It was a hot summer day in Medora, and D.C. couldn't wait until they got into the

water. She had invited Alex, Jordan, Bear, Kaiden and Declan to the palace, intending

for them to have a pool party. Alex had arrived a good ten minutes before, and D.C.

had taken the initiative and styled Alex. She was quite proud of her work. Alex was

wearing a dark purple backless one-piece, white bejewelled thongs and a gauzy white

over-robe. Her hair was wavy and tumbled across her shoulders, and she wore a tiny

bit of dark purple (waterproof) eyeshadow and some (also waterproof) lip-gloss. For

herself, she had chosen a dark blue one- piece that only had one sleeve, a silver over-

robe and silver sandals. She had put her hair in a ponytail, leaving some strands out,

and also applied waterproof silver eyeshadow and waterproof pink lip-balm. They

both looked stunning, and D.C. was sure that both Jordan's and Kaiden's jaws would

drop. When D.C. mentioned this to Alex, she vehemently shook her head and denied

it, but D.C. could see the look in Kaiden's eyes whenever he saw Alex. So today she

was conspiring to bring them together.

Alex POV

Alex's heart beat erratically. She was frantic with nerves at seeing Kaiden again. No

matter how hard she tried to deny it, she couldn't. When Dix came back, she was

going to kill her! As they both stepped outside, she sent a glare at the princess, who

was already running to Jordan. D.C. shrugged and winked as Kaiden entered. Alex had

to fight to keep her jaw from dropping. Kaiden looked, for lack of a word, hot. Alex

blushed as he caught her staring and smirked, then went over to her. She mock-glared

at him, but was quick to trail after him when he whispered, "Follow me."

Kaiden POV

Kaiden entered the gates of the magnificent pool and stopped in surprise. His jaw

almost dropped as he saw Alex standing near D.C. and Jordan. She looked simply

phenomenal. Apparently she thought the same about him, for when he looked up,

she was staring at him. Smirking, he closed the distance between them and

whispered, "Follow me." He led her to a tiny ledge overlooking the pool that was quite

high up. Beside him, Alex gulped. She was probably scared of heights, Kaiden thought.

Alex POV

Alex gulped as she saw the ledge overlooking the pool. It was tiny. Kaiden half-led,

half- pulled her there. "Kaiden," she whispered, "don't you think this is a bit risky?"

He smiled down at her. "Well, Alex, what's life without a little risk?"

And without further ado, he pushed her off. Alex entered the water with a splash,

dimly noting Kaiden entering the water too. She couldn't take note of anything else,

mainly because of the boy right next to her. Kaiden grinned at her, and, without

warning, kissed her.

And you know what? It felt right. So Alex let go of all her reservations and kissed back.

They surfaced to catcalling and whistles, but despite that Alex couldn't stop smiling.

For, after all, like Kaiden had said, what was life without a little risk?