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-place Kyoya's family Water park -time 7;39am-

-Haruhi's pov-

I begin to wish that i had killed Tamaki when i had the chance the first time we met, because now instead of doing what i had intended to do today i am at Kyoya's water park against my will even though I could have easily fought the twins off this morning but i try to make light of this irritating day as i drink a coconut juice while Kyoya taps away on his laptop, Tamaki and the twins play with water guns while chasing one another, Mori, and Honey swim in a river-pool while i watch them all from my stop under the shade.

I let Mori have the rest of my drink as i make small talk with him only gaining ether a nod or a shake of the head not that i mind his silent answers, however our talk is cut short by Tamaki hitting a totem pole sending a large rash of water towards Honey who is still swimming Mori slips on a banana peel when he try's to get to the now scared Honey who is soon safely tucked in my now unwrapped E size chest while i take the damage done by the pool-water as we're sent flying down the river by wild water's soon my world goes dark as i pass out from the violent water's yet i still smile happily knowing that Honey isn't going to hurt when I wake up.

I smell salt and the familiar scent of jungle/forest as i feel drops of water hit my face while the sound of sniffling reaches my ears making me open my eyes which are brown due to the contact lenses covering up their real pale purple color and i see a crying Honey who is unharmed but the site of the boy crying brings out my motherly side that I've only showed when i was with the others in middle school and i know that my right ankle is probably broken along with a few of my left ribs and a dislocated right shoulder yet i ignore the pain as i pull the crying blonde into my arms as I say gently "shh it's alright I'm alright" i press the nerve that forces a person to go unconscious thus knocking Honey out cold before he can say anything while i carry him on my back as i use a small amount of my training to follow the river-pool back to the others.

After a hour of walking i use my left hand to keep Honey firmly on my back while i reach into pocket with my right keeping a tight on the handle of the pocket knife that i always carry on my person as i say calmly with dangerous undertone "come out quietly with your hands up" soon i see men who i know belong to Kyoya's father's police force walk towards me with rifles aimed to kill me as the leader says "let the child go or we well be forced to use deadly force" i give him a gentle smile shocking him and his men as i use their shock to quickly make my escape into the tree's running towards the location of the host club with bullets flying towards me not long after.

Soon a bullet head's for Honey only for me to shift myself so that i take the bullet in my left side the bullet exits out of my side as i feel one more bullet become stuck in my mid right leg while i continue to try to out run the 51 armed men chasing after me, i see Mori leading the others out of the pool area only for him to stop when i whistle loudly and he sees me running towards the pool area before he quickly begins to lead the others back ignoring their yells/questions of why are we going back/we have to save them.

I tuck Honey back into my chest as i barrel roll past the host club and i stay like this as Kyoya says coldly "i see that you've found the two missing guests now stand down" the men are uneasy but they do as their boss's son tells them as i leave the still unconscious Honey with the hosts while i go over to my bag before pulling out a phone that they have never seen as i hold it up to my ear while i say in a pained yet calm voice *MB please contact SL and give the location as well as the amount of people and this list as follows, possibly broken right ankle along with left ribs, dislocated right shoulder a clean bullet would on the lower mid left side and a bullet in the mid right leg* the hosts gasp in horror at my list of injuries and i hear a sweet yet dangerous female voice say *already done PAB time out is ten minutes* i nod my head slowly in thanks knowing she can see it as i hang up the fake phone call.

It's five minutes later when the door to the water park opens reveilng a 29 year old man and a 21 year old woman i take my time as i look at the man he has spiky black hair and eyebrows and piercing dark eyes. He has a tall and muscular build. He dressed professionally in a black business suit with a white shirt and a black tie and he has a black medical bag in his right hand while his left is closed in a tight fist, i turn my gaze towards the woman i see a tall beautiful woman who has fair skin, large light blue eyes, and wavy blond hair. With an ample bust and a curvy physique, she has a very sensual body that she can utilize to seduce and manipulate men or women dressed in high brands and fashionable clothing which emphasize her flattering form.

Before I can say anything i find my face stuck between two very large breasts as the woman says dramatically "oh my star student what did they do to your beautiful hair just look at what those men do to you!" i force my face out of her breasts as i say breathlessly "please calm down B-Sensei those men didn't do this to my hair a kid in my neighborhood put gum in my hair so i was forced to cut it" bitch-sensei has anime tears going down her face when the man says calmly "i can't help if you don't let her go" i chuckle slightly as i say softly "i see that your still the same as ever SL-sensei ever the class dad" Karasuma-sensei rolls his eyes as he begins to look over my injuries while he says "why you kids insist on calling me your Sensei even though i haven't been for almost two years now let alone ever being your blood father I'll never know, however i do know that these gun shot wounds weren't made by a novice they were made by a trained soldier" i flinch ever so slightly when he takes the bullet out of my leg before he cleans then wraps my wounds and with the help of Bitch-Sensei they relocate my shoulder before wrapping it.

I let Karasuma-sensei carry me to the 51 men who are on the ground bowing and the leader says nervously "Sir! I apologize for the actions of my men we weren't made aware of one of your students being here today" they gain death glares from both of my sensei's as i say "it's alright you weren't supposed to know and besides it's not the first time I've been shot" Karasuma-sensei's hold on me tightens slightly knowing exactly what i meant as he walks towards the exit with Bitch-sensei hot on his heels, however Tamaki decided now is a great time to say something stupid "Hey put my precious daughter down now!" both of my sensei's look at me as i facepalm at the host club king's words.

A familiar chuckle brings me out of my inner turmoil and i see a 18 year old boy leaning against the door frame he has shoulder length wild yet calm red hair and black eyes but i look closely at them and see gold eyes, he is wearing a white t-shirt, gray combat pants black combat boots and black fingerless gloves.

Karasuma says calmly with well hidden curiosity "No 1 C what brings you here" No 1 C looks at me with his black contact covered eyes as he says calmly "her father isn't home right now and he probably won't be for about a week or so, but Teach you do know that you and Professor B can leave her with me, also No 27 MB called me a little while ago saying that No 25 PAB was hurt" Karasuma-Sensei looks behind him at the host club before quickly looking back at No 1 C before handing me over carefully while he says seriously "i trust you more than those boys behind me especially with one of the girls let alone my wife's favorite student, call me when you get the chance i need to ask something important of the both of you" both No 1 C and i nod our heads as i am carried away towards a black motorcycle and No 1 C sits down on it so that I'm between his legs and the handles before we leave for his house with the host club gaping at the fact that I'm leaving with a stranger well a stranger to them, but me well to me I'm leaving with someone that i know very well even better then hosts.

No 1 C carries me into the house where lots of men say happily together as they bow respectfully "welcome home young master!" he nods his head in greeting as he takes me to his room before sitting down on the floor while learning against the wall with me in his lap as he holds me close while he says "i was worried that i was going to lose you Toka" i bury my face in his chest as i say "silly Karma i couldn't leave you if I wanted to after we belong to one another after all we-" Karma cuts me off by kissing me full on the lips to which i kiss back just as the door to Karma's room opens reveilng a man I've only seen in pictures Karma's father who stops in the middle of his saying something at the site of us and he looks pale as he says "Ritsu Karma Kasanoda why are you kissing a boy!" we pull apart as Karma says calmly "this is Haruhi Toka De Mort-Sinclair who happens to be a old middle school friend and the woman that i intend to marry seeing as she is my soul mate whom i am going to turn on our wedding night oh and she is staying here while her father is out of town".

Father Kasanoda looks at me with curious eyes as i say "it's wonderful to finally meet you sir Karma has told me alot about you, please just call me Haruhi and i know that this may seem like a strange request but if any of the Ouran host club or their families ask about me for all intents and purposes my name is Haruhi Fugioka" Father Kasanoda tilts his head to the side as he says "Haruhi why do you insist on this request i mean i would understand if you were like my family-! y-you share the last names of the mafia world's two most dangerous people but how!?" i smirk at him finally connecting the dots and i light my Night flames and Karma lights his sky flames in response to mine while i say "that's very simple Father Kasanoda i am a De Mort because my father is Skull De Mort and i am a Sinclair because my mother was Kotoko Sinclair daughter of Renato Sinclair making me his granddaughter and many other things as well a night sky" a thud is my only response.

I look between Karma and father Kasanoda as i say "i think that i broke him" Karma chuckles at my words as he nuzzles me lovingly while i bury my face in his chest again.

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