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Severus will be good in this story he never told the dark lord of the prophecy that was Peter and he doesn't trust Dumbledore

Plans For The Future

"Lily, what happened here and how come James and Sirius are both women now" Dumbledore asked as he looked around the house or what was left of it.

"What happened?! We were betrayed by Wormtail and you-know-who came and attacked the cottage to kill Harry, while you where who knows where while he attacked us and tried to kill us; luckily when he fired an Avada Kedavra at James which missed but hit Harry instead which caused a flash of light to accrue which killed Voldemort and turned me and James into women, all while you where nowhere to be found only to appear a full thirty minutes after its all done!" ranted Sirius as he threw a glare to the old man, while James and Lily just nodded their heads in agreement

On the inside Dumbledore was infuriated that they are yelling at the great Albus Dumbledore like that but on the outside he put on a guilty and sad look at what they Sirius just described, "Now my child I know your mad at me but how could I have possibly known that Peter would betray you, after all you were all friends- " he was caught off as Lily started to tear him a new one, "This would never happened if we kept Sirius as our secret keeper like we wanted to in the beginning and why couldn't we use the Ancestral home of the Potter and Black they have enough wards to keep us safe and floo out of their if need be. Its almost like you wanted us to die tonight." she said with a glare to the old man.

"Lily I told you all before you went into hiding it would be those locations would be obvious, like it was obvious who you would pick as secret keeper." said Dumbledore as he put on his grandfather persona and tried to smooth talk his way out of this mess.

"You thought it was for the best and yet this still happened, if we kept Sirius as the secret keeper he would have never told you-know-who were we where, and you expect us to just sweep it under the rug as an accident that was unavoidable." James hissed out as he always wanted Sirius or Remus as his secret keeper but he listened to Dumbledore now he is stuck as a girl, in a community where witches are considered inferior and whiteout and now he can't hold a seat in wizengmot.

"James I know you wanted Sirius or Remus to be the secret keeper but at the time the plan just seemed full proof you have to know I never meant any harm to befall you or your family. How about you come visit me tomorrow so we could discuss Harry's future, since he will be getting a lot of fame from what he has done tonight." Dumbledore said with faux sadness and guilt but in truth he was barely restraining himself from obliviating all three of them.

"Ok, we will see you in a month, we need sometime to ourselves and to take Harry to St. Mungo's to make sure he will not have any kind of side effect from taking the killing curse." said Lily as she looked worriedly as she looked down at the sleeping form of her child.

"Well why don't you come by tomorrow so we can all take him to St. Mungo's to get him a check up." the old coot said with a grandfatherly smile to everyone in the room.

"Sorry Headmaster but I just don't think we can trust you after what happened tonight so please leave we will see you in a month no sooner or later." said James as he was getting more annoyed that the old man kept trying to interfere with their child's life to the point of acting like he just has his best interest at heart.

James noticed now when it was pointed out that Dumbledore was always there, near either to him or his family. He now remember how his parents would always warn him to be weary of the old coot. He now knows why they told him that. Now he feels like a complete fool for putting not only his wife but child and friend in danger, by trusting this bastard that stood before him.

"I understand James just know if you ever need me I'll be there." said Dumbledore knowing he had to back down or risk no longer having their support. He apparated to the Leaky Cauldron in order to use their floo to get into Hogwarts.

When he left they all released a sigh since they where all tired and two of them had technically died, came back to life, and where now stuck as females. "So do we head to Potter Manor or head to the Leaky Cauldron to get a room for the night? Also when do you want to head to that blond guy's- 'Naruto said Lily' Naruto's house?" asked Sirius as he looked to both Lily and James with a serious expression.

"You called" appeared Naruto out of the hole in the wall with an amused smile since he made them all jump up as they turned around and pointed their wands in his direction. "Wow, there's no need for those wands now is there." asked Naruto with his hands in the air.

"Don't do that, you nearly gave me a heart attack!" yelled Lily as she held her hands over her heart.

With his hands in the air in a sign of surrender as he chuckled nervously, since in his long life he has found out that an angry red headed woman is bad for your health. "Sorry, I came back as soon as I realized that I forgot to mention where are you guys are going to sleep tonight and if you didn't have a place my home is always welcome to you."

"Well, me and Lily were thinking of spending the night with Sirius at Potter Manor, since Grimmauld Palace has that enchanted picture of Sirius crazy mother." James told Naruto, as the blond just nodded and prepared to leave once more.

"Wait, what did you mean when you said that Bellatrix was being controlled by dark magic?"asked Sirius since Bella was always insane but not bat-shit crazy like she is now.

"It's just as I said I don't know what is controlling her but from what I was able to gather when you guys and the old man were talking I looked at what was controlling her. It appeared to be a contract of some sort between the Blacks and the Lestrange families, it will take some time to break the contract since only the lords of each family can break of the contract." Naruto explained to Sirius

"Wait, all we need is the lord of one of the families and then Bella will be freed from the whatever magic is controlling." asked Sirius as he looked at Naruto, who just nodded.

"But I would wait until I repress some memories so she doesn't go insane form the things she has done, but her memories will come back slowly and someone will have to help her deal with those problems." Naruto said with a pained expression since he could not help but feel sorry for the poor women that has to deal with all those terrible memories.

"So, do you know anyone she can stay with to help her with her recovery or will you be dealing with it since you are family?" asked Naruto as he looked to Sirius.

"I-I don't know, me and her don't really get along and she only gets along with her youngest sister who is married to a death eater." answered Sirius looking uncomfortable since he really wanted to help but knew he would do more harm than good.

"What about the other sister will she be able to take care of her?"

"I am not sure since the last time they talked was before Andromeda got impregnated to a muggle born in her last year in Hogwarts. But before that they were as close as sisters could be." said Sirius with a sad smile on his face as he thought back to they're Hogwarts years.

"Do you know if there was some sort of contract between house Black and Lestrange during your days in school? Because people don't just quit being sisters without a good reason." asked Naruto curiously as he looked at Sirius with a serious (NO PUN INTENDANT) expression as he already had a clue to what happened.

"No, nothing at all just marriage contracts to the Lestrange and Malfoy nothing happened during that time."

"Its just what I thought, the marriage contracts are the ones that we have to get dissolve since that was the only reason Bellatrix would have a problem with her sister marrying a muggle born. It seems that Bellatrix betroth has all the power over her mind we need to get in contact Andromeda to see if she can take care of her."

"I'll send a patronous to her right now and tell her to meet us at your house is that all right?"

"Yes, well come on then lets get to my house we're in for a long night."


"So let me get this straight You-Know-Who was defeated by a one-year old baby, both Sirius and James died, brought back to life, and changed into women, and finally Bellatrix may not hate me or my family but is being controlled with her marriage contract and this Naruto will suppress her memories but it's not permanent and you want me to take care of her, did I get it right?" asked Andromeda

"Yup," Naruto said as he popped his 'p' "so, what do you say are you in or out" asked Naruto with a Cheshire smile since he already knew her answer even if she did have one hell of a poker face.

"What guaranty do I have that she will not attack me or my family when she does regain her memories and free of the contract" she asked with a serious sounding voice as she looked into Naruto's azure blue eyes.

"You don't, all you can do is believe that the sister you have come to know is not the sister you grew up with." responded with a smile that made every female in the room blush crimson

"Huh, are all of you getting a fever of something, since your faces are all red?" Naruto tilted his head slightly to the left, and all the people couldn't help but think how cute he looked inside their minds reminding them of a baby fox (No matter how long Naruto lives he will still be dense as a rock).

*cough**cough* Andromeda coughed trying to get her blush under control before responding, "Yes, Naruto we're fine anyway I'll take in Bella in the meantime, until she can finally take care of herself again."

"Yeah about that Bella died last night since the dark lord is not gone for good, we will have to keep up the act until we know she is safe. I removed the mark that would have told him if Bella was still alive/where she is at and since she no longer has it well she will be hunted down by other death eaters if they find out she is alive. So, you sorta kinda have to make sure she is not seen by the public until we're sure that all of them are either dead or in Azkaban no matter how long it takes." said Naruto while rubbing the back of his head in nervousness.

"Wait, how long exactly will I have to take care of Bella for?" Andromeda looked like she was about to cast the killing curse upon our favorite blond if she did not like the answer he came up with.

"At most a year, with helping her recover mentally and, also for hiding her away from the dark lord's men then. It will take one month at most to hunt them down, but I'm not sure if we will be able to get all of them. Also, we don't know when he will come back so I guess for however long it takes to finish of the death eaters and when he comes back it will be up to her." he chuckled preparing to hiraishin out of their if she decided to attack him, since in his long life he has learned he can never win against a woman's righteous fury so its better to escape and live another day than die in a pointless cause.

"I suppose I can look after her that long, but if she harms my family I can promise you this, I will hunt you down and make you loose that which makes you a man" threatened Andromeda

*gulp*"hahahahahaha I am a hundred percent sure that won't be necessary and even if she does kill or harm them I can fix them up as good as new, hopefully not turning them the opposite gender-" Naruto laughed nervously and finished weakly at the end, "What was that." Andromeda glared at him "Nothing, nothing at all" Naruto said as he started sweating hoping to any God out there that would answer his prayer, for him not to be attacked by the women in front of him.

"So, where is she now?"

"I have her in my house she is resting because it seems she has been crucio repeatedly, to the point that some of her nerves have been severely damaged. I healed that damage so by morning she will be ok but a bit disoriented since she will have no memories of what has happened for the past couple of years."


"If that is all *yawn* I guess this is good-bye till tomorrow"