Hailee's POV

Anala and I walked back to the Vault in relative silence. I was hoping she wasn't thinking negatively of me for having a conversation with Julien, but I couldn't help it. I was having a hard time hating him and I know it was shallow of me to not hate him just because he was good looking but the heart wants what it wants! I could hear music bumping from the street and knew we had arrived home. We rode the elevator up to the top and walked through the door to see everyone in motion. There were bodies everywhere! It was amazing. Truly, something I'd never really seen before.

I smiled to myself at the joy emanating from the room as I walked through the Vault and to Danielle's and my room. I pulled all the clothes out of the bags and began unpacking them. There wasn't a ton of things, but there were enough for Danielle and I to share so we'd always have something to wear. It took me around an hour to unpack everything and put it away. I was fairly pleased with myself since I hated putting away laundry, but I knew Danielle would have a nice surprise later.

I flopped down onto my bed and closed my eyes for a few minutes before getting up and wandering out into the Vault. I wanted to find Luke, I hadn't really thanked him for letting us stay here. I looked around at everyone dancing around and practicing noticing Luke wasn't there. I decided to go look for him but he wasn't in his room or in any other room in the Vault. I came across a ladder that led to the roof and figured I might as well check there too. I climbed up and opened the heavy door slowly and peeked out. I saw Luke sitting beside some girl and looking awfully friendly. I felt something inside me go up. Something was telling me she was bad news, she was going to cause a rift. I didn't like her and I didn't trust her but for the life of me I couldn't remember why! I had seen this movie a million times! I was starting to forget, I didn't remember a lot of things actually about my life before we were sent here.

I sent them a silent glare and quietly closed the door and descended down the ladder. I was too torn right now to face anyone so I decided to go back to my room and sulk, as dramatic as that sounds. I was halfway through the Vault when I felt an arm snake its way around my waist. Their other hand came up to rest on my hip and they turned me around.

"Where you goin' girl? You're dancing with me!" Moose's cheerful grin graced my view. He noticed my look and gave me a comforting smile before sending me a questioning gleam. I grabbed his hand and decided to let my worries flow away and embracing the joy and love my new family was offering. I sent him the evilest smirk I could muster.

"Big mistake, kid," I taunted. He scoffed at me and I heard the others laugh. Show time.

Danielle's POV

Moose was a nice kid, not the smartest though. He seems to have forgotten that the last time Hailee and he were in a dance battle together they were on the same team. It was only 10 minutes into the battle but he was sweating profusely trying to keep up. Hailee, on the other hand, looked as if she'd barely broken a sweat. I decided to take pity on the poor kid and step in on his side. He seemed relieved when I tapped his shoulder.

"Traitor," Hailee jested. I laughed at her and motioned Moose to sit down. I shrugged my jacket off and threw it to Jacob, who I had come to really like and respect. He sent me a wink that said 'show her who's boss' but I knew that this battle would only end one way.

1 Hour Later

The couch was calling our names as our sweaty bodies finally gave out. There were loud whoops and clapping from the astonished bystanders. Hailee and I had just called a truce since it seemed like neither of us was going to quit anytime soon. Hailee's breathing was ragged and exhausted, like mine, but instead of wearing the same smile I was she had a frown and was sending a glare over towards Luke and some girl he introduced earlier as Natalie. She seemed nice enough, she was pretty too and from what I've seen and heard she's a decent dancer. Maybe Hailee is jealous? Does she secretly like Luke? If she did, why wouldn't she tell me?

Her glare didn't lessen as the night went on. The more Natalie spoke the more heated Hailee's glare became. I could see Carlos was giving Hailee a curious glance as well. I made up my mind, before more people got suspicious of Hailee I elbowed her and signaled toward our room. I didn't say a word but the message was clear, we need to talk. She jumped up quickly and bid everyone a dry 'goodnight' drawing confused looks from the others. I stood up as well and turned toward the rest.

"Sorry about that, everything is fine! Goodnight everyone, see you all tomorrow!" I blurted out. I quickly walked down the hall and entered our room to see Hailee already sitting on her bed with her legs crossed. Her pissed off look hadn't lessened any. I closed the door quietly and turned back to her. "What the hell was that about?!" I snapped. She turned her gaze to me and motioned toward my bed. I sat down and quirked my eyebrow. She sighed heavily and ran her hands over her face.

"Okay, I don't trust Natalie! I don't know why but I have this bad feeling about her," she confided. I shook my head but something struck me.

"Wait, you can't remember?! Hailee, you've seen this movie a million times!" I said. She nodded her head and her eyes turned down in worry.

"I can't remember what happens. I'm starting to have a hard time remembering anything right now," she confessed. I rolled my eyes and tried to think back on the countless times she forced me to watch the movie with her but I couldn't remember a thing. Come to think of it, I couldn't remember much about anything. I couldn't remember what jobs we had or where we lived. God, we'd only been gone a few days but I'd forgotten so much!

"I can't remember anything either," I whispered in horror. Her eyes met mine and she looked pained.

"I remember Blakeā€¦ that's it, but even that is fading," she told me. Who was Blake?! Why could she remember him? "Maybe this isn't such a bad thing, I've been wanting to forget for a long time and now, maybe, this is our chance to start fresh. We always wanted a family, now we have one," she whispered. I nodded and stood up.

"Okay, well there isn't much we can do now about the memory loss thing. We need to focus on being here and winning the World Jam! First we need to find some new clothes," I sighed. Hailee jumped up quickly with a small squeak and a smile. She ran over to our small closet and opened the door to reveal a decent amount of clothes hanging up. I gave her a funny look and she chuckled at me.

"Anala took me shopping for some new clothes for us, we're the same size so I figured we'd share," she informed me. I smiled and pulled out some shorts and a tank top. She grabbed a pair of shorts and went to grab a shirt but stopped and smiled down at the shorts in her hand. I crawled under the covers of my bed and yawned.

"What is it?" I asked her. She jumped as if I had spooked her and slipped the shorts on quickly before throwing a t-shirt on and climbing into her own bed.

"Nothing, we bumped into Julien today and I just remembered something he said. No big deal! Anyways, goodnight Dani," she mumbled and then her back was to me. I could tell something else was up but it was too soon to tell. All I knew for sure was that she had a thing for Julien. How could I tell! She talks fast when she's flustered, and man oh man did he fluster her. I turned the light out and rolled over falling into a mostly dreamless sleep.