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Chapter 9: Shopping, another surprise and A happy family.

(Note: Naruto is eight months pregnant)

It was a month later after the news had spread about Naruto and Itachi's twin babies. In one month the babies would be here and Naruto had forgotten to buy baby things, like a crib and toys.

So Naruto talked Itachi into going to a baby store, they walked into the store and everyone had stared at the two men. Itachi sent them a glare that stopped the staring and Naruto went to look at the cribs for his babies.

Itachi went to look at baby toys and bought a whole lot of things from stuff toys to rattles.

"Itachi. I found the perfect crib" said Naruto and he had a large smile on his face.

Itachi went to see what kind of crib, he smiled and said "It is perfect". The crib was built for twins and it was adorable.

The crib was yellow with blue and pink pictures on. There was teddies, bunnies and kittens. Naruto stared at Itachi and smiled.

Itachi looked at the price and sighed. It was $150 and the blankets with the other stuff was $40 together.

An hour later... At Naruto house...

Naruto and Itachi decided to paint the nursery. They painted it from white to blue and pink. The patterns were shapes of ducks, bunnies and teddies. Naruto stepped back to admire his and Itachi's work, it was beautiful. Then Naruto went to get some tea and Itachi just waited.

Three weeks later...

It took three weeks to complete the nursery, they had finished painting it and had set up the furniture. There was the crib by the door, a toybox filled with toys under the window and there was a baby closet filled with baby boys and girls clothes.

Naruto was sitting on the couch while Itachi was getting a baby bag ready for the birth, it was filled with things Naruto will need and baby bottles and clothes. Any day now the babies would be here and Itachi was more then scared.

Naruto was eating some ice-cream when a strong surge of pain went acrosss his stomach and then there was a 'poof' sound. Naruto's eyes opened and he saw he was a girl. Then the pain came again and Naruto felt something wet between his legs.

Naruto gasped in horror and knew the babies wanted out.

"Itachi. The babies are coming" yelled Naruto and then he grunted in pain as more waves of contractions started. Itachi ran into the room with the bag over his shoulder and stared at Naruto in shock.

"Naruto, why are you a girl?" asked Itachi, who had forgotten that Naruto was in labour and Naruto glared at Itachi.

"How else is the babies going to come out?" said Naruto sarcastically.

Itachi immediately snapped out of shock and picked up Naruto carefully. He rushed Naruto to the hospital and went up to receptionist's desk.

She took one look and called in Tsunade. Naruto was breathing in and out, while Tsunade lead Itachi and Naruto to room 32. Itachi layed Naruto on the bed and Naruto was wimpering from the pain now.

"Itachi, please leave the room" said Tsunade and three assistant rushed into help Tsunade with the birth. Naruto went on with wimpering and grunting in pain.

Itachi left the room and waited in the hall. Naruto's friends turned up to visit Hinata who was sick and they bumped into Itachi in the hall.

"Hey, whats up?" asked Kiba and Gaara sat down on a chair (Note: there are chairs in the hallway).

"Nothing really. Naruto is having the babies and Tsunade kicked me out of the room" answered Itachi.

Everyong stared at Itachi and decided to sit down on the chairs. Itachi did not show it but he was very nervous and he started tapping his foot.

Six hours later...

Tsunade came out of the room and woke Itachi up (Note: Itachi fell asleep).

"You may come in" said Tsunade with a cheeky grin on her face which says 'You are in for a big surprise' and Itachi wondered what the surprise was.

Naruto was sitting up on his bed and back to his boy-form. Naruto was also holding two babies and Itachi went up to Naruto. Itachi hugged Naruto and rubbed the baby girl's cheek.

"Itachi, there is a surprise for you" said Naruto with a smile and Itachi stared at him.

Before he could ask, Tsunade walked in with a third baby and gave it to Naruto.

"congratulations, Itachi and Naruto. It was triplets and this on was hidding behind the other two" said Tsunade and Naruto laughed at Itachi's shocked face.

You can guess what happened, within that pin-drop silence there was the 'Thud' and Itachi layed unconscious on the floor (Note: Itachi being doing that alot).

Two hours later...

Itachi woke up in bed with Naruto and the babies were in the cribs. Itachi sat up and woke Naruto up.

"Hey Itachi" said Naruto sleepily.

"Hello, Naru-chan and how long was i out for?" asked Itachi.

"Two hours" said Tsunade, she had walked into the room and she carried birth documents.

Naruto laughed at Itachi and Tsunade handed them the documents to sign out. After they filled out the birth documents, they named their children 'Ryuu, Yuki and Leon' and the next day they left the hospital to go home.

Four months later... At Naruto and Itachi's house...

It has been four months since the babies were born and Itachi was eating his breakfeast when Naruto ran into the room. Naruto had went to Tsunade and found something out.

"Itachi" said Naruto.

"Yeah Naruto" said Itachi.

"I went to Tsunade and she said I was pregnant again" said Naruto.

Poor Itachi, when he heard this he slammed his head on the table and said "Damn". Then he being Itachi fell out of his chair and fainted.

Naruto laughed at this and picked Itachi up on his chair again.

Naruto knew that this family will be growing and Itachi was a sex god. Itachi wanted sex a month after the babies were born.

Naruto laughed again and smiled.

He had what he always wanted in life a family of his own and now he had a happy family with a father that keeps fainting.

The end.

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