto.

Itachi was surprise, then he smirked and grabbed Naruto's member and started pumping him, till Naruto screamed and cummed all over Itachi's hand. Itachi then untied Naruto's headband and continued to play with Naruto's member.

Naruto was seeing rainbow butterflies fly past his eyes and he was feeling lots of pleasure. Itachi got off his bed and went to his dresser and got out a bottle of lube. Itachi then went back to his bed. Naruto was moving around alot, when he saw Itachi get off the bed and got out a bottle of lube. Itachi sat back on the bed and spread Naruto's legs. Naruto blushed crimson red and had stars flashing in front of his eyes. Itachi opened the bottle of lube and squirted it on his hands. Then Itachi rubbed it on his erection and put a finger into Naruto's puckered hole.

Itachi thrusted his finger in and out enjoying the tight heat of the blond Kitsune. Naruto got used to the finger and wanted more from the elder Uchiha, he moaned a needy moan. Itachi heard this and smirked. Then Itachi added a second finger and started a scissors motion to widened the hole for something much bigger. Naruto moaned and groaned in pleasue as Itachi added a third and final finger.

Itachi thrusted his fingers in and out untill he found the sweetspot of Naruto's, Itachi rubbed that sweetspot again and again. Naruto felt a huge amount of pleasure, when he felt a certain spot got touched, he shivered and moaned in pleasure. Itachi pulled his fingers out and Naruto groaned of disappointment. Itachi then removed all his clothes and Naruto if possible blushed a deeper shade of red. "Oh my god, he is hot" said naruto to himself. He looked at Itachi who was blushing, heard this, then Naruto realized he said that out loud and he felt himself getting really warm.

"Sooo, you think i'm hot?" Itachi said with a smirk without the blushing which had cooled down.

"Yeah" Naruto admitted, who couldn't stop blushing. He closed his eyes waiting for Itachi to do or say something. All Naruto felt was a warm breath.

"Well, you are cute, too" said Itachi with a small blush. All was quiet, till Naruto broke the pindrop silence. "Well. Are you going to continue?" Naruto asked.

"Yes. I am." said Itachi with his smirk back in place. He positioned

himself ready to enter Naruto's puckered hole. Itachi moved into enter slowly, his member's head was in Naruto and waited to see how Naruto adjusted to the size. At first, it was painful, but Naruto wanted more.

"Itachi" Naruto panted "m-m-more."

Itachi put more of his member in and Naruto moaned in pleasure and delight. Itachi kept pushing in till, his member was all the way in, the heat was welcoming and tight. Itachi stayed there till the muscles were relax ready to take thrusts to make it easy on the hole, but Naruto was getting more restless for sex and started thrusting back and forth. Itachi knew he could start thrusting, he pulled out and thrusted back in fast and hard.

He continued his thrusting, he went faster and harder each time, he pulled out and thrusted back in. Itachi grabbed Naruto's member and started pumping him with each thrust. Naruto moaned louder and screamed in pleasure. Naruto was on cloud nine, then he moan one more time and he felt the walls getting tighter and thrust three more times, Then Itachi also cummed inside Naruto and they then got tired. They cuddled and went to sleep.

Meanwhile at the hokage's tower...

"What do you mean Naruto has been kidnapped?!" yelled the hokage, Tsunade. Sasuke, Sakura and kakashi shivered at the yell.

"He is gone. His house was trashed." said Kakashi. Tsunade took a large, deep and slow breath.

"Find him, i don't care how and i don't care who you need to help. Just find him and bring him home. Safe and sound" said Tsunade.

"Yes, Lady Tsunade" they said.

They left the hokage's tower.

"Where could Naruto be?" said Kakashi.

"Who cares! Sasuke-Kun, will you go out with me?" asked Sakura.

"No" yelled Sasuke "I hate you, go die."

"B-b-but, Sasuke-Kun..." Said Sakura starting to tear up.

"Both of you shut up. Lady Tsunade wants us to find Naruto. By any means." said Kakashi "Sakura, Go get Shino, Hinata, Kiba, Neji, Tenten, Lee, Ino, Shikamaru and choji, tell them Naruto has been kidnapped. Sasuke, Go get Gaara, Temari and Kankuro. Meet at the front gate in three hours. Got that?"

"Yes" said Sakura and Sasuke.

'Sasuke will be mine. But how... I know i will help get Naruto back and sasuke will love me' Sakura thought.

'I must find my Naru-chan' thought Sasuke 'I hope he is ok, Because i never told him how i feel'.

Sasuke and Sakura runs off to find the others.

"I hope Naruto is alive" Kakashi said to himself.

To be continued...

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