Nora sat in one of the many ornate arches that dominated the structures of the race called Elves. A primitive bipedal race that were pleasant to look at and that moved with an easy grace. Through her conversations with the leader of the elves she discovered that this planet was actually home to more than a few sentient races. Something that was quite rare in the galaxy. In fact, the odds were rarer than winning in a Hutt gambling hall.

She looked down at the tome she was allowed to borrow, a book for children she was told. The pages were filled with impossibly ornate scrawl that matches none of the languages she was familiar with. She half expected to find republic aurebesh. It seems as though that even if galactic basic was spoken on this planet the written language did not carry over.

She touched her fingers to her lightsaber and drew comfort from its presence. She was marooned here on the planet with no way to contact the order. Not but a few days ago the elves had taken her to the remains of her ship. Or what was left of it anyway.

Her ship had left a long, burned scar across the side of a mountain, tearing itself apart along the rocks. It was lucky she had crashed as she did, parallel with the slope, or her ship likely would have just exploded in an abrupt end.

The sound of rapid hoof beats caught her attention. A lithe elven rider clad in leathers, charged out the main gate of Rivendell and turned west at a flat out run. A messenger maybe? Nora cast out her senses but as usual she could not feel much of the elves or their emotions. She wondered just what was West of Rivendell, or any of the other directions for that matter. Maybe she should talk with Elrond about getting out to explore the world.

Author's Note: Just a quick little foreshadowy update. I haven't forgotten this little idea of mine. Thank you to you whom have fav and or followed right out of the gate. I hope I can make it worth the wait.