AN: i am bad at description so any name is actually just there to give you an picture of the character physical aperance rather than their way of thought. think of it as those AU Lord Harry Potter-Black and Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze.

Summary: A group of characters is now ignorantly living on the DXD universe;

"when i hear 'devil' i can only think of 'lawyer from hell', i feel that this 'no soul trade' policy is missing something, maybe the full law says 'no soul trade on mondays', it would be just their kind of rule lawyering to hide it on the fine print of a diferent contract" ~ Yagami's opinion about dealing with devils, formed upon the acumulated experience of fictional demonic deals who will ask for your soul after a certain point due to the fine print of contracts you nerver read.

The Story has Started!... or will do so latter

When one is young, everyone desires for magic to be real, for the fantasy of the dream to become a reality and for your life to be as important as the main protagonist of the story

It is only when you grow up and gain experience with darker forms of fiction that you undertand the risk that would come by being involved in them, that by being the center of the universe your life will never again know a form of peace

Sadly for me, at 16 i have not yet came to the point that i would have undertood this danger and because of this i went against my danger sence to find out the life of adventure

My name is Yagami Taichi, i am an normal student with a mostly average life and on the 1st of January of 2007 i have found my first proof that fiction may not be as impossible as other people might belive, but on this day i have also learned that danger on the moon liht world is higher than i had expected

The trouble is not that supernatural is real

The trouble is that i am being hunted down by a Tyrant wannabe, one that is a really close resemblance to it's Reseident Evil source and i have no weapons!

Why the heck did i chose 'ordinary student' as my background?

"who cares about supencion disvelif, only an idiot would chose the hard difficult!, why the heck i am not given OP weapons when i need them!?"

I shout while once again diving to the side, the being following me has a surpricingly high runing speed for a supposed zombie but a really bad time when it comes to turning coorners or even doing something as simple as a side step

It is only because of such weakness that i have managed to survive despite being without a mean of attack or defence, rather than running away and dying by claw to the back i have simply been dodging for a long while

Admitelly this merelly was the result of my failed attemp at running away, it also helped that my current enemy had a really lowsy aim or i would have died on the first shot

Luckily for me, Fuyuki's river bank was empity of any obstacle and so i could likely continue this for hours

Trouble however is that my nemesis is a zombie which means it could have (and i bet it has) unlimited stamina so he could last for days and it only needs a gasing blow to destroy any chance i have of surviving

"now, me" i said to myself while crouching down to evade a claw sweep "how do you defeat a regenerative zombie with super streng and inmunity to attacks with less damage than a bullet round?"

Jumping back and looking at my enemy create a crater by steping hard, i come to a conclusion

"i am screwed"

I blame my irrational fear of horror movies for my troubles, it had lead me to hours of suffering under my friends laughts and ultimatelly denied me of knowledge that could be the key to my survival

I promised myself that i would not watch horror movies to correct this flaw even if i somehow managed to survive


Ishida Yamato was a normal person

Popular among his peers as only a teenager member of a band could be, and he was not only the lead guitarist and singer, but he also was a good looking blonde

In other words he was hot, or so he thought

He had friends (or at least acquaintances) all along school and even from other locations, the only way you had not ear about him would likely be if you did not live in Fuyuki, for there were only 6,000 teenagers between the ages of 14 to 16 in te city, and he was one of the most noticeable of the group

All of this however had it completelly underprepared to what he was looking at right now

You might ask, "but matt, what could be so dificult for someone so good looking?"

The answer needs to be explained with a bit of a background

Ishida Yamato has a troublesome best friend, the kind of guy that could be called a storm of troubles and complications, a guy who he had came to see as his most trusted bond when said person had lead him and a group of classmates back home after getting lost in a forest

It should be pointed out, that Yagami Taichi was merelly the kind of guy that you might suddenly find running on the street and jumping over random windows to escape his chasers, whatever goal those chasers had could vary from a simple missing school homework to a bunch of tugs whose money stealing bussiness he accidentally interrupted

All in all however Taichi was still a fun frind to have, at least when he did not drag you in his troubles

But even so, despite his popularity making him aware of sides of humanity that boys were not mean to know, or that his best friend misfortune was a bank of laughing when not involved, well...

He simply had not expected this, at least he had been on a denial that he had expected this

What is this?

When he was goin back from a date with his girlfriend, a girl who was kind of a b*tch but hot neverless (don't blame a teenager) he had chosen to take the scenery route rather than search for a buss

While in such stroll he walked on the street overlooking the only river in fuyuki, calm was the flow and not really that deep for a river that was conected to the ocean, but that was not the point

While distracted it had taken him a time to notice that something was happening downstream, he tried to pay attention since the direction he was walking to was the same, but even so he had not been prepared for what he found

On one side, looking at his best friend jump from the water drain was not so rare, Taichi had a taste for adventure that lead him to do walks in random directions so walking on the storm drains which were masive contructions underground and what in most kids opinion resembled a dungeon wasn't unusual

That he had then started a figth with a gray skined man who was not only naked but also had a claw for left arm was unusual

But that said man was able to destroy the landscape with every one of his punches to the point that 20 meters away Yamato still felt the vivrations, well...

That part made the blonde raiju's brain made an impresion of blue screen of death

After looking at his friend evade punches and kicks for 5 minutes and fail 3 attempts of breaking the man's neck with a round house kick, Yamato's brain started moving

The first thing that he did was walk to the east, away from the river and the battle and the danger to his mind

The second thing that he did was wonder, would he be a bad friend for leaving Taichi without support?

The third thing that he did was give speculative glances to a parked car whose keys had been left on the ignition, but ultimatelly chose that raming 5 tons of steel on what could be a Tyrant zombie would be pointless, if it was anythign like the game nothing short of a rocket launcher would kill it

"there is no point onf getting in trouble for sthealing a car when it will do no damage" he told himself "Taichi can manage"

It was true, his friend was a good figther, he even went to a ryozansomething to learn martial arts



Taichi was having a really weird day

First of all his self apointed mission to map Fuyuki storm sewer while in search of underground tunnels and hiden treasure had revealed to him some kind of zombie research facility had been goin on under everyone's noses

The second is that in said 'laboratory' he had found what amounted to a few zombies that goin by the lab coats they were wearing the migrants had been the researchers but a carefull application of the hammer to the head, had ended any possible apocalypse they would have created

Then it had been a really bad day when he had apparently released the ultimate zombie and had to run for it.

The screw driver to the eye had only stoped him from a minute but it had lastly been more than an anoyance when due to regeneration it had fallen out

Fourth, he saw something he never expected

Zombie-man (because Tyrant was likely copy rigged) was suddenly hit by a buss, and from said buss climbed out his best friend on all the world, or at least it would be now

"Matt? When did you learn to drive a buss? "

And that was the real question, 'why did you hit a zombie with a buss?' Was no brainer, 'why did you hit my zombie with a buss?' Could be explained with friendship, and 'where did you get a buss?' was kind of a question whose answer could you get in trouble so he did not want to know

"No time" declared the frowning blonde jumping the last step to get off "i am not getting any kind of police record for killing a zombie with a stolen buss"

Both friends nodded and scrambled to town

The police could deal with the zombie


* ah ~ ah ~ ah *

The blonde and the brunet were panting on their knees, after runing down half of the urban distric to escape the autorites and finally stopping by the side of a convenience store

In hindsigh doing so migth have made them apear more shady and actually made them on suspects for the crime

but as explained it was hindsight and those 2 were teenagers so the though would only cross their heads the next day

Or week if they did not get side tracked

"how- did you find- a zombie-" asked Yamato the brunet

"no- idea-" said Taichi taking a breath "just my luck i gess"

They looked at each other and then laughed

People looked at them weirdly for a while




Koba- no, Militelt was a little blonde girl with blue eyes and black gotic loli dress, if asked to 90% of her classmates would amit under the pain of death that she was the cutest girl of her class, 6 of every 10 would also say that she was crazy

Right now though her thoughs were simple

She loved her new friends, they were so much better than her classmates who laughed at her way of dreessing and to who she could not talk to without risking that everyonelse would find out about the subject

Beside, they were in Larping so it made them cooler

"who is the little girl?" asked the black haired girl in the leather bikini, Ko- Millitelt was kind of wondering if she was the daring kind of girl that sleep with any man or if she was simply that devoted on her role to the point of being non chantly about walking around in leather underwear

She did not know wherever she should be envious of her confidence, or be offended by her atire

Still, further thoughs were denied when 'Donhaseek' spoke, he was Millitelt's homeroom teacher and the one that introduced her to her larping group

"a new possible member, she has not yet found out about her true nature and given the amount of devils i saw it pertinent to bring her up to date as fast as possible"

Yeah, Millitelt nodded at that 'good, i finally remmber' finding out that she was a 'fallen angel' had been awezome, more so when she learned that there were 'devils' that she would need to fight and...

"so rugrat, how old are you? 10?" wasked the slut, decided militelt

"i am 13" she corrected with a growl, she was not a little girl!

"yeah, whatever, so are you really willing to come with us and kill some devils?" wondered the black haired woman

"of course!" she said puffing her chest with confidence she usually did not have with strangers, but then again those were Larpiners, they would not call her weird "i shall banish them from the realm, to bring them to the coals of despair, to make their day ashunder!"

Or so she claimed, half the words were things she did not undertand

The woman laughed cleaning a tear from her eye "good~ god, you are funny rugrat"

"i am not a rugrat! My name is Kobato, no! My name is Millitelt!"

"yeah whatever, when you have killed your first devil i will learn your name, for now you are rugrat"


The first step of Initiation group!

This totally was a high quality larper!

"now" smiled the woman "my name is Raynare, and i am the leader of this branch of Grigory, i expect you to follow my orders"

Millitelt nodded "i will!" she declared fully aiming to her goal of becoming the best chunybio ever

She would not fail on this!

The stars on her eyes were not due to childish dreams, they totally were the cursed eye that saw the future that could be



The Location

The place of the Story is Fuyuki City from Fate/Stay Night, or whatever version of the Nasuverse you find more comfortable.

It was chosen because if you look for it on Google as 'Fate Fuyuki City' you will easily find the drawing, and trying to find Kuhou was impossible, I am taking the one that someone divided on sectors of A~E and 1~10 and making the map of the city 10 km from west to east and 5 km from south to north. The city itself is more along 4 and 9.

The characters are calling "Urban sector" the East of the city because most buildings higher than 2 stories are located there, the West is rural sector because it is filled with farms. The feelings that you get from the place change from metropolis to rural town the further you go in the direction of the Ryuudoiji temple (west).

Please note that this is NOT the Nasuverse, this is a version of DXD where magic and supernatural are pretty broken, but I am using some Nasuverse logic for it is less of a mess than DXD magical system.