" Parker, have you ever robbed a bank that's being robbed?"

"There's a first time for everything. "


Blair Ford, the daughter of Nate Ford, a well known insurance investor who almost always recovered the stolen goods his employer hired him for. But that was her old dad. The Dad she had now was still brilliant but had a lot more baggage due to the deal of her brother. Blair chummys her dad to a meeting that turns out to be life changing for them both. Her dad is hired to recover stolen designs. Helping him are Parker, a Thief; Alec Hardison, a Internet specialist; Eliot Spencer, a "retrieval Specialist" and a martial artist; and Sophie Devereuax, a grifter. With her dad as the brains, Blair soon finds herself as the heart and humanity of the little team. Together, they have the ability to target the greediest and most unjust people.

(Season 1 )


Sarah Hyland as Blair Ford

Timothy Hutton as Nate Ford

Gina Bellman asSophie Devereaux

Beth Riesgraf as Parker, Christian Kane as Elliot Spencer, and Aldis Hodge as Alec Hardison

Mark Sheppard as Jim Sterling

Dave Franco as Zach Sterling

I am excited to write this and i hope you all enjoy it!

*I will be posting these in the order of the DVD Box-sets so they may be in a different order than how they aired*


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