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-three days later-

-place Japan -time 1:02pm-

-Haruhi's pov-

Rain why does it always rain when someone dear to me leaves the only good thing about the rain are the tears it try's so and to hide from the watching world, and right now it's pouring as E-3, the Varia, the Kasanoda all of us dressed in black clothes as one by one each of us lay a flower of some kind onto the closed coffin i go after Karma places his spider lily having decided to go after everyone else has already then out of the corner of my eye i see the host club outside the gates of he graveyard as i gently place a single for get me not onto the coffin taking a step back as Karma and some of the older Kasanoda males members lower the coffin into the ground the host club come closer once the coffin is buried.

I look out at my rather large family while i stand by the grave stone as i say calmly "Father Kasanoda died with honor defending his family from a true monster of a man who isn't worth a proper burial but we all know the scum i share history with shall give him one anyways even though no one here today shall shed a single tear for the lose of that cold hearted monster, no we have more important people to cry over like Father Kasanoda and my mother both of whom defended what was their's to their last breaths, however now with Father Kasanoda the role of family head is empty the family needs someone to lead it or it well fall one way or another and even though Tsuna wishes to become the next head of the family he is far to young to do so right now, so that only leaves one option ether Karma or i must take up the role of head but we have decided let the family choose the next head of the family until the day Tsuna becomes of age on his 13th birthday" everyone but Karma looks shocked at the news.

Soon the Kasanoda members talk among themselves before the young, the old, the strong, the weak, the healthy, the injured, males, females all 62 members of the Kasanoda yakuza family bow their heads in respect towards me as they all say in perfect syce "Please protect this family Boss!" i smile fondly at them as i say gently "i well keep my family safe till i draw my final breath in this world j-just don't leave me ok?" Chip, Dale and a good number of other family members pull me into a group hug knowing i don't want to lose anyone else to the mafia soon enough they let me go and i head towards the host club who are looking at me with awe and shock on their faces and in their eyes.

Once we are standing face to face for the first time in almost two months but when Tamaki try's to hug me as he says overjoyed "my darling daughter has come back to us!" i side step out of his path making the host king fall flat on his face as i keep my eyes locked on Kyoya while he says "i thought you didn't have a passport Haruhi so why is it y-" i hold my right hand up as i say calmly "let me stop you there Kyoya i never told you weather i had access to one or not so their for i never gave you a yes or a no i may not be rich or really care about things like that but i am not a woman to be taken for a fool-" Tamaki cuts me off as he says dramatically "w-woman your 17 years old Haruhi now come lets go back to school to the club and i don't know if you hear but Kyoya's father died four days ago from a heart attack-" he stops talking when Karasuma-sensei stands between Tamaki and me as he looks into my eyes as he says calmly "it's time to leave now before things become out of hand Toka" i nod my head as i say "alright Sensei let me say goodbye" he gains a knowing look in his eyes as he silently goes to rejoin the others as i turn towards the host club as i say seriously "this is goodbye we probably well not see each other again because where i am going this time you can not follow me or it may cost your lives by so much as walking down the street, the money i owe the club is inside the piano in the club room, if you guys follow after me i well nt be reasonable for your deaths your blood well be on your hands for not taking my warning seriously" i leave before they can stop me and the host club watches me leave with my6 whole family pain, heartbreak, anger, rage and sorrow on their faces and filling their eyes as tears go down their cheeks at the fact i am leaving the host club and its six members behind then soon japan enterally.

But before we leave the members of E-3 and i need to go visit the grave we made for Korosensei because we knew no one else would so we buries his clothes and hat using some of the reward money to get him a grave stone, and here all 28 of us stand in the forest half a mile from the swimming pool in from of Korosensei's grave with the new and old members of the family standing a few feet away watching as we say goodbye to our precious teacher.

We go by our number well everyone but me as i go last kneeling down in front of the grave not a dry eye in E-3 as i say softly "we're leaving now Korosensei and i don't know if we'll ever come back to japan, the government is going to throw us under the bus for the successful deaths of our targets two men when nether the government Japan's or Italy's wanted to so much as touch instead letting the task fall onto our shoulders along with the bounty's on our heads that come with it and the mafia well be looking for us as well mostly because i killed reborn and we killed the ninth Vongola boss, so we're going to the one place nether of them well be able to find any of us we are going to Roanapur, goodbye Korosensei" i go into the class with the others and i let a sad smile appear on my lips at the site of the dust covered roll book laying onto of the teachers desk with Korosensei's crescent moon tie on top of the book we take our places beside our old desks as we bow in respect towards the front desk tears hitting the wooden floor then we all snap out of our final respect to our teacher as Nagisa says for the final time "Fire!" we each unload a clip of anti-sensei ammo which we clean up before leaving japan behind us.

-many years later-

-Haruhi's pov-

The whole family is in a murderous state of mind today and no one is safe when Luce kidnaps Tsuna just before he inherits the title of family head from me since today is my son's 13th birthday thus pissing off the most dangerous family in all of Roanapur as we storm japan armed to the teeth soon i all but break down the entrance doors to ouran academy where Tsuna is being held by Luce and much to my pissed off annoyance we find him in the music room that was once used as the club room yet another door that gets beaten down this time by Karma who is just as pissed off as i am even while he holds our three years old daughter Haku in his arms.

Tsuna is chained to a chair with Luce standing on replacement legs made of metal no doubt from Verde as she holds a gun to my son's head while she says coldly "Haruhi, Viper both of you submit to me now or i well blow out the brats brains just like Haruhi did to Reborn years ago" before anyone can shot the bitch dead a familiar flying blonde hits Luce knocking her away from Tsuna and a taller Honey puts up the gun as the twins unlock Tsuna's chains before chaining up Luce as Kyoya says in fake coldness "it has been a long time Haruhi do you have a passport? oh and you'll need to pay for both the door you destroyed" i run my hands though Tsuna's fluffy hair laughing at the former vice president of the host clubs words as my brother blows out the sky Arcobaleno's brains with his gun sneering at the bitch the whole time along with most of my family even as i look at the six boys i left behind now the six of them are adult men older and taller then before.

And i cant help the grin on my face as i say in false harshness "indeed it has been a long time Kyoya because i know Tamaki and the twins can't last a whole week without irritating the fucking shit out of everyone around them wanting to see me honestly some things never change do they Kyo?" Kyoya rolls his eyes in annoyance as he says calmly with some warmth behind his words "no Haru no they don't maybe because these three haven't changed even after we joined you all these years ago" i snicker at his biting words towards our former king and the two pranksters as i say "about the door just take what i owe you out of Tamaki's next mission payment its his fault for not being able to avoid slipping on a banana peel when Tsuna was kidnapped, now then shall we all go home?" Tamaki's protest's that he didn't slip at all are completely ignored by everyone as we all head back to Roanapur.

Everyone is ether asleep or on a mission of some kind Tsuna now being the head of the Kasanoda family, Karma leading E-3 due to Nagisa not wanting to be the leader and the six former hosts falling in between the two while mixing with both kind of like a group of all trades with me leading them because the boys wanted their not so secret princess to lead them instead of their former host king, so we do odd jobs that the yakuza family members cant do safely and take some contracts for assassinations due to me being both an assassin and a member of E-3 still, the Varia decided to train new recruits for all three group but also for the family as one giant whole due to us being a massive family with all four groups living under one roof with me as the head of family the former mafia group make pretty good teachers, but the most shocking thing was the fact Chip and Dale chose to become the cooks and healer's of this massive family who knew my two little numb skulls were hiding such wonderful skills.

I am taking out of my thoughts by the former host's begin to sit around me until all seven of us are sitting on the roof of the school size house and i couldn't be happier with the way things turned out in the end i have my bat shit crazy family with me and no one has died in a few years the governments or mafia still hasn't found us not including Luce due to her being a creepy as fuck stocker bitch, i haven't seen my father since the birth of Haku but i am fine with that i made myself clear to him about what we were to one another the day i killed Reborn and i don't regret doing any of the things i did in the past and i probably wont ever regret them later ether.

My peace and silence ends when the twins start messing with Tamaki making him chase after the two of them before i trip the three of them sending the three trouble makers flying off the roof as i say "have a nice trip I'll see you three next fall" my answer are curse words from the three falling towards the pond and laughs-snickers-chuckles from the less troublesome members still on the roof as i grin happily at the forever crescent moon the sound of a familiar very distant laugh only making me grin in a almost mocking manner knowing Korosensei is still watching over us where ever he is maybe he is stuck on what remains of the moon i wonder if we can get our hands on a rocket ship to go check, hmm on second thought maybe not he can stay their watching us eat sweats and make snow cones without him.

And i head inside to do just that after all it's snow cone time some where so why not here and i am not surprised to soon find all of E-3 awake with all of us eating snow cones taking about all the crazy things we sis as kids we never really were normal kids after having a yellow octopus for a homeroom teacher we had to kill but we were assassins then and assassin's we shall stay.

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