"The universe, a gigantic field of stars filled with wonders and mystery. The universe is known to have a whole lot of worlds in it, but there are times when those worlds would be in peril by those of the Darkness. Fortunately there were a team of heroes from different worlds that came to stop any form of Darkness, they were the Light Squadron." Palutena narrated as it showed a montage of what the Light Squadron did.

"For centuries, they have defended the universe and saved our lives, they even defended a legendary power source known as "The Colored Stars." The colors included green, dark blue, light blue, red, orange, purple, pink, and finally the Yellow Grand Star. The Light Squadron has done so many great deeds, but that was many years ago. After their last mission they've been in hypersleep for many years until they were needed again. And I believe they might be...because I fear that a great evil is planning on freeing the Goddess of Darkness" Palutena narrated in a worrisome tone

It then cuts to a temple on the planet Corneria (a planet homed to the many Nintendo characters that were in Smash Bros, this planet is even bigger than Earth) and shows Marie (one of the Squid Sisters) and Hugo (a secretary from Skylander Academy) receiving instructions from Rowland (an anthropomorphic tiger priest) who told them that there are other heroes on the planet and from other worlds that could help as well. He gave them the yellow Chaos Emerald and said "I've seen too much to know that there isn't much hope left in the universe, without the Light Squadron or any of the other heroes on this planet, we may be doomed."

"Don't worry sir, we'll be able to call the Light Squadron and find even more helpers along the way!" Marie stated before Hugo also says to the priest "Some of the Skylanders are heading to this planet to start helping out, so don't worry-" before he could finish they both heard a shaking sound coming from outside the temple

"You two better hurry on out of here while you can!" The priest told them as he planned to stay, "But what about you?" Hugo asked him. "I shall stay and face my destiny" he stated so that the two could understand what he had meant. "We understand sir, come on Hugo, we gotta get going!" Marie exclaimed as they both start leaving the temple. As they were leaving, Rowland stayed as he saw the stone ceiling above him crack, and fall down on him.

After Marie and Hugo escaped the Temple, an army of Koopas and Goombas jumped down into the main room of the temple where Rowland once was. Then the almighty Bowser jumps down from his airship and into the temple, he wanted to deal with Rowland himself, but he saw that he already died when they broke the ceiling open. "Huh, it appears the old tigger is done for good...well that doesn't matter anymore it's time for the big unveiling, JR!" He exclaimed as his son, Bowser Jr came up and gave his dad the page that had a summoning spell capable of awakening an evil unlike no other.

"Summon goddess of the dark, show thyself before this ark" Bowser said as the wind began howling and the clouds began turning into a storm, but Bowser proceeded to complete the spell. "Free thy dreadful soul from its prison, ONCE MORE SHALL THEE BE RISEN!" Then storm clouds came as a huge coffin opened with a bunch of dark energy rising out of it. Then Medusa, the Goddess of Darkness herself, arose from her dreadful prison.

"Who has freed me from my dark prison?" She asked before the Koopa King answered, "I am Bowser, King of the Koopas, and I would like to help you in your conquest for the universe my new queen!" "What's in it for you?" She asked, then Bowser began explaining about the Colored Stars and their power, and how it could help them form a new Underworld Army and conquer the universe.

"Your offer is most intriguing Bowser, I shall help and make sure nothing stops us!" Medusa exclaimed as she used her dark magic to bring back someone that could help them and that person was Infinite.