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Issei gasped as pain shot through his arms from the white, weighted end of the Vasto Lorde's Kusarigama slamming into his armored arms and driving him back thirty feet. His opponent yanked it back, spun it around her head five times within a second and launched it at him again.

One thing MMA training had not covered was…weapons. That was something he would have to correct at some point. Surely there was a style or teaching that dealt with bare hands vs weapons. Hell, he even had an advantage because his hands were armored-he lost his train of thought as he dodged the Vasto Lorde's next attack and she spun, her oppai bouncing with every motion.

If it was not for her creepy flesh wings, the woman's huge oppai and dark hair would have really done it for him. Speaking of her wings he had to take off and up, jets of green energy blasting from the back of his armor, as for her part the women's wings began to move at hummingbird speed. He was barely faster than her in a straight line, but any deviation from such would have her catch him.

Issei let out a breath and gathered a small ball of green power into the palm of his hand "Boost, Boost, Boost!" His Gear chimed.

That was when there was a flash of white as the Kusarigama moved past him and curved around. He was not able to avoid it when it cinched shut around his body, trapping his arms at his side.

He was abruptly jerked so hard it would have broken his neck if he had been human. He caught a glimpse of the woman's scary white mask before he was slammed into the ground and felt it break under the force, making him see stars. One of them was moving at him very fast, the sickle end of her weapon coming down like a headsman's axe. "Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost!" His gear screamed and he redirected all the power in his aura gauntlet into his own body. With a snarl he flexed and the chain broke. Issei rolled desperately and it was just enough to keep his head from being impaled, but the impact of the creature's weapon on the ground still sent him flying. Thankfully his Balance Breaker's flight capability was more than up to the task of righting him.

Pointing his hand at the Vasto Lorde he yelled, "Dragon Shot!" and sent a beam of green power howling towards her. She vanished before the energy could reach her, appearing in front of him, her foot in mid flight to slam against his head. Training took over and he lowered his body, letting the kick fly over him. The woman completed the kick and leapt into a spinning kick he had to block directly and it slammed him into the ground again.

It was unfair how she could stand in the air and act as if it was solid ground, however he was on the ground now and that was helpful. Even more helpful was the fact that the woman chased him down and engaged in hand to hand with him. She might be incredibly strong, but he had his feet under him now. He kept his hands up in a defensive posture as her lightning-fast legs smashed into his arms and his chest, he had never been more grateful for the Armor of his Balance Breaker.

Just like he had been taught his arms snapped out, one arm sliding under her leg, the other crossing over. There was no thought needed as he activated his boosters, hurling his body into a sharp flip, going over her knee using his whole body as a counterweight to twist the hollow's leg. There was a loud snap, and a scream of pain that sounded all too feminine. And Issei was bouncing along the ground, coming to his feet and looking at the leg he had just torn off of the Hollow. "Eww." He said and tossed it away.

The screaming stopped, Issei gulped as a flood of white substance erupted from the stump of the Hollow's leg. It blasted out like water from a firehose, hardening almost at once into something that looked like a termite mound. "Cheap shot." The Hollow hissed and with a sharp jerk yanked a new fucking leg out of the mound of white.

"That's not fair." Issei said.

His opponent did not take the time to say anything, two kunai made of crimson energy appeared in her hands, and she moved like Ichigo did, vanishing from sight, which was followed by the sound of static. Issei did what he had learned from Natsu, what he had learned from Ichigo, he used his senses, empowered as they were by his Devil nature and his Balance Breaker, focusing on smelling and hearing. If there was one thing this Hollow had it was a very defined scent, like poisonous flowers and blood. Her light footstep was like a raindrop hitting the ground, Issei turned, putting up his Aura Gauntlet and just like that the Hollow appeared, one of her Kunai clashing against the green energy over his arm. To his surprise the blow was not as strong as her kicks had been. His surprise faded as her second Kunai slipped between his guard, its point aimed right at his eye. Issei jerked his head back, yelping in terror. The tip of the blade, blazing hot with bright crimson energy pierced his Visor and was a centimeter away from his actual eye when his foot reached his opponent and she retreated rather than be hit.

Issei got his feet back under him but that was all the time he had, as the Hollow blurred into motion, her Kunai like red lighting she swung them so fast. "Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost..." The word kept repeating, his power growing, but not fast enough. And the more he used the Boost the faster the time where his Balance Breaker would end. His Aura Gauntlet was starting to flicker out, which meant that whatever power Ichigo had given him was starting to fade as well.

He felt like he had been cut with fire as one of the Kunai ripped across his chest leaving a trail of molten metal behind. His desperate counter attacks were dodged with almost contemptuous ease. "Could really use some help here." He said.

"If you're talking about what I think you are, its going to cost more than your arm."

"Sounds good," Issei squeaked, backpedaling to keep the Hollow from turning him into sushi, "Cause if you don't hurry Ddraig, I'm not going to have anything to give."

"I am going to need your other arm, your heart and everything below your waist, its going to hurt like shit."

Issei half shouted. "My arm did not change all that much so that sounds great." He boosted away, buying himself a few more seconds, pulling his arms and legs close, keeping the armor between her weapons and him. But she did not follow, with a small flick of her hands she took hold of the ends of the weapons and aimed. "Oh fuck!"

"This time there will be changes."

"DO IT!" Issei shouted as the Hollow hurled the Kunai at him.


Her name had once been Sakura Kuronaga, memories of her time as a human were distant things for the most part. A life lived in the shadows, spying, killing, doing the bidding of whoever her lord was. Even that was faded and small, but one memory was crystal and perfect.

A full moon, falling sakura leaves, the feeling of her heartbeat as it pounded against her skin. The nervous excitement of a maiden in love, that precious feeling that filled her chest. She had never dreamed that someone like her would feel that way. Such an event had never even crossed her mind, the chance to love and not just anyone. The son of a lord, a man who could take her out of the life that would one day end her.

That night, the feeling of his hands on hers, her mouth on his lips, his...other parts, a night which had seared that pleasure into her soul. Burned the love of that man so hard into her memory that even now, even as a Hollow she could not expunge that memory. What followed was a night under the stars, naked as they held one another…then pain...a lance of metal though her back, the sight of his now cold eyes and gone…done.

To feel his Soul again, to know that such a piece of shit had gotten through the Wheel of Reincarnation, while she had become a monster was untenable. It was unfair, it was wrong and she would set it right.

Looking up she watched as the explosion of her Cero kunai faded, unsurprised to still sense that fetid Soul. He had survived longer than expected the first time around. The light faded and he stood there, his arms crossed, that crimson armor gone. For the first time she saw his hair and his face...and knew it was him. They even looked the same...or at least they had. The boy's arms were covered in red scales, where his pants had been torn she could see further scales across his legs. Those same scales were visible on the sides of his face, crawling up his cheeks and across his forehead. His green eyes had become slitted, his hands and feet were still human in shape, but fully covered by the red scales.

"FUCK!" The sound had enough force to make her take a step back. "THAT FUCKING HURT!" The boy howled. He clenched his fist so hard she saw blood the color of liquid magma drip off his fist. His crimson gauntlet was gone, but over the area where his heart would have been was a sheet of crimson metal, with a green gem pulsing like it was a heartbeat.


The boy jerked and let out a gasp. "Ok...where is my Balance Breaker?"

Sakura tilted her head, drawing on her Cero to create two kunai, waiting to see what this development was. "Of course it's recharging."

The boy looked at her then blushed. "I know I should not have said that out loud, what should I do?" It was only then he seemed to look himself over. "Oh no, I'm a scaly." He paused. "Nevermind what that is."

Ok, this was going nowhere, Sakura blurred into motion, covering the distance between her and the boy in the space of a syllable from his foul mouth. Somehow he was already turning to meet her, despite the fact that she knew his vision could not keep up, he got an arm in the way and it flared with green fire that seeped out in between the scales and it somehow stopped her Kunai. In fact her Kunai caught fire...spiritual particles igniting as if they were tinder.

She had not been ready for a point blank explosion, it took off more of her arm up to the shoulder and slammed her hard against the ground. Above her the boy had manifested draconic wings which were curled around him like a cloak. "Ok, that was cool." He said, seeming to really look at himself rather than take advantage of her weakness. Said weakness was already vanishing as her arm was restored completely, the drain on her Spiritual Power only slight.

" know I was taught how to fight by a Natsu and now I have dragon parts...ehh I'm going to lean into it." He gave her a mock serious look. "Secret Dragon Art: Uhh...Big Fist." Behind him a green sigil flashed to life. A large circle with a stylized dragon wrapped around a five pointed quincy cross. It seemed pathetic, but the fist of fire the size of a wagon smashing down at her was enough to make her take it seriously. She jumped back, moving up into the air as the fist impacted and exploded in a flash of green fire.

"No, I don't remember the names that Fairy Tail gave the spells. Yes, I will think of better names, now will you shut up and let me fight the woman trying to kill us?"

She gathered her power into four crimson Kunai and hurled them at him, the boy let out a yelp as a voice shouted, "Boost!"

Green fire ignited under his feet and launched him away, but he quickly lost control of and started careening in random directions making him almost impossible to target. And his screaming was annoying, with a sigh she began to move her hand though old hand signs, letting her power flow from her out into the world.

The boy managed to turn off the flames under his feet and used his wings to right himself, she ignored him to complete her Justu. With a shout of effort seven separate beams of Cero shot skyward. The Boy looked up to follow the attacks, his face confused as the beams joined into a circular band of power. "Oh no." He said. As the band tilted the empty area in the circle moving to point at him like the scope of a gun.

Small bolts of her Cero flashed out as if shot out of a fully-automatic machine gun and it was amusing to watch as he tried to dodge, failed and had to cover himself in his wings. They lit on fire and her Cero began to burn and detonate.

Her fingers began to move in the same hand seals, as she smirked at the helplessness of her foe, that was until there was a flash of light and an expanding orb of green fire. She blinked as it took the shape of a claw and lashed out at her turret detonating the whole thing. " so cool!" He shouted, turning on her and beating his wings hard enough to create gale force winds behind him.

Reaching into her body she pulled out another Kusarigama, her left hand took a firm grip on the Kama while her other began to spin the ball and chain. The bone white material began to glow red as she channeled her Cero though it.

She moved forward in a burst of speed, covering the distance between herself and the boy, unlike the start of his fight, his eyes, pupils now just slits in green orbs, followed her, though his body was still slower. She slashed her Kama across one of his wings, and the tip dug in ever so slightly. It took more strength than she would have thought to rip a molten red line across the whole of it.

Leaping to the side in a twisting flip she avoided a blast of green fire and swung her right hand forward letting go of the chain whip. If his hands had not already been up in a defensive stance she would have beaned him in the forehead, but as it was it glanced off his arm, though his shout of pain was pleasing. Grabbing the chain she jerked it back and spun it in a wide arch before letting go of the kama and taking the chain in both her hands.

The blade came down like a Katana, but the boy got a wing in front of the blow and her blade glanced off it, though only just. She made the chain wrap around her arm like a snake leaving only about ten feet on the end as she yanked back the Kama. It was just in time as the boy was on her. Lashing out with his newly scaled arms, the blows all decent in form and exaction, and most importantly he never let his defence fall. His raw attack power suffered for it, but despite that she was avoiding him, backpledding and lashing him with Kama and chain ball, some of which he managed to avoid completely, which was worrying.

But he was just far too slow, at least when not moving in a straight line, as she found out, when his wings snapped out hard and he was suddenly in her space, his fist slamming into her chest. It would have been worse if she had not already been moving back, the action bleeding some of the force.

Her body was already healing, but the fact that it was taking more than the minimum amount of power to do so was annoying. Sakura was starting to think that his boy might very well be her worst kind of opponent, she depended on her Cero Tricks much more than her fellow Lorde's. None could match her in variety or control however, at least physically speaking, she was weaker and less tough, though much, much faster.

Guess it was time to really start taking this fight seriously. She flashed back leaving the sound of static behind her and with a focused effort of will her body began to emit blasts of white smoke, she flashed again as far away and behind the boy as possible, her hands moving though hand seals.

A bust of green fire engulfed the smoke and detonated the spiritual energy that composed it, Sakura made a note of that as she finished her Jutsu. Her eyes gleamed as six copies of her appeared, though she expended a great deal of power in doing so. Time to see how protected the boy was, from the power of Cero.




Issei whirled on instinct, as six freaking...clones, he would go with that, rushed him. They all had different weapons, one had two fans, another dual Kama, one had a Chinese longsword, another a Naginata, one a Katana and the last had a spear. "Boost!" He used the sudden surge of power to gather a ball of fire and hurl it at them, detonating it in the middle, but all of them seemed just as fast as the original. He pulled his wings in so they fell across his whole flank like a cloak, felt some comfort in that his heart was...well he was not sure he actually had a literal heart anymore.

"You do not, you have a core now."

Guess that was a Dragon thing, was his last thought as he was swarmed. MMA was not the best against multiple armed opponents which was made plain as they slammed into him. Blades slashing or stabbing. His arms were in the way and his lower half was just as well defended...he was pretty sure his balls were inside his body now, either that or dragons could not feel their ball sack.

"As if we would leave something so vital exposed."

He did what he could as they tried to give him their best impression of a death by a thousand cuts. Well, except for the spear girl, her weapon shattered as she tried to ram it though the place where his heart had been and found only red metal.

"You really need to think, boy. Remember you were once a human, you monkeys are very clever, use that."

Well, that was good for him to say, Issei wished his Balance Breaker was recharged, but that was not the case. He could feel new gouges and cuts being inflicted on his wings. He had to think, pretend this was a video game and that one ability he had would solve the boss fight.

His eyes shot open as the six clones whirled about him, moving so fast it would be hard to suddenly change direction. He imagined small green glyphs of power forming in his lungs, letting them build as he changed his boosted power though them. And with no warning he opened his mouth and unleashed a torrent of flame.

It only caught one but that was better than nothing, he felt a surge of pleasure that was wiped out by the sudden explosion. It felt like he got hit point blank by a 747 in a dive bomb, even with his scales refracting most of the power it still hurt. Then he felt a pair of arms wrap around his neck, two more pairs around his legs, and the last two around his arms. His vision cleared as he saw the last five clones a moment before his back slammed into the ground and each of the busty bodies holding him began to glow red.

"Oh Fuck."/"Oh Fuck." He and Ddraig said at the same time.




It looked like a nuclear weapon had gone off, a mushroom cloud of crimson red, enough Spiritual Power to warp the space around it, tearing little cracks in space to reveal hints of the void beyond, before reality forced itself back together. Sakrua was slightly disappointed to see the boy was alive, alive and conscious, though with his human skin blacked the way it was, he probably wished he was not. At least she thought so until she saw it started to heal, green dragon fire pumped out of the area where his heart should have been.

With a long breath she began to gather a Cero again, but this time focusing it to a needle point. The boy lay helpless as he was healed and Sakura had no reason to let him do so. "See you next Reincarnation, Toshi." She whispered and unleashed a black beam of energy, aimed right between the eyes.

There was a detonation and she frowned, the energy backlashed almost enough to reach her position. Before the black energy could clear, Sakura felt the new arrival. Felt the strong Spiritual Power, though there was an odd…flavor to it.

Cold wind began to blow as clouds began to darken with the promise of rain, in the distance she heard thunder and for the briefest moment felt as if she caught the eye of a creature too vast even for her.

Then the black cleared and she saw what had happened. A Man stood in front of the boy, he was taller, much broader, his skin brown as if it had been baked in the sun. At least the skin she could see, one arm was black with a shield like protrusion, the other was white and closed into a fist. His body was covered in green scales, very similar to the boy behind him. The shield had been used to block her piercing Cero and did not seem to have suffered any damage whatsoever.

She heard the boy wheeze out. "Thanks, All Might."

The man coughed to cover a laugh and held up his fist, his deep voice booming. "I am here." The boy's laughter became stronger with every wheeze.

"Who are you?" She interrupted.

His hard eyes turned to her. "Chad." Then there was a burst of static and he was in front of her. Sakura dodged back, swinging her Kama to impact on his black fist, but her weapon shattered on impact. She felt the wind push against her back as if trying to shove her into his range. She twisted back launching the ball end of her weapon, but his white arm moved in a blur catching the chain and yanking her forward.

Letting go of the weapon she manifested two Cero kunai, both of them blurred in bursts of static, that damn wind fighting her in whichever direction she tried to move. Crimson sparks flew as she slashed and stabbed, as he maneuvered his arm with a skill far exceeding that of the boy on the ground. Crimson sparks were flying with every impact and he was keeping his White arm tucked in close at his side like a spear being made ready for a single lethal strike.

Channeling a Cero into her foot she attempted to sneak it by his defence with a sudden surprise kick. But his arm snapped up and took the impact on his shield, and she felt it when some of her Spiritual Power was absorbed into the thing and with an athletic maneuver that would have snapped a mortal in to, she merged the two Kunai into one, extending its length to two and a half feet and rotated her body almost vertical so that even as her foot swung away she could thrust her weapon into the man's massive frame.

That was when his white hand swept up, like a striking snake, to catch her Kunai open handed making her weapon...not explode, but dissipate, all the energy being sucked into the white hand.

Sakura launched herself back moving at her full speed even as the wind kicked up to almost hurricane force, the faster she moved the harder it pushed back.

It made her feel slow, and as the man's large form began to catch up, the same wind blowing against her was at the man's back making him faster. Spinning onto her back she unleashed a Cero at him, and he responded with a blast of his own energy, tinged with the power he had stolen from her. The blasts collided, coloring the world around them in blue and crimson light. "Deus," She heard in her ear as he appeared in front of her, his white hand glowing with ominous power, "Del Rayo."

Sakura threw herself back out of the range of his fist, but not out of the range of a lightning bolt the size of a battleship, whose light was seen over the whole of Japan. Sakura almost lost consciousness and was sure she had lost about a second of time because she found herself at the bottom of a burned out crater, her body already regenerating, though taking a great deal of power in order to make sure she was back up within seconds.

She felt the wind push down on her like a weight and saw the Man appear just a few feet from her, looking down upon her as if she was nothing of consequence. that case. "Evolución absoluta."




Issei finally felt good enough to stand up, it had been an annoying sensation to be helpless and having to have someone else save his ass. Though Chad was a good guy, so it was not too bad. "Ouch." He wheezed. His scaled hands did a quick check over his body making sure everything was there, pausing for a second on his junk as something very much felt off down there, but Issei quickly dismissed it because he did not have time to freak out. "Evolución absoluta." The Vasto Lorde's words echoed over the landscape. There was a wave of pink energy that erupted from the Hollow's back blasting off her wings as the energy she was outputing replaced them.

The ground rippled as the Hollow flicked her hand out and a wave of earth, glowing faintly of pink energy, surged up like a wave to crash down on Chad. Rather than dodge he leapt into it and punched, the blow blasting a hole for him to leap though. Issei saw the Hollow raise her hand to her lips and blow, sending a stream of what looked like pink glitter. Chad's leap put him right in the way and even with his shield out in front of him the glitter flowed around it, landing on his body, being inhaled by his powerful breath. There was a loud snap and each of the tiny pink stars erupted. Issei saw Chad spit blood out of his mouth as the tiny Cero fragments he had inhaled exploded.

Sakura did not stop there; she slammed her hand into the ground and all around her, the earth split and glowed as if it were a volcano. Under Chad that same ground erupted, chunks of molten rock, beams of Cero all slammed into him and Issei lost sight of the man. "Come on," He hissed, to himself, to his Dragon, "Come on."


Metal erupted from the area where his heart had been, flowing over his body in a red wave, reforming his Balance Breaker. Though it was different now, he felt the armor change, as his mind flashed though the battle he had just seen, the fight he had just been a part of, the Armor responded to that. It became sleeker, smaller, lighter, part of it under his wrists, on the back of his ankles, extra ports for his armor's booster effect opened. He felt pain as the energy of the Balance Breaker was forced into his helmet visor and eyes. Issei did not feel all that much stronger, in a physical sense, but then again strength was not what he needed. "Balance Breaker: Multi Chromatic Dragon!" As his armor finished forming the red metal seemed to flicker until it was green and the gem where his heart had been glowed red.

"Ok." Issei let out a breath and steam erupted from his face plate, when he moved he, at that moment, knew what it felt like to be a Knight. The word seemed to blur and slow as he ran fast enough to leave trails of green light behind him.

The Hollow seemed to be moving his speed, to his perception they were having a normal speed fight and that was something he could work with. Her hand moved up and she blew pink dust his way, boosters on his back and feet ignited and for a few steps even she seemed to be in slow motion for several long strides, allowing him to go around the deadly Cero Fragments. The Boosters cut off and the Vasto Lorde was whirling, two fans made of pink energy, extended and slashing like knives.

Issei did not try to close with her, a small ball of green energy formed in his closed fist, he Boosted it once, shaving off a bit of time he could spend in the Balance Breaker. That was how this armor worked, thanks to his new body it could last longer so long as he kept the Boost in the ten second limit. If he used a Boost earlier it would shave time off. "Dragon Mangum!" He shouted, very proud of himself for that cool name. Miming a punch a bolt of green energy no larger than a golf ball shot out, but the ball was fast, really fast.

Yet despite that the Hollow almost managed to get out of the way, he saw her start to use her high speed movement, start to move faster than him, parts of her body seeming to vanish. But the Dragon Mangum just scratched her side, ripping her out of the movement technique and blasting her into a spinning roll across the ground. Issei charged her, but as she rolled her hand clawed into the ground and a wall of molten rock and magma erupted in front of him. He did not have time to stop and could only scream in pain as he slammed into and through it, the heat feeling like it was cooking him inside his armor. Perhaps if most of his body had not been that of a dragon it might have done more. But Issei passed though it and right into a cloud of pink glitter "Shit" His boosters activated and he managed to partly get out of the field before it detonated and sent his lightly-armored ass flying.

But it seemed he had accomplished one thing, he had distracted the Vasto Lorde because a very angry Chad rejoined the fight with a vengeance, the Hollow having to bend her whole body like she was doing the limbo to avoid the clenched white fist that missed her by inches. Lightning sprang from the arm and burned her anyway, but it was minor compared to the hill, twenty feet in front of the man which exploded like it had been filled with dynamite.

She came up swiping with a claw that trailed the power of Cero, but it met the powerful black shield arm and detonated, blasting him back a few feet and her back almost twenty. Issei moved in behind her a Dragon Mangum charged and ready.

Sakura let out a long sigh and...three of her just sort of stepped out of her body, two facing him and and two facing Chad. "Cool," He said, "Clones are cool, but they don't have the power of the main." That was when two legs slammed into him with all the strength of the original. "Dragon Ball Z lied." He wheezed. As the two equally powerful clones facing him manifested long pink Naginata, the ones facing Chad created whips.

His Armor reacted to the threat, drawing off what little armor he had around his legs, his chest and back, moving it to his arms, thickening them so they could withstand the Cero Weaponry. "Please let this at least be her last trick." He breathed.

When the two vanished in bursts of static, his boosters activated and suddenly they were not so invisible any more, still like watching a car while he was walking, but you could react to a car. As both appeared and swung their weapons at his neck and his legs he knelt, his arms outstretched, catching both weapons on the back of his arms before flicking out his fingers and firing his Dragon Mangum's. It was almost point blank and the bolts were moving so much faster than even the Vasto Lorde. The women were blasted away, and Issei dashed after the one on his right. She somehow managed to right herself, pressing a hand in the ground in mid flight and flipping herself back to her feet, but Issei reached her before she could get her weapon in his way. It felt good to land three solid, well-timed, well-executed punches, each one lighting fast and each one smashing into her masked face.

As she stumbled back Issei's hearing, further enhanced by his new, more draconic form, warned him of movement. He whirled and blocked a powerful chop with one arm and channeled his Devil Power into his other, manifesting a claw of green fire the size of a car and attempting to slam it into her. She used her Naginata as a pole to shove herself up and over it, and Issei was forced to turn and deal with his second attack as she surged back towards him. She must not have expected the lower part of his helmet to open and Issei to issue forth a torrent of green fire with the blast force of a bomb right in her face. "BOOST, BOOST, BOOST!" His jets went on overdrive, pushing his speed to the limit, the armor and his body straining under the pressure as he moved from his spot, the Naginata of his second attacker was just about to take his head off. Issei winced as he felt the armor's time start to run low. To Boost before ten seconds shaved off time, to boost twice that shaved off a lot of time. Hell, if he just went infinite boosts the armor would last about ten seconds.

What was really bad about that was, in truth he had a moderate amount of Devil Power. The Boost gave him more to work with, but most of his abilities required that boost to function at a level that could be considered effective. The one that did not, well, he did not think Dress Break was going to work on her skin, let alone the fact that she was a Hollow.

The one he had set on fire was back on her feet, half of her mask was missing and he could see what looked like a pretty face glaring pure hatred at him. The other was spinning her weapon in preparation for another brutal assault. Issei was currently out of options, at least if he wanted to wait ten seconds, his Devil Power was starting to run low, these damn things kept regenerating and it was fucking unfair.

"All or nothing?" He asked Ddriag.

"Sounds good to me."

"Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost..."

The word kept repeating, transforming his small amount of power into something much greater, each boost doubling his power, and then doubling that power, again and again, over and over. Issei felt his body tear as he moved, the world seeming to stand still. He was in between his two opponents in that heartbeat. In each of his hands were two orbs of green light, he smashed the two of them together, all the power he had. "Dragon Nova!" He howled and the world went green.

Issei blinked as his whole body just sort of locked up, as if he had torn every muscle in it, his armor was gone and he stood in a crater the size of a city block. Issei blinked a few times, looking around. Chad looked a little crispy and he had been on the outer edge of the blast, his two opponents were gone and his arm was shrouded in blue light, forming a shield that covered his whole body. "Sorry." He gasped.

Whatever the man was going to say was cut off as lightning seared his whole body and a sick feeling flooded him, he looked down to find the blade of a pink katana emerging from his sternum. He could only stare as more agony seared him and the weapon started to erupt. A white hand slammed down on the weapon, closing around the blade and absorbing it a heartbeat before it could have ended his existence. Issei fell forward into Chad's arms feeling incredibly weak. His head flopped to the side and he was able to see the Vasto Lord, looking triumphant. "Right," He muttered, "She's a ninja, the clones were distractions." He coughed out. A numbness starting to spread, despite his Draconic regeneration, or perhaps in spite of it. Without it he would already be dead, his insides cooked to a crisp.

"Well," Sakura gave them a mocking bow as a rift in the air opened behind her, "My work here is done." Perhaps it was Issei's imagination, but she looked like she was about to fall over dead on the spot, Chad could have taken her then, he was sure of it, but the big man was already moving, holding him like he was nothing more than an infant as the moved from static burst to static burst, leaving behind the Vasto Lorde to retreat to wherever she had come from. "Ddraig?" he thought, his mind starting to fade into unconsciousness. "Hold On Boy."

"Ddraig, if I survive this, I swear I am going to take that woman down with my own hands."

"That's a good Wyrmling, keep up those Dragon thoughts, hold them to you, they will keep you alive."

That was the last thing Issei remembered as he went limp.




Hope you all enjoyed, the chapters will be getting shorter but with all the stuff in my life the way it is, it is the only way I can keep this story going. If things quite down I might be able to crank out bigger chapters but we will have to see what happens.




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Drop The boom

So, the potential paths open are:

With Koneko in Hueco Mundo, perhaps reinforcements of the Arrancar kind will show themselves.

Rukia's sacrifice can't be undone (Orihime's power doesn't work on 'concepts', only that which is real and measurable); that being said Yamamoto's plot is in shambles thanks to the Central 46 being the typical politicians on a power grab. Attacking two-thirds of the Biblical Pantheon was a grave error, as since 'only direct attacks work on (pick a side)' as demonstrated in the Kokabiel fight there's no way Michael, Sirzechs, and/or Azazel (who Fell because of Gabriel) DON'T know what's happening. And yes, I noticed where the Morning Star a.k.a Let There Be Light (After the Darkness) Grace went.

Although I have to ask... Bunny-girl Tatsuki? Really? You've already got plenty of RWBY references, I think that's enough of that.

Things are going to be as easy for Yamamoto's plan, but that was why he sent someone who could tug on the heartstrings. Its the only way of control he knows has a chance of working.

Glad you noticed where the Grace of Morning Star went. I only made sense considering Gabriel is said to be the most crown jewel of creation.

Yes I did have to bunny girl Tatsuki….though it was not a RWBY reference, merely me always taking into account that this is a DXD crossover and Sexy is nearly a universal law in that universe.





Everyone: "How the fuck did the Ashura get turned into a hollow?"

Aizen: *sneezes*

Also Aizen "No not this time, that seems like a freak accident they probably got caught up in the great separation...oh you don't know what that is...well that will have to wait."





Yo awesome work as usual this chapter. Thanks for your earlier reply regarding Tatsuki and I can rock with the direction you chose.

You seem to be a huge Bleach fan so I'd like to ask what you feel about the return in general and also the One shot the dropped on the anniversary.

Additionally I'm not sure what you planned for Soul Society and Hell in SS in general but withoud spoiling anything how does this new oneshot and direction Kubo overlap or conflict with that concept?

Excited and happy, I am glade the its world still moves on, though I will forever have a little salt about not getting my Ichiruki paring but that is what fanfiction is for.




A few people have spoken about the idea of shorter chapters, I do not plan on cutting anything short, an example would be, a fight that takes one whole chapter now takes three or four. Same content, easier for me to make.