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-place den -time morning 3;23am-

-Aleu's pov-

It's been a year since i became the Alpha Female to Nava's pack and we've been living rather well in the last year, however recently humans have been moving closer to our territory then soon after many of my pack have become sick with some kind of illness, that makes their fur fall completely out before the infected wolf starts coughing up blood then dies a slow painful death having lost the will to live, after the illness's hold on them becomes to great to fight against any longer.

I look at my bare flank with worry not for myself but for my pack as i think to myself [well they be alright when i have gone to join the great lupus in the sky like the others have before me?] then i am ripped out of my thoughts by a howl from one out of the two pregnant female's and i rush out of my den towards the birthing den quickly.

As i near the den i push myself to move faster as the scent of humans reaches my nose but to my horror i am too late i find the last remaining four members of my pack laying dead the two males in front of the den and their pregnant mate's in the back of the den with their several moons to early litter of ten pups laying dead beside them.

I feel the last amount of my light brown fur fall off of me as my body begins to shake with rage and instead of coughing up blood before dieing slowly, i dig my paws into the ground as i fly towards the two humans who murdered the only pack members who were still alive, and i hear screams of pain and anger as i bite down hard into the back of the first humans neck sending him to the ground as i stand on his back while i clamp down my jaws snapping his neck in two in much the same way that the bull caribou's own neck snapped from my jaws on this morning's hunt.

The second human makes his presence known by trying to throw a spear at me only for him to hit the corpse of his friend when i fly towards him aiming for the kill once again determined to avenge my packpack and a snapping sound echoes though my territory making birds fly away in fear, all i want to do is fall apart fall to the ground in nothing but endless tears, but i can't and i know that i can't not now, not yet now, not until I take care of my pack's bodies so that their souls can make the journey to the great lupus past the great bear under the watchful eyes of the great raven and great owl that now begin to show themselves in the twilight sky as i head towards the den again.

I bury all fourteen bodies among the others of my pack on top of the large hill that is over looking the dens, and i see Nava's star dust form in the night sky at the beginning of the star ladder that leads to the great lupus as the 30 adults with ten of them carrying pups in their jaws appear in the night sky, they turn their star dust faces towards me waiting for me to join them, to lead them to though the ladder, but i can only let a single tear fall as i tilt my head towards the sky as i howl a apology.

"I can't and i don't ever think i well be able to join you, because if i was able too i would have already joined you by now, but sometimes we don't get want we truly want so Nava please go ahead and lead them because i won't be able to make it".

One more tear falls at the end of my howl as i think for the second time in my life [Where do i belong?] a crow from a familiar raven and i close my blue eyes as i say darkly "what is it you need from me raven?" i don't expect a answer and yet i get one as a female voice says calmly "only the journey home" i bitter laugh rips it's way though my throat as i say coldly "home? my pack is dead! buried beneath us on this hill and i refuse to return to a place filled with human's and dog's all of whom treat wolves like my pack and myself like trash and as for a home with my parents i can't return to them they wouldn't understand not now not uet and probably never will understand not after i just killed two of their humans that in which they've swore to protect, so leave me and let me die in peace Raven find another to play your games with".

I feel a wet nose on my back making turn around quickly with my fangs bared in a warning to back off and i see not a black raven but a white female wolf with red-brown eyes that are locked on my blue as the female says knowing yet proudly "Aleu you have become the type of alpha that i wish your father had become instead of him becoming a lead sled dog like Ace your grandfather, and the words that you said were that of a wolf not that of a wolf-dog or a dog so tell me granddaughter are you wolf enough to live?" i think about her question for a few seconds before i nod my head slowly and my grandmother's eyes glow a gold color as she touches her nose to my own.

And a flash of white light blinds me slightly then after it fades away i see my grandmother smiling proudly at me as she says calmly "Aleu go take a look at yourself" i do as i am asked and i head towards my den to the back where there is a small stream of water flowing through it and i gasp at what i see when i look into the water because I see a female wolf the same size as my grandmother with blue eyes pure white fur with the only color being her black tipped white ears and black tipped white tail, i jump away from the image in shock as i hear my grandmother say "three years ago back when your father decided to save those human pups Ace blessed him with ability to run as fast as he once did in life, and now with your decision to never become a dog and seek out a human to call your master for the rest of your life instead choosing to live and die as a wolf and seeing as the illness that claimed most of your pack one that almost claimed you as well take ever last piece of your light brown pelt i gave you another pelt in it's place as well as the blood of full blooded wolf while still letting you keep the blue eyes that you gained from your mother's side of the family this is my gift to you and now you know what you must do right?" i nod my head slowly as i walk out of my den and i howl a goodbye to my pack and grandmother as i begin to make my way towards my new journey.

As i hear my spirit guide's words ring clear in my head along with Nava's own words to me [Have faith and make the journey, The only thing we can truly know is that everything well change] as i use my new full wolf body to had farther away from my territory and even farther away from the place of my birth where my parents still live along with most of my siblings, and here I am yet again determined to find where i belong this time armed with the knowledge of what i am and who i am now clear to me.

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