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The True of Evil

"we don't kick puppies for fun, we do so because it makes us look awezome"

A boy confortably walked on the street, his short black hair, inocent blue eyes, and happy go lucky smile making him apear no diferent from your average person

Ofcourse that was ignoring the fact that he was wearing his gakuran while Winter Break was still going or that people found him unpleasant to be around so they gived him a wide berd

What could you say?, Kumagawa Misogi was weird

[Strange, i am not weird, i am strange, though i am nothing but a shallow copy of the original it still is a far more fitting word for the description of a minus like me] suddenly said the boy surpricing a few of the pedestrians who proceded to give him a little more space

'what are you talking about?'

[nothing sir, i am merely getting rid of a few minor characters] said the boy ogling the diminishing crowd around him

''sir'?, should i take the screws of yours and bury them on a place of your body where no man should ever reach?'

Kumagawa stoped [...]

Kumagawa thought [...]

Then 'happy go Lucky~' Kumagawa said [sorry Ma'am]

'good, and take out the phone, looking like an idiot only makes this conversation harder'

The boy pouted cutelly, or as cutelly as a boy can, but did not otherwise complain as he pullet out a phone from his pocket, it was currently on a call

["seriously to make it apear that you are talking to a voice in your head is sick, have you thought about getting a brain surgeon? it might help"]

[how so? Was something wrong with me?, is it my personality?, and how could one single doctor help when so many pysiatrist have already failed?]

["i never said neurologist, a person with a few power tools and a novice attemp of lobottomi would make it easier to deal with you, though i fear that it would somehow make you stupier"]

[i am perfectly normal boy!] winned the boy to the phone [i even managet to get a 3 in the last test!]

["out of a 100!"]

[that is not the point!]

The person on the phone sighed ["dealing with you is making me feel older"]

[not my fault~] 'you are just feeling your true age old hag, no matter how much you change your apreance you are just some creppy 100 year old witch]'

["you just thought something offensive didn't you?"]

[no way, me?!, how could i~?] denied the smiling boy

["gah, competent minions are rare, why can't i get the good ones?, anyway, what happened to the laboratory? Did the devil destroy the data?"]

Kumagawa fingered a USB flash drive while pondering his answer, but simply chose to go with the true as she could likely smell a lie [nogthing i could do, Gremory send her Knight, you know how fast they are, he eliminated everything before i could save it] 'let's not tell her that i actually got there first but the USB i brough was so full of virus that it broke down the computer, seriously why can you not trust a random USB you find on the street?'

["gaa!, this will set us back for a few months, *sigh* at least nothing that couldn't be remplaced"]




["your silence does not reasure me, did something irremplazable get taken?"]

Kumagawa Smiled [Of course!, we lost so many researchers, the whole testing team got infected~]

["just minions, they can be remplaced"] dimised the voice at the phone

[a case of formula]

["did the devils get it?"]

[no] 'i sold it on the internet, General Z was ever so helpfull with my gaming troubles after getting it'

["if they do not know about it then it doesn't matter, next?"]

[oh~ and Aaargh-kun was also lost, mou~ who will i give my vegetables to now that he is gone?]

["'Arg-kun'? Kumagawa where you once again experimenting without supervision?"]

[it i Aaaargh, you need to say it 3 times at least, and i was not 'experimenting' i merelly found this mass of rotting flesh and gived it a few of my dinners] 'and of your vials'


[it is not my fault~] said the boy cutelly [how was i to know that by being lazy and just pilling the garbage in a nearvy room it would eventually mutate in man eating flesh?, or event that Aaargh-kun would go in a rampage that would release a zombie virust that would kill all our researchers?, or that some random adventurers would get lost and kill Aaargh-kun with a holy hand granade?]

["you, the fact that your job was to dispose of radiactive magical waste should have told you something, why did you not to follow the detailed instruction manual that i wrote!?"] growls the voice in the phone ["gah! Forget it, why Chase keeps you is beyond me"]

[he likes my charming personality~ XD] the boy stated proudly

["he was sealed for a thousand years as a statue with nothing but dirt to look at!, he finds anything more lively than a rock entretaining so you definely shouldn't feel so smug about it"] said the exasperated voice

He pouted

[*sigh* "we get set back for months, a devil destroys our data and we lost a monster without even knowing what it could do, stupid devils, stupid kumagawa, i want to destroy them all!"]

Kumagawa chose to keep quiet, it would not do to say that it had been the fault of a bunch of random heroes rather than devil-kun, would it?

'kero-chan would blame it on me even then, it would be just a waste of breath'

So he did not say anything and merelly listened to his 'boss' ranting complain after complain for the next following hour, he of course completely ignored whatever word she was saying by imagining her in few states of undress and other ways that he could make her scream

'Hint: they were erotic ones'




"kukuku~ you fool, there is nothing you ca-g"

"nay, repeat, put more enfais on your evil intentions"

"Ku~ku~ku, you fool, there is nothing you can do to stop me, it is already too late to stop this ritual!"

"nope~, still wrong, you put too much enfasis on your evil laugther and messed up, it needs to be more like 'Kukuku~' and less 'ku-ku-ku' the first is the proper sensual kind, the latter makes you sound like a case of coughing fit"

"gah! This is hard!" said the exasperated first voice

"of course" said the second "not everyone has the natural ability to be evil, those sh*tty Devils make it sound like we are some kind of natural born demon, as if fallen angel who once were the embodiment of all that is good could naturally come up with evil quotes, as you now know this is just the result of hard work and determination! they just do not want to admit that they loss 'the most evil' title to those that did not have talent in their craft"

The location was the altar of an abandoned church, the people speaking were a short blonde girl and a black haired woman, the first was standing in front of a mirror while making weird posses, the second seated on a chair to the side while giving a lesson on 'evil monologing' something that was aparently hard to do for a Fallen Angel and that the blonde girl had been painfully aware after running out of evil spech after a few minutes

This training could also be counted as acting skill and voice proyection but still

Should it be mentioned that this was an evil organization that went against all that was good and noble, what could be said? Even if one could change the color of their feathers, fallen angels were still angels, though only partially they still keep some of their traits, in Raynare's case it has been to be hardworking

The blonde girl turned to her mentor "so does this mean that we can acomplish anything?"

"if you try hard enough there is no limit" nooded the woman "but you should be carefull, as a corrupted being of good you are particulary prone to forget your goal along the way" to the girls puzzled expresion she asked "have i not told you about Azazel-sama?"

"sure" said the blonde girl with a strained smile

It was her 3rd day at the Grigory and everyting was great, the 1st day had been when she had been meeting everyone, there had been some trouble when she had to sheed away her 'Mitelt' persona but everyone still treated her well and where otherwise friendly, the second however had been more of a shore day, Raynare was a hard working person, but she was also the kind that felt her subordinates should be propely trained to the point that she deemed them competent enough to not be a burden to the organization,

The 2nd day was therefore spend learning the backstory and other miselanious facts about the fallen, that there was once a war with 3 great factions, that Angels were goody two shoes who did not want to be imposite and so did nothing, that devils were nossy and had to have a piece of everyone's cookies, and that Fallen were kind of vigilantes who took justice on their hands

It was cool

Or it would have been if Raynare did not have a fervent case of fangirling over 'Azazel-sama', once she started she did not stop, for a while Militelt had thought she was firing insults when she said how messy he was, and how lazy he dreesed, how perverted he could be, his shamelessly actitude

If not for the honest freaking worship Mittelt would have failed to know how twisted Raynare could be

But the 3rd day had been kind of Mittelt's favorite, her LARPing lessons were finally begining on how to make evil spech of evilness, a basic skill to taunt wannabe heroes

"well, to tell the true there are two great genius know among the 3 factions, those are our great, glorious, benevolent and magnificent leader Azazel-sama, the other is the idiot know as Akuja Beelzebub"


"think this, you have 2 kinds of people, a fallen has ADHD on their goals while a Devil has a single minded focus on whatever they want, which one do you think will acomplish the most?"

"the one with the most talent?" wondered the little girl

"no, even an idiot cold learn if they managet to put enought effort, it will be hard, it will be boring, it will be anoying but it will be a solid fundation, the talented person on the other hand will have a 'moment of inspirtation' when they can acomplish far more than a normal talentless person but will eventually come to a point when they will be troubled, think of your math class, you have a classmate who has trouble understanding, then you have someone who can undertand everything, the first will do everything in their power to pass the class, homework? Done twice, worksheets? Revised with classmates, Assistance? Went every single day

"then you have the second clasmate, his work etics are messy, he never checks his answerds, he does not study and always come late if he comes at all, so when test day comes do you konw what happens?"

"the talented one failed?" Miltelt could deduce where this was goin

Raynare smirked "no, the talented one got a 10 while the talentless barelly scraped to get a 7"

Or maybe not

"but you still have to undertand the effects of what they have done, the talented person did not care about their notes, for them it was more of a shore really but for the talentless idiot who had to move heaven and hell to acomplish that 7, well, he did get everyone's recognition as a person"

"then you add the fact that Akuja Beelzebub has been alive for around 2 hundred years, he has been single minding pursuing the goal of undertanding how anything works so he will eventually be recognized as someone that knows

"could Azazel-sama do better? Yes, would he do better? Nay, he has nothing to gain from that, even with the ability to memorize the contents of a book with a glance will not mater if you do not have the will to open said book in the first place"

"i do not undertand"

"in resume we fallen angels get easily side tracked"



"you got side tracked didn't you?" wondered Miltelt

Raynare blushed but further damage to her dicnity was stoped when a handsome young blonde in a priest garb steped in the room

"hello, good morning Raynare-sama, Mittelt-san" bowed the man in greeting, his smile filled with noting but peace and serenity

"good to see you Freed, Rugrat here is training her evil spech, anything you could contribute will be apreciated"

"as you wish Raynare-sama" said the man who proceded to crouch next to the little girl and rub his chin while exampining the little blonde "let's see, cute but not 'sexy'" he pointelly stared at her chest "heterocromy" he said while looking at her eyes "no, a contact, while usefull to keep others from finding your civilian disguse easily, or even making an acurate reprentation of yourself, you should abstain from wearring it till you get a few levels in training, it won't do to loss an eye when you are punched during practice... mm..."

"erh, i was meaning about the evil spech not her aperance" corrected the leader of the fallen "though we will latter adress our sugestions"

The man raised himself "oh, sure, sorry about that" he apologized ashamed to have failed tenshi-sama

"worry not" said the woman with a dimissing wave "so about the spech? maybe you could give her a demotration"

"right" he nodded "give me a second"

Miltelt wondered what this ways about when the man breathed deep and close his eyes, but then

"you sh*ttty devil, your kind is nothing but trash, oh~ but you diferent~, you are interesing, so interesting that i think i feel in love with you, do you wanna be r*ped?, because i do wanna r*pe you, i will ra*e you with this sword and this hand, and then i will use my d*ck, now come here and let me show you my love!"

He said with a slasher smile and a madd gigle, his eyes had gone from friendly and kind to souless pit filled with sadisc gleam of joy, his hands were doing nothing but weaving around yet they had somehow gotten perversed and his voice had an echoi sharp effect that make it sound like a maniac

In other words the usually kind father Freed was acting like the type of person that would not be out of place as the crazy killer from an horror movie nor the dangerous patient of a mental assilum

Mittelt eyes shone bright, if hard work could acomplish this then she could become the best larper ever


When i woke up that morning i could feel the a change, a diference on the weight and contents of my bault, i knew the meaning, i Zaimokuza Yoshiteru had attained my firt Noble Phantasm! come and show it to me Gate of Babylon!

the golden riple apeared next to my hand and from it came...

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Taichi is someone who wants to be a true hero, he already is muggle awezome but did not know magic was real, Yamato is the normal guy, he is highly popular student with a friend who drags him in trouble (Taichi) and yet remains loyal enougth to follow in the risk of mortal perril armed with nothing but a piece of wood, then we have Miyu who is a rather talented magic user and responsible house keeper, but when it comes to the supernatural world she has the social experience of an elementary school student who has been home schooled all of her life, so while her skill at spellcraft is advanced for her age, her knowledge of the supernatural world in general is lacking.

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