Summary: Lyanna Stark was born two years earlier and already married to Robert by the time of the tourney at Harrenhall. When Rhaegar 'kidnapped' Lyanna, neither of them knew that she was already pregnant with the Mistress of Death. Fem Harry. R+L= Jon it does NOT equal fem Harry.

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Eddard Stark, known as Ned to his friends, rode through the deserts of Dorne, desperately trying to find his sister, Robert's wife and now Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, with his trusted friends and bannermen; Howland Reed, Willam Dustin, Ethan Glover, Martyn Cassel, Theo Wull and Mark Ryswell. Robert would have come along as well but he was still injured from the wound Rhaegar gave him at the Trident and was in no condition for a battle. Truthfully Ned was actually glad that Robert wouldn't be able to make it, after the sack of Kings Landing he had no desire to be in his good brothers presence at the moment.

The seven of them rode silently as they headed towards the Tower of Joy, each preparing for what was likely to be the final fight of the war. Ned could see the final three members of Aerys Targaryen's Kingsgaurd; Oswell Whent, the Lord Commander Gerold Hightower, and Arthur Dayne the Sword of the Morning.

Ned's wraiths moved up beside him, with swords in hand. They were seven against three, but that didn't mean victory. Despite his age Hightower looked strong enough to swing his blade through any armour, never mind the boiled leather armour they all wore. The Dornish heat prevented the men from the North from wearing anything that offered more protection. Ned didn't know about Oswell Whent's skills but had no doubt he was more then a match for any of them, Aerys didn't suffer poor soldiers as his protectors, and the irony wasn't lost of him considering the Kingslayer. Dayne however, well Ned could remember Ashara telling him about her family's sword Dawn, and that only the greatest warriors of her house wielded it. He had no doubt that Arthur was able to kill any of them. The fact he held two long swords was further proof of skills, only the greatest knights could use two long swords simultaneously. Individually they were dangerous, combined Ned was starting to wonder if he should have brought more men with him.

"I looked for you on the Trident, why weren't you there to protect your prince?" Ned asked them, briefly wondering if their was a chance to end this without bloodshed before he cast out that thought. Before him was some of House Targaryens most loyal men, and not to mention they had been keeping his sister imprisoned for well over a year now, he would gladly kill the there of them.

"Our Prince wanted us here." Arthur answered him. 'But why?' Ned wanted to ask but he didn't.

"Woe to the Usurper if we had been." Ser Oswell added with a dark humour.

"When Kings Landing fell, Ser Jaime slew your king with a golden sword and I wondered where you were?"

"Far away," Ser Gerold said, "Or Aerys would sit on the Iron Throne and our false brother would burn in the seven hells."

"Ser Willem Darry fled to Dragonstone, with your queen and Prince Viserys." Ned told them. "I thought you might have sailed with him."

"Ser Willem is a good man and true." Oswell stated.

"But not of the Kingsgaurd." Gerold pointed out. "We do not flee."

"Where's my sister?" He asked, staring at the tower that the three Kingsgaurd were guarding.

In response Dayne merely gave a sad smile. "I wish you good fortune in the wars to come." He spoke downing his helm. "And now it begins." He stated drawing his two swords, Whent and Hightower mimicking his move.

"No," Ned corrected. "Now it ends."

Charging forward with Ice in his hand Ned swung it at Dayne only for him to parry it with his left sword and strike with his right, which Ned dodged. Ned and Arthur attacked back and forth the two of them oblivious to the deaths of their respective companions.

Both Ned and Arthur were littered in small cuts, with their swords red with blood as they fought, unaware that they were the only two left fighting. Ned's arms were killing him as he struggled to raise in time to block Arthur's strikes. Ned overreached himself at one strike and Dayne knocked Ice out of his hand, and prepared for the killing blow.

Ned in that moment thought of all those he had failed. His son who would never know him, his wife who he scarcely knew, his brother Benjen who would lose nearly his whole family, his brother in all but blood Robert, and above all Lyanna, who he had failed to save. But the killing blow never came. Opening his eyes he saw Arthur on the floor, gurgling blood as it poured out of his throat, while Howland Reed stood behind him, a bloody knife in one hand as his other held his wounded side.

Ser Arthur looked at him from his crouched position on the floor, almost looking like he couldn't believe what was happening. Slowly Ned picked up his sword and raised it in the air. Just before he brought it down on him Arthur mumbled something that Ned couldn't hear before he swung Ice, decapitating the Sword of the Morning.

Ned was about to check his men for survivors before the sound of a woman's scream cut through the air. "LYANNA." He yelled as he rushed up the steps of the tower, only turning back to glance behind because he thought he heard something.

Seeing only Howland who was kneeling next to Willam Dustin he returned his attention to getting to his sister. As he rushed though the tower he entered a room where he saw Lyanna on and bed that was stained with blood.

"Ned?" Lyanna asked weakly as she saw who she thought was her brother at the door.

"Lyanna." He answered her as he rushed to her side, leaving Ice at the edge of the bed.

"Is that you?" She asked, birthing fever leaving her delirious. He moved over to her. "Is that really you?" She asked as he held her hand. "Your not a dream." She said with a small smile.

"No I'm not a dream." He told her as he placed his hand on her head, both to comfort her and to check her temperature. From her inflamed forehead Ned knew that she had a fever. "I'm here. I'm here."

"I've missed you big brother."

"I've missed you to." He replied as he pushed down the urge to cry. Ned had grown very adapt during the war at seeing when someone was close to death and he knew that Lyanna did not have long left.

"I want to be brave." She told as she held his hand, tears starting to fall from her eyes.

"You are." He told her.

"I'm not. I don't want to die."

"Your not going to die." He told her, trying and failing to sound convincing. "Get her some water." He snapped at the serving maid in the corner of the room.

"No, no water. Listen to me Ned." She said getting his attention. "His name is Aemon Targaryen. If Robert finds out he'll kill him. You know he will. Promise me Ned, promise me." She told him as the birthing maid handed him a babe. Ned didn't even bother trying to hide his shock as the woman gave the babe to him, a billion emotions running through him.

Lyanna wasn't kidnapped, she went willingly. The entire war, the deaths of thousands of people, his father and brother included was all for nothing.

The sound of a baby crying drew his attention, especially as the sound wasn't coming from the baby in his arms, and he looked up to see the birthing maid bring in another babe. Unlike the boy in his arms that babe looked nearly a year old. Also unlike Aemon that baby had a small batch of black hair on its head and it's eyes were a deep blue.

"Is that Rhaegar's...?" He began asking.

"No." Lyanna spoke with a newfound strength as she stared lovingly at the girl, her baby girl. "She's mine and Robert's. Selene Baratheon." Lyanna spoke and she closed her eyes, exhaustion and death taking over her.

- line break -

Robert paced around the Kings chambers in the Red Keep, anxiously awaiting Ned's return with Lyanna. He found it hard to believe it had been a year and a half since he had last seen his precious she-wolf, only a matter of weeks after that damned tourney at Harrenhall when she told him she planned to travel to Winterfell to see her family.

Robert had allowed her to go, after all their relationship was slightly tense and he had no problem with Lyanna visiting her family. With a dozen of House Baratheon guardsmen as her protection she began the journey. He didn't hear anything for over a full moon but that hadn't concerned him, there was quite a distance between Storm's End and Wintefell and it would take Lyanna a good few weeks to reach it. Until word had reached him of how Brandon and Rickard Stark had been executed by the Mad King after accusing Rhaegar of kidnapping his wife.

Getting in contact with Jon Arryn, who was like a second father to him, and Eddard Stark, his good brother and now Lord of Winterfell, the three of them plotted, plotted the fall of House Targaryen. After a months worth of planning, contacting loyal bannermen, and preparing weapons for war the three of them rose in rebellion against the fucking dragons. Ned marched the Northern lords south of the Neck, Jon put down the rebels in Gulltown, while he had done the same to the rebellious lords of the Stormlands at Summerhall.

A knocking at the door drew his attention, deep in thought the knocking actually shocked him slightly. "Enter." He called as he stopped pacing and walked over to his desk, draining the cup of glass that was on it.

"Your grace," a servant said bowing upon entry. "Lord Stark has arrived but-"

Robert would never learn what else the servant was going to say because Robert pushed right past him and rushed as fast as his legs could carry him to the entrance of the Red Keep where he saw Ned getting off his horse. Robert looked around and saw Ned, the crannon man Howland Reed, Jon was also there as well as Tywin Lannister, but no Lyanna.

"Ned?" Robert asked his best friend, fearing for the worst. When Ned looked at him, his face full of grief and his eyes red with unshed tears, he knew his answers.

All around him people waited for the infamous temper of their kings house but nothing happened. Robert didn't feel the explosive rage that he had felt when he'd learnt of Lyanna's abduction, or during the battle of the Trident. Instead he just felt numb and cold. 'It was all for nothing,' he thought in despair as he troubled to keep standing, placing his hand on a nearby wall to keep himself upright.

The sound of crying drew his attention. "What's that?" He asked, not really caring, only asking because it was disturbing him.

In response Ned smiled as he held a baby in his arms, given to him by Lord Reed. "It's your daughter Robert." Ned answered, causing his head to snap at him. "By my sister Lyanna." Slowly Robert walked towards Ned, and the baby in his hands.

Slowly Robert took the baby girl out of Ned's arms and looked at her. She was a pretty baby he supposed, looking nearly a year old with thick locks of black hair. "What's her name?"

"Selene Baratheon." Ned answered with a small smile as he saw Robert holding his niece. It was actually quite the sight. Considering Robert's immense size it almost looked like a bear with its cub.

"Princess Selene Baratheon," Robert muttered as he stared at his daughter, his daughter with Lyanna. It was then that he noticed that their was a mark on the back of his daughter's left hand. "What's that?" He asked Ned referring to the mark.

"I don't know." Ned admitted. "It looked like ink but it wouldn't wipe off so I chalked it up to being an unusual birthmark."

Robert hummed in response. It was a very strange mark. It looked like a triangle with a circle inside of it and a line going through it.

Jon Arryn and Tywin Lannister watched the scene in silence, both with very different thoughts. Jon was sad about Lyanna's fate, even if he had expected the worst. Even thought Jon knew Lyanna very little, he knew both Ned and Robert cherished her greatly and would mourn her for a long time.

Tywin on the other hand was pleased, very pleased. With Lyanna Stark dead their was nothing in the way of Cersei becoming queen. And best of all Lyanna Stark's child was a daughter, and therefore last in the line of inheritance, meaning that there was nothing in the way of Cersei's eventual children from sitting on the Iron Throne.

- line break -

Princess Selene of house Baratheon read a book in front of her, a book about the history of the Stormlands, and her Durrandeon ancestors, set nearly seven hundred years ago. It was very fascinating, how the Durrandeons had once ruled nearly half of the South. They had ruled the Stormlands, Riverlands, what would become the Crownlands, large parts of the Reach, as well as parts of the Westerlands and Vale. But as time went by the Durrandeons slowly lost their kingdom piece by piece, in large parts thanks to the Hoarres of the Iron Islands who were expanding their own kingdom.

Selene shut the book and exited her chambers, her mind wandering. The castle was mostly empty, an unusual blessing thanks to the current Greyjoy rebellion as it was being called. Selene was currently seven name days old and was far more intelligent then a child her age had any right to be. Not surprising since in her mind she was in her mid twenties.

Selene hadn't the faintest idea how she was alive, though she suspected it had something to do with the Hallows considering the mark on the back of her left hand. She guessed there was more to being the master of death then meets the eye.

The last thing she remembered was facing Voldemort in the Forbidden Forest and then that was it. She was sad that in both her lives she was forced to grow up without her mother, but then again she has always been fates bitch. Selene didn't have many memories of her mother, and the few that she did were faint and unclear. She could recall a beautiful woman with raven coloured hair who held and often sang to her, she knew that was her mother. She could also recall three men who always looked at her with disdain and disgust. They were, as she had taken to calling them in her own mind, 'the three cunts' that had been her mother's jailers.

Though Selene knew something else had happened at the poorly named Tower of Joy because Selene could recall her mother saying "Promise me Ned, promise me," Ned being her uncle, who though she hadn't met since she was a baby, she was always keeping in contact with via ravens.

But at least she still had a father in this life. Robert Baratheon may often be busy hunting and whoring but he was always sure to make time for her, and ensured that she had everything that she could possibly want. In her last life she hated attention, but being being reborn as a Princess of a great nation had taught her to use the attention to her advantage. Although there was one massive drawback about her new life and that came in the form of the queen bitch that she was forced to call her stepmother, Cersei Lannister.

As Haley Potter she had hated her aunt Petunia who constantly insulted and belittled her, but now as Selene Baratheon she would gladly give a million gold dragons if it meant that she could put up Petunia Dursley instead of Cersei Lannister.

She hated Cersei and the feeling was completely mutual. In fact Selene was certain that the only reason Cersei hadn't tried to have her killed was because if anything happened to her then Cersei would have to face of father's wrath, and no amount of Lannister gold or threats would stand in his way.

Selene walked down a portion of the Red Keep that she had never been to before. It was mostly deserted or at least that was what she had thought before she heard the distinct sounds of footsteps behind her. Turning around she saw a man dressed in Baratheon coloured armour, but she knew that he wasn't a Baratheon guard. With the gold cloaks loyal to whom payed them, the red cloaks loyal to the Cersei, Selene made sure to know all the Baratheon guards because they were the only ones she could trust with her protection. She knew every one of the Baratheon guards and this man was not one of them.

"Who are you sir?" She asked as her eyes darted around her.

"No one." The man answered with a foreign accent as he stared at her intensively, almost looking for something.

"Do you know who I am?" She asked in an entitled voice, attempting the threaten card.

"I know a girls title, I don't know what the girl is." The man stated.

"What?" She asked confused and a little frightened that the man may know about her magic.

"A girl has two faces, and the mark of the Many Faced God." The man told her, adding to her confusion. The mark she guessed referred to the Hallows mark on her hand, but that still left the question of her having two faces. He couldn't possibly mean... No he couldn't.

"Two faces?" She questioned.

"The face you wear now, and a face with emerald green eyes, auburn hair and a lightning bolt scar on your forehead."

Selene resisted the urge the bite her lips in nervousness, a nervous tick that she had developed in her last life, and the habit had stuck. The man had gone through the trouble of tracking her down, and if he could infiltrate the Red Keep undetected, yet it hadn't harmed her, it suggested that he had no wish to harm her. "I want you to swear it. Swear that you won't reveal what I tell you to everyone." She spoke with more determination then any child of seven should be able to.

"By the seven New Gods and the Old Gods beyond counting I will not reveal a girls secrets." The man swore.

"Not good enough." She snapped at him. Half the men in Kings Landing swore on the gods, didn't stop most of them from being criminals and corrupt bastards. "Swear it on your life and on the many faced God."

The man hesitated for not even a second before he swore the vow. "As a humble servant of the many faced God, I swear to never reveal the secret of Selene of house Baratheon upon my life."

Selene nodded in acceptance. The man was clearly devoted to his 'Many Faced God' and she doubted he would have made such a vow unless he had every intention of keeping it. "What is your name?" She asked him curiously.

"This man is known as Jaqen H'ghar." The man answered as he stared at her, waiting for her to answer.

Selene took a moment before answering, carefully considering her choice of words. "That woman is me, I used to be her, before I died and became Selene Baratheon." She answered as she carefully watched his reaction. She briefly noticed surprise flash over his features before he quickly covered it.

"So you've already received the gift." The man stated. 'Gift, what does... Oh!' Selene realised as it finally clicked who this man was. The gift, meaning the gift of death, the mark on her hand, the mark of the Hallows and death, the mark of the Many Faced God. This man was a Faceless Man, a servant to the God of Death.

Selene knew exceptionally little about the the Faceless Men, only that they were meant to be a religious order, or movement that prayed to death. They were also some of the worlds most skilled assassins, but they weren't what people thought of as traditional assassins, and that was about the extent of her knowledge on them.

"I have." She replied, even though it wasn't a question.

"You have already received a the gift, and therefore will not need to receive it again." Jaqen stated and Selene blinked once and then twice.

"Are you saying I don't need to fear your order?" She questioned, feeling immensely relaxed.

"A girl does not," Jaqen answered her. "A man also has an offer for a girl."

"What offer?" She asked curiously.

"To teach a girl, to teach her how to fight, to give the gift, and what that entails." The man said in his accented voice.

"You would teach me to be a Faceless Man?!" She exclaimed in shock as she took a small step back.

"Yes and no. A man is willing to teach a girl what all acolytes are taught, but the girl will only become one of us if she truly wishes to be no one." Jaqen told her, as her mind pondered the benefits and drawbacks. In this day and age it was considered unbefitting for a woman to be trained how to fight, and while there were exceptions, for example Bear Island in the North and Brienne of Tarth, daughter of Lord Selwyn Tarth, a Stormlord, but they were few and far between. It would allow her to pretect herself, especially as she couldn't rely completely on guards, or even her magic. Due to countless spies following her nearly every day, Selene simply couldn't risk practising magic in the Red Keep, and she also lacked a focus to properly wield her magic.

But there were drawbacks. Selene knew that undergoing the training of a skilled and ruthless assassin would change her mentally, as well as morally. Also while this 'Jaqen H'ghar' may be willing to teach her she doubted other members of the Faceless Men would be as tolerant to teach their skills to an outsider. But the more she thought about Selene found that the benefits outweighed the drawbacks.

"I accept." She told Jaqen who smiled at her.

- Line Break -

Selene sat at the desk in her solar in Storm's End, going through the reports of the various Stormlords about their lands, and expansions. Though technically the solar was her uncle Renly's Selene had taken it as her own since she was ten and she had been 'exiled' to Storm's End, after an incident with her loathsome younger brother Joffrey.

At first Selene had seen it as a punishment, but she had decided to see the advantages of it, one of which was that she was out of King's Landing that became more of a lions den then a stags court day by day. In Storm's End she was surrounded by smallfolk, guards and bannermen who were fiercely loyal to House Baratheon and she didn't have to fear about Cersei Lannister sending someone to slit her throat because she decided that she'd outlived her usefulness.

Once she had arrived in the Stormlands Selene started meeting the various farmers that worked on the lands of Storm's End and had them implementing new, and more modern farming measures in order to increase the crop yield. The farmers had been very reluctant to change the way that they worked, especially on the word of a ten year old girl, but Selene simply pulled the royalty card. The farmers soon changed their tunes when the farmlands surrounding Storm's End more then doubled their crop yield, and very soon the farming measures spread to the other Stormlords. The Stormlands had always possessed fertile lands and with these new farming methods and better equipment such as - they could almost rival the Riverlands in terms of crops, although they still had a long way to go before they could even hope of challenging the Reach, which held a monopoly in terms of farming.

Of course the current advantage the Stormlands held in terms of farming wasn't going to last forever. Sooner or later knowledge of her peoples farming techniques would spread to the other kingdoms, and they already had spread to the North and the Westerlands. The former in order to help her mother's homeland more capable of coping with the harsh winters they faced and the later out of a deal with Tywin Lannister that included migrating a thousand farmers from the Stormlands in exchange for a thousand miners from the Westerlands.

Although Selene despised Tywin Lannister and the methods he employed she couldn't deny that he was an intelligent man and a brilliant administrator, after all he had successfully ran the realm for twenty years while Aerys Targaryen burned people left, right and center. Although she suspected that the only reason Tywin migrated so many miners was because the mountains in the Stormlands while rich in iron ore, marble and other precious metal ores, possessed a complete lack of gold, gems and other precious minerals, that could potentially threaten the Lannisters wealth and power.

There were no villages in the Stormlands, only castles and that was due to the storms that forever plagued the land. Even in the middle of summer the name of the land held true and for her first year in Storm's End a howling storm kept her awake nearly every night. Selene loved Storm's End, but it took a long while to get used to it. But while no wooden structure could survive in the Stormlands, stone structures with strong foundations could, leading to the development of what many had began to call the 'White City' outside the walls of Storm's End.

Made completely out of marble the city had started being built two years ago with her uncle Renly's permission. While it had a long way to go before it was an official city, currently at best either a large village or a small town, it had the potential to be a city. Of course all of her renovations and changes had done hell to the treasury, not helped in any way due to how her uncle had wasted half of it on his balls and masquerades but she had managed, albeit barely. A knocking at the door drew her attention. "Enter." Selene called out, causing Brienne of Tarth, her sworn shield to enter.

Selene had visited Tarth in a curiosity to meet its fabled beauty, and Selene found her nickname very unjustified. True Brienne was hardly the most attractive woman, a large result of her immense size but she was hardly ugly either, and though she hid it well Selene could see that she was very hurt by the mockery she received. Brienne was one of the Stormlands greatest warriors and deserved better to be mocked behind her back, and in many cases straight to her face so Selene had made her, her sworn shield.

There had been much objection, especially from Boros Blount her Kingsguard 'protector' but after Brienne sent the man back to King's Landing with a broken arm and a tail between his legs the complaints stopped.

"Your grace-" Brienne began before she interrupted her.

"Selene." She corrected, although Brienne was one of the few that she actually let call her by her name.

"Your grace," Brienne said again, although this time with an amused smirk on her face. "The lords have arrived." Okay, that had been quicker then she had suspected, she noted as she stood up from her desk and headed towards her chambers to get in the appropriate attire as Brienne followed behind her.

Once she entered her chambers Selene immediately began stripping off, a smirk on her face as Brienne looked away with a small blush. There was a lot of impractical clothes in Westeros, not to mention Selene hated wearing dresses, only doing so when the situation required it, such as now. Silks were too soft, and somewhat frail and easily ripped, making them impractical. The wool and furs of the North were more practical but often too warm this far in the South, so Selene mostly wore Dornish leathers, far more comfortable and practical then most fabrics in Westeros.

"Why have you gathered the Stormlords here Selene?" Brienne asked as Selene started putting on a long dress that was more thn slightly revealing, and with a large dip in the neck to show off her cleavage. The question had been bugging her for a while and the only reason that she hadn't asked before was because it wasn't her place to question the princess.

"What were the Great Houses that fought on the Trident Brienne?" Selene instead asked back, wondering how long it would take for Brienne to work out the reason.

"Baratheon, Stark, Tully and Arryn." Brienne answered wondering where she was taking this.

"Baratheon, Stark, Tully and Arryn." Selene repeated as a servant started tying up the back of her dress. "My father defeated Rhaegar, my uncle Eddard broke the siege of Storm's End and freed me and my mother from the Kingsguard, my uncle Stannis captured Dragonstone, while Jon Arryn negotiated peace with the Dornish. Those were the decisive factors that won the rebellion. The Lannisters however sacked a nearly defenseless city, killed a mad man and slaughtered a woman and her babes." Selene finished bitterly.

What happened to Elia Martell and her children was the main reason that Selene despised Tywin Lannister. Killing children just because they possessed Targaryen blood reminded her all to well of the way that Voldemort tried to kill her because of that stupid bloody prophecy. The fact that the men who did the deeds were still among the living infuriated the princess and while she loved her father, his refusal to punish, at the very least, Clegane and Lorch, was a massive sore spot in their relationship.

"Of all the Great Houses the Lannister contributed the least to the rebellion yet they strut around King's Landing as if they are better then everyone else, as if they single-handedly one the rebellion."

"That still doesn't answer why you've gathered the Stormlords to Storm's End." Brienne stated while Selene smiled in response.

"My 'exile' if you will is over." She told Brienne who eyes widened in realisation.

"You're returning to King's Landing, and you're taking the Stormlords with you." Selene nodded, telling Brienne that she was correct.

"It's time the Westerlands realised that just because they have gold they don't own the world."

Brienne nodded in understanding. Many Stormlanders, her father included, often complained about the high places in court that were held by the Westerlanders as opposed to the Stormlords, especially when the king himself was a Stormlander. But still Brienne couldn't help but note that the princess was playing a dangerous game. Whether you loathed or liked -Brienne had to stop herself from scoffing at that thought, no liked the Lannister, feared and respected them yes, but never like them- them the Lannisters were the richest and most powerful house in Westeros.

"I hope you know what your doing." Brienne spoewith a touch of concern.

"Trust me, Brienne, I know what I'm doing." Selene reassured her sworn shield.

End of prologue.