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Chapter Two:

The Hospital Wing was shining brightly as usual when a figure on one of the beds began to shift. The two other students in the Hospital Wing turned to watch as green eyes opened to stare at the white ceiling. The boy lying on the bed sighed and sat up.

"Did I faint?" Harry asked, looking around at the other two. Hermione and Nott could only nod before the noise brought Madam Pomfrey hurrying out of her office.

"Mr. Potter, how are you feeling?" The matron stood next to the bed, running spells over him to check on the babies.

"Overwhelmed," was his reply. "Scared, excited, nervous, hopeful, worried."

"That's understandable," Madam Pomfrey agreed, before stating, "Well, you and your children are doing well." She smiled. "I want you to rest, Harry. I know this is hard for the three of you students, but I'll help you however I can."

"Thank you, Madam Pomfrey." Harry smiled back at her, before looking at the other two pregnant students. "Are we free to go?"

"Yes, dear."

The three students slowly walked out of the hospital wing, deep in thought. Then Harry spoke up, "What are we going to do?"

"What can we do?" asked Hermione. Her logical side was warring with her shocked, pregnant self. "If everyone finds out, we'll have to marry whoever is the other parent, and our families will find out. But, we can't keep this secret, because everyone will eventually find out, and then we'll have to marry the other parent with our families still finding out!"

"Granger, stop." Nott placed a hand on her shoulder. "Freaking out won't help anyone."

Harry looked at the Slytherin. "What do you suggest we do? It seems we need your Slytherin cunning." He smiled to take the bite out of his words.

Nott stared in shock at the Gryffindor. "Um, well, Madam Pomfrey is already going to notify the Ministry so that they can perform the right paternity spell. I suggest we don't tell anyone until the ministry official gets here. Then we go from there."

Harry nodded, slowly. "Yes, I can see that. What if something goes wrong, as it usually does?"

"Then we deal with it together," Hermione replied.

The two boys nodded, and they all walked into the Great Hall. Theo walked over to the Slytherin table, and sat next to Draco and Blaise who both glanced at him worriedly. Harry and Hermione separated themselves from where Ron sat, and surrounded themselves by the twins, Neville, Seamus, and Dean.

"Is there a reason why-"

"-you're not sitting with Ron?"

"Because watching him eat is making us sick," Harry replied, bluntly. He grabbed an orange, and slowly peeled it to get the entire peel off in one strip.

"Harry!" Hermione whispered. Harry ducked his head.

Neville nodded, his eyes shifting from Harry to Hermione and back. "That's understandable."

Seamus and Dean shared a look before Dean asked the all important question, "Where were you yesterday?"

Harry and Hermione looked at each other, with worried but cautious eyes. Harry nodded, and Hermione responded, "We were in the hospital wing. We started feeling ill this morning, likely from the blue smoke in Potions yesterday, and seeing Ron talking with his mouth full made us sick. So, we went to the hospital wing to see what was wrong with us and if it could be fixed." She had turned to look at the boys sitting around them during her little speech.

"Do you know what's wrong?" Fred asked.

"Yes," Harry replied.

"What is it?" George spoke up.

"I promise, we'll tell you soon, but please let us come to terms with it first." She grabbed a glass and filled it with water, before taking a sip. The five boys around her and Harry nodded in agreement. "Good," she replied.


At the end of Breakfast, Dumbledore stood up. "It has come to my attention that three students were affected by the blue smoke in yesterday's Potions Accident, and have ended up pregnant." The whole school looked up at him in shock, but three students in particular looked at him in horror. Madam Pomfrey tried to stop him, but he silenced her with a silent and wandless spell. "I am going to cast a spell to see who fathered the children, and then if the 'mothers' are in a different house, they are to get resorted into the house of the 'fathers'."

Harry looked at Madam Pomfrey with a betrayed look on his face, but noticed that she was speaking but no sound was coming out. "Hermione, he silenced Madam Pomfrey! Something tells me that she didn't tell him about the three of us, and that he found out some other way."

Hermione nodded, and everyone watched as Dumbledore walked over to the Slytherin table.

Theo shook in fear and anger as the Headmaster walked over to his section of the table. He felt Draco's hand pat his own before it moved away.

Dumbledore waved his wand over Theodore, and a silver light spread from the boy's stomach up above the table to show the names of the baby's parents. Theodore's name appeared and then Blaise Zabini's name appeared beside his. "Well," Dumbledore said. "Mr. Zabini, congratulations! You are a father!" He smiled, benignly.

Blaise looked at Theo, surprised but not too worried (actually kind of happy). "I will get in touch with your family. Don't worry, Theo." He smiled at his best friend.

Dumbledore walked over to the Gryffindor table, ignoring the wary looks he was getting from two-thirds of the Golden Trio. He also ignored the confused looks from the other students. He stopped in front of Hermione, noticing the betrayed look on Ron's face and inwardly smirking. Dumbledore waved his wand over Hermione's stomach and the 'father's' name surprised everyone. Severus Snape.

Hermione paled.

A voice rose up, "You cheated on me?!" Ron Weasley stood up suddenly. His face was turning an angry red. "When you refused to sleep with me, it was because you were screwing the Dungeon Bat?!"

Hermione shook. "Ron, no! I've never slept with anyone!" She saw his anger falter slightly, but noticed that he was still mad. "I swear on my magic that I am a virgin, and that I was waiting for my wedding night to have sex." A bright glow surrounded her, acknowledging her oath. She performed a small light spell to show that she spoke the truth.

Ron was surprised, along with everyone else, that she would swear on her magic. "So, this really is because of the potions accident?"

"Yes!" Hermione exclaimed. She was getting tired of the fighting...

"Then we can get married and raise your baby together," he said, as if that solved everything.

"No, my dear boy." Dumbledore was quick to dissuade the youngest male Weasley. "I'm afraid that the 'mothers' will have to marry the 'fathers'. There's no other way. You wouldn't want to be arrested for line theft, now would you?"

All through the short fight between Weasley and Granger, Severus was in shock. A student was carrying his child?! It couldn't be true! When he looked again, his name stared back at him as if mocking him. Severus never imagined that he would ever have a kid, or even want one, but now he was going to be a father.

Hermione stood up as the paternity spell faded. Well, it looked like there was no other way. She would have to be resorted and marry her new head of house. She was angry that her choice was taken from her, but she knew there was a bright side. At least she'd have two babies to love.

Harry watched sadly as his friend walked over to the Sorting Hat and was resorted into Slytherin. As she walked over to sit near Theodore, Harry turned to look up at Dumbledore. Fear and worry was etched upon the last Potter's face. With a wave of the Headmaster's wand, Draco Malfoy's name appeared next to Harry's.