Sonic paused at Sticks' words. He dropped the doctor, who was now blue in the face from being choked to near death. When he landed on the ground, he ran into a corner and cowered in fear.

Sonic started to advance towards Sticks.

"Oh, you shouldn't have said that," DR smirked. She teleported over to where Amy lie unconscious with the some of the last remains of her power. "You're in for it now!"

Sonic stopped right in front of Sticks and the others.

"How do you know what Amy would want?" He questioned coldly.

"B-because, Amy's not like her," She pointed over to DR, who rolled her eyes. "S-she's kind, sweet, and she show's kindness to everyone she meets, even Eggman."

"So? She would want revenge, wouldn't she?"

"No, Sonic, or whoever you are," Sticks continued. "You may not know Amy very well, but the Sonic we know knows her, and he loves her to bits and pieces for those soul reasons!"


"But that's not what she WANTS!" Tails pushed to the front of the group. "ARE YOU DOING THIS FOR YOU OR FOR AMY?!"

"What do you think?" Dark Sonic snarled lowly. "I'm doing this for-"

"S-Sonic? What's going on?" Amy had finally woke up due to all of the yelling. DR was crouching next to her.

"Ames?" Sonic's regular emerald green pupils started to show again.

"Oh Sonic... you didn't go dark... did you?"

"Ames I... I did it to protect you."

"But you let him out, Sonic. You lost control... just like I did..." DR rolled her eyes once again.

"Well," DR walked over to Eggman's robot slowly. "I need to get my power back, so... blue boy, can you smash through that robot for me?"

"Hey!" Eggman perked up from his hiding place in the corner. "You can't-"

DR shot him a dirty look. He shut up immediately.

"Sure Dark Rose." Sonic spin-dashed through the robot's body and a dark pink aura swirled out of it and flew into DR. Both her and Amy got their energy back.

"AW YEAH, IM BACK BABY!" the dark pink hedgehog flew into the air above the good pink one who was starting to get up. Sonic and the others rushed over to her. Before Sonic could get to his girlfriend, DR appeared upside down in front of him

"Please, call me DR" She smiled a little creepily, her red eyes flashing. Sonic shivered.

"Uh... sure" he rushed over to his lighter pink hedgehog "Let me help you up, Ames."

"Thanks, baby." She said hugging him for support and just because she wanted to.

"Well, I don't wanna stay out for too long. A girl's gotta sleep ya know." DR started to float back into Amy's body. "Catch you later people, I'm out." She returned to where she belonged, and Amy felt whole again.

"Well, looks like we should get going. Looks like Eggman wasted no time in doing so." Tails said looking over at where the doctor had once been. The group started to walk outside to the X-Tornado. While walking, Amy turned to Sonic.


"Yeah Ames?"

"Promise me something..."


"Promise me... you'll never leave me?"

"Of course Amy." He said, stopping the two of them and tilting her head up to him. "I could never leave you."

"Good." She smiled before pressing her lips against his. The kiss lasted for about 50 seconds before Knuckles whistled at them.

"C'mon, lovebirds, or else we're gonna leave ya!" He smirked, causing the two hedgehogs to blush. They rushed over to the plane, hopped in, and flew home, not knowing what was up next for any of them.

All our two hedgehogs knew was that they'd be together every step of the way.

So... it's over. Huh. Well, don't worry loves, there will be a sequel. I'm just not sure when. Tata for now, as always, love you guys, and thanks for reading! 3