A/N: Hi guys! Before we start, I'd like to thank you guys for reading my story, it really means a lot! Anyway, let's get on with the story!

(With Amy and Max)

"Hey babe, you almost ready?" Amy Rose yelled out to her boyfriend, Max the Hedgehog. Amy and Max had been dating for 3 months, tonight being their 3 month anniversary. Amy had finally gotten over Sonic the Hedgehog after so many years of chasing after him when he started dating Sally Acorn, one of Amy's best friends other than the wildcard, Sticks the Badger. She felt like he was never going to love her, so with the help of Sticks, she found someone new, and tonight Sonic and Sally were gonna meet him since the 4 were going on a double date. Max was a handsome black and white hedgehog, with the most mesmerizing gold eyes that Amy always found herself getting lost in.

"Yeah, but there's just one thing... could you... Ummm..." Max trailed off, giving Amy time to figure out what he wanted.

"Help you with your tie?" Amy answered knowingly

"Yeah..." Max replied sheepishly

"Sure silly, come here"

(With Sonic and Sally)

Deep down inside, Sonic was jealous. And Sally was starting to pick up on it. So she organized a double date for her, Sonic, Amy, And Max, just to see how Sonic would behave. She hoped her suspicions of Sonics secret attraction to Amy were wrong, and that she was being as paranoid as a certain badger she knew. Most of her other friends had told her that she had nothing to worry about, but to make sure she looked so good tonight that Sonic just couldn't resist her! So, she wore a dark blue dress to match the blue blur's fur with shiny diamond decals on the skirt, with a sparkly pair of raindrop diamond earrings and a chunky diamond necklace, finishing the ensemble with dark blue 5-inch heels with diamonds at the tip of the foot. She had flattened out her iconic mohawk so it reached her shoulders (I think), and added a shiny diamond clip for extraness. She was shining so bright, she looked like a diamond, and hopefully, Sonic would think so too!

"I'm ready Sonic! Let's head out!" She called out to her speed demon boyfriend.

"Alright!" He said as he sped upstairs. He picked Sally up bridal style, and speed off to the restaurant they were supposed to meet Amy and Max at.

"This is how I used to carry Amy all the time when I used to save her." he said to himself quietly

"What did you say babe?" Sally questioned, secretly hearing what he said

"Nothing... nothing at all."