Disclaimer: I do not own Spider-man, or anything int he franchise which includes(obviously) movies, games, comics, etc.

A/n:Let's call this an experiment of sorts... with Infinity War on the horizon,I'm slowly getting back into the superhero fandom(both DC and Marvel.) And well, to commemorate it, I decided to make this.

Story Info: warning(s):

Rating: M-for language, adult situations/themes, violence/fighting/possible gore, bad guys don't always play nice and things will get messy!

AU!In case it wasn't obvious, overall the story will contain elements from both the films and comics(maybe not Homecoming though, sorry fans!) And obviously there will be some OOC opportunities thrown into the mix; There will be changes, some big and some not-so-big! For now, I'm gonna go with the face-claim of Lilly Collins for Emma and Alex Pettyfer for Eddie(Spoilers, they're gonna be around the same, so...), for now I hope you enjoy the prologue!

What is a hero?

I couldn't tell you. It's not someone who has all the answer though, that's for damn sure. And I don't think it means you always win either, seeing as how there have been quite a few fights where I come out looking and feeling like complete and utter shit.

Oh right, introductions first; My name is Emma Parker-my friends call me Em – and up until a short while ago I was just a regular dork trying to navigate my way through high school. Now? I'm pretty much trying not to get killed every-time I set foot out my house. While also dealing with the usual hormonal aggression, social caste system and egotistical assholes out there.

How do I survive? Maximum effort and an over-the-top dosage of sarcasm – oh yeah. I also happened to get bit by a radioactive spider one day which wound up giving me superpowers….so there's that. Did I forget that part?

Well, no worries. I'll start from the beginning…and like any story worth telling, yes, it does involve a boy. His name was Eddie Brock.

Looking back on it, I may have had bitten off a little more than I could chew.

I know it's so short, I'm so mean!

Even so, feel free to leave a review!