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-place unknown -time 5:17pm-

-Aleu's pov-

I watch my pack which has grown to 30 plus wolves strong from new wolves ether joining the pack or pups being born in the last two years i lay beside BlackFell on the over hanging rock that over looks our den i see my papa and Blue laugh at my little brother Toboe as he is tackled into the small river by his and Swift's first litter of five pups, i see the hunting party of six wolves lead by Dusty and Tsume while the whole party drags a bear in for dinner BlackFell and i eat after the twelve pups then i leave the others to the raven form of y grandmother.

Who lands on the beginning of the ice bridge before turning her wolf form while she says "at you ready to make your final journey?" i take a step back surprising her as i say gently "there is no need for another because i have finally found where i belong and my home is here in the beyond with my pack, tell Nava i won't be able to make the journey up the star adder to the cave of souls my place is here" she nods her head before flying away with my grandfather Ace towards the great lupus that is just now beginning to show in the darkening sky as i lead back to my pack.

And i am greeted by twelve pups tackling me to the ground as their parents and the other adults laugh happily at the site of their alpha female defeated by pups but i cant help to laugh as well my blue eyes shining brightly as i enjoy the feeling of my whole pack around me and i find that i wouldn't like to be any where else but right here with my family in our territory safe, sound, healthy and happy, BlackFell ends up as the pups newest target as they chase him around making me smile gently at the site.

While i think to myself [He'll be a great father to our pups] as i feel a few kicks in my stomach a slash of water takes me out of my thoughts as i roll with laughter at the site of my mate soaking wet with pups hanging off him by their jaws oh yes its so good to be home.

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