Quick note: This is a side project of mine that I thought up and wrote in under an hour I don't really expect much to come of this but it is just enticing enough for me to possibly write more chapters when I get stuck on my main project. I do not know as much about Star Wars or LOTR lore as I should when writing this but I just couldn't help myself and wrote it anyway. There will be mistakes so apologies in advance. I do normally try to do some research before writing but this time I was just winging it.

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Order 66


"Nora stay down!" Jedi Knight Huulik deflected another burst of blaster fire.

"Master you are wounded, please let me help." Nora begged as she fought the urge to reach for her own lightsaber.

Another clone trooper rounded the corner to the hanger bay, blaster firing at her master.

"Getting the blast shields open is help enough. We must escape and warn the other Jedi." A twirl of his saber and the trooper was down.

"How are we going to escape Master?" Nora chanced a look away from her current screen to the display that showed the battle group tightening around their command ship.

"Quiet your mind young one and think." Huulik advised.

Nora forced her breathing to slow and tried to calm her mind. What was there in the hanger bay that could facilitate their escape. There were a few armed transports but those were too slow and too lightly armored to stand up to even one of the heavy frigates that had encircled their own. There were the usual assortment of single ships used by the clones but like their own starfighters they were incapable of reaching hyperspace on their own. The Jedi starfighters! If they deployed the hyperspace transport rings they could use those to escape.

Nora redoubled her efforts to lower the hanger bay blast doors.

"I see you have figured it out." Huulik teased. "I will make a Jedi of you yet, Nora."

Nora swelled with pride. She turned to smile at her master. What she saw tore all the happiness from her. Her master was leaning against the control console with one hand pressed to his stomach.


"Its ok Nora. It is not that bad so long as we can get out of here I will be alright."

Nora turned back to her console and entered in a few more commands. "Its done master. The locks on the blast doors will release in a few minutes and I have set the hyperspace rings to launch from in the hanger bay. It will be close but I think it will work."

"Good, help me to my ship."

Nora pulled one of her master's arms over her shoulders so he could lean on her and walked him down the row of ships to his personal starfighter. "The hyperspace rings will deploy just after the blast shield releases."

"Nora I want you to make a random jump as soon as you can. If no one was able to follow you only then can you attempt to return to the Jedi Temple. They will be looking for us. Be careful." He flipped the switch and the canopy lowered, sealing the cockpit.

Nora fought back the ill feeling in her stomach that told her that this was the last time she was going to see her master. She hurried to her own ship knowing there was only moments left.

With a bit of focus and will she jumped, aided by the force, and landed in the seat of her starfighter. "R-3 prep for take off and link us up with the hyperspace ring. We're getting out of here in a hurry."

The astromech droid whistled affirmative in response as the ship started up.

Nora keyed the com unit, "Master I'm all set here."

No response.

"Master Huulik?"


"R-3 get us moving now and see if you can get a hold of R-5 to check on Master Huulik."

Another whistle to the affirmative. Then text scrolled across the com screen.

"Recording a message?" Nora questioned aloud. "To who? Never mind. Are you linked up to the hyperspace ring R-3?"

Another whistle.

"Good prep for hyperspace. Random jump vector."

A rumbling series of clicks echoed through the hanger bay. The blast doors were unlocking they would be open any second.

"R-3 status check on Master Huulik's ship."

"Nora?" Huulik's voice crackled across the com channel.

Out the cockpit she could see his ship linking up with a hyperspace ring. "I'm here Master."

"May the Force be with you."

A single tear escaped from her eye. "May the Force be with you Master."

The blast doors slid open and Huulik's ship accelerated out and immediately jumped to hyperspace.

"R-3 hurry it up."

Nora's ship shuddered briefly as it took off and approached the hyperspace ring. A feeling and a flurry of movement in her peripheral vision made her look. A squad of clone troopers burst through the doors to the hanger. "R-3 now!"

The troopers fired at her ship. "R-3!"

Her ship connected with the ring and she could feel the vibrations of the engines prepping for hyperspace. Then a flash of light and a squeal as R-3 took hit. Then her stomach dropped as her ship entered hyperspace.

She did it she escaped. Her eyes were drawn to the remains of R-3. It was a good droid. A little slow for her taste but it had never failed her.

Nora sighed and leaned back in her seat. With R-3 gone she would have to do the calculations for the jump to Coruscant herself. Speaking of calculations, how far was the jump she was currently on?

Flicking through the screens she came to the current jump calculation.

"An open-ended jump?" Nora threw up her hands. "Must have been hit while it was loading the plans."

Nora mussed up her hair with her hands. "Okay, okay. I can do this. If I override the jump it will stop." She muttered under her breath as she fiddled with the controls. "But if I stop in the wrong system or, worst case, in between systems I'm screwed."

Nora tried to do the numbers in her head but the decision was taken out of her hands when the safety system overrode the jump and she dropped out of hyperspace directly into the atmosphere of a planet.

"Not good!" Nora began doing everything possible to decelerate. The collision alarm sounded and Nora looked up out the cockpit in time to see a tree covered mountainside. Before everything went dark.

Author's Note: I know its short but like I said its not my main project. I will not be concerned with chapter length for this project. I have a hard enough time keeping my main project filled out.