Pancakes With A Federal Agent

"Who is she Light who is she damn it Light answer me already!" Misa said angrily. As she continued to follow Light angrily around; and continued to do so even after they returned to headquarters. This caused everyone to look at them ever since the pair came back to headquarters. Light said nothing and he continued to say nothing at first. Misa hasn't let up on annoying Light ;since she somehow found him at the diner with the other woman. Once that was found out well lets just say Misa made a grand scene in the diner.

Everyone was looking at them and Light was highly embarrassed and ashamed; but didn't show it at least not yet. Hearing Misa continue to squawk like an annoying bird in the background. Finally unable to take it anymore Light finally snapped he then slammed Misa up against the wall; you could hear a pin drop because no one knew Light could ever act like that. "Misa just shut up already that other woman you keep talking about. I don't know who she I just bumped into her and we just shared some friendly chit and that's it got it so drop it already!" Light said as he released his hold on Misa. After Misa got over her initial shock of Light's sudden outburst she then saw Light began to walk away; and that just infuriated Misa even more.

"Well then why did you buy her coffee and pancakes Light; do you have feelings suddenly for this tall skinny blue eyed blonde!" Misa snapped back as she challenged Light. Before Misa could say or do anything Light pushed her hard up against the wall; Misa could only flinch she could feel her heart stop and her blood run cold. Light was now beyond angry; and she could she the anger in his eyes because Misa could have sweared she saw the pits of hell within Light's eyes. "I am not going to repeat myself again Misa do I make myself clear; and furthermore so what if I brought the young woman in question pancakes and coffee in some diner. It could have been in any random diner….." Light didn't get to finish.

Before Misa broke in once again and said "with some other random woman who isn't me!" Frustrated that he was getting nowhere with Misa Light said " So what Misa so what if I was in contact with another woman who's probably more beautiful than you." This caused Misa to gasp and Light to smirk; Light then grabbed Misa's chin in between his fingers and then whispered in her ear in his most chilling voice so no one else could hear "So if you could please me Misa you could start by not trying to kill this other woman with your Shinigami eyes; and writing her name in your own death note for your own sick pleasure and satisfaction." Light then left Misa where she stood shocked and full of mixed emotions. All the while Light Yagami wondered was he really falling for the other skinny, blue eyed, and blonde hair woman like Misa suggested. Was Light Yagami really falling for Jennifer Jareau known to her friends as "JJ" a federal FBI agent who worked for the Behavioral Analysis Unit or more commonly known as the BAU.

Hey Smart Kira here this is my first attempt at a Death Note/Criminal Minds crossover fanfic. With the following characters Light Yagami and Jennifer Jareau. Please let me know if you'd like me to write anymore fanfics based on the pair.