Hey folks, Sorcerer SMC, here. Now I know you're all wondering if I'm going to continue writing chapters for Super Smash Bros Universe (formerly known as Super Nintendo Universe). Well honestly, I want to keep going, but at the same time I feel like remaking the story a bit, updating some chapters, and upgrade the story a bit so that things make more sense. Oh and decrease the roster so that it's not too big. For those of you who are curious of as to what happened over the past year or so, ever since Super Smash Bros Ultimate and it's adventure mode, World of Light, came out, I obviously felt like expanding that Adventure Mode so that it has more of a story. That's when I started creating my other story "World of Light: Extended Cut" which kinda felt like a bit of an easier version of Super Nintendo Universe. Don't get me wrong though, I'm not abandoning this story forever, I just feel like remaking it and changing things up so that I can develop the story more slowly rather than trying to rush it. If you guys have any ideas for a new name, or chapter ideas in general, let me know.