Author's notes: This is chapter 10 of an 11 chapter - adult fan fiction story involving mostly Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable.

I do not own the rights to Kim Possible nor do I make any money from this story. It is purely for entertainment.

** WARNING: This story will involve sexual content. **

Chapter 10 – Breaking The Code

In less than 24 hours Kim & Ron finally got back to the US. Shego had found there new wrist devices from Mr. One just before she burned the prison camp down. So Mr. One was able to tell them to meet them at the same gas station where the mission started.

When they finally arrived at the old gas station, this time nobody meet them there. It was empty. There were 2 briefcases on the floor in the middle of the bay area.

Just before Ron bent over to pick one up Mr. One activated there wrist phones. Kim and Ron told him that the mission was a success. The codes were delivered.

Mr. One responded in a angry tone, "No it wasn't. Not only did the mission take over 3 days when you only had 2 but Ron gave up his code."

Kim tried to explain, "We got caught. I was…"

Mr. One interrupted her, "No. You compromised the mission!"

Ron tried to reason with him. "You have no idea what she went through. She was put through hell. I saw it with my own eyes!"

Mr. One told them both, "Before you left on the mission I said this would have to be your test. You failed!"

Kim and Ron both bow their heads in defeat.

Mr. One reminded them. "Remember, you both signed my contract, so you can't sue me over this whole ordeal. Besides, even if you tried, I make it a point to be invisible. You never meet me so I can be…anyone."

At that moment the image of what Kim and Ron knew of Mr. One was morphed into a bearded man then into an old man, then into Sam from the gas station then the man with a red and black jacket with a hood and then finally to Kelly, the girl they meet in the office.

Kim and Ron looked completely stunned as the picture in the screen faded to black.

Within a few seconds, there wrist things started to get hot. They quickly took them off and threw them of the floor. Within a minute, each device burned to a crisp. There was nothing left of either of them. Shego burned the prison camp to the crown and killed all those inside, now the only connected to the mission itself was destroyed. All the evidence of what just happen to them…was gone.

Ron finally bent down to open the briefcase, but Kim stopped him. "No…don't. It might be a bomb."

Kim pulled out of her pocket her OTHER old kimmunicator. "Wade…"

Before she could continue he tried to tell her, "Oh, I'm lucky you called, I have some news for you about your codes."

"It can wait. First I need your help. I need a scan of these 2 cases."

"You know, you're lucky it's Saturday and I don't work weekends at my new job. Let's see, looks like paper."

Ron asked, "Paper?"

Kim was still paranoid, "Is there any indication of a bomb?"


Kim and Ron opened the cases and looked inside. Each one had one million dollars in cash in it.

Ron asked, "I don't get it? He paid for the job anyway?"

"He or whoever he was."

Kim signed and felt totally taken advantage of, "I feel like a hooker. Like this guy just paid me a million dollars to have a bunch of guys rape me."

Ron refused to give up, "No, we will find this - Mr. One!"

"No Ron, it's over."

"What's over?"

Wade tried to get their attention, " Guys…it doesn't matter!"

"What do you mean?", Kim asked.

"I cracked the codes you gave me and you're not going to like it. Ron's code was the key. A3R meant to use the alphabet, 3 letters to the right. Kim's code was the actual message.

Ron seemed lost, "Yea, so."

Deciphered Kim's code read, "I Am Bloodline."

They suddenly realize now that Mr. One was…Bloodline!