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Season 1 Episode 5 pt 1

The Bank Shot Job

Blair Ford loved her father and she loved her unconventional job (who else could say they played robin hood for a living at 18), but at that current moment in time, she was seriously thinking about walking out the front door of the bank. The heat was sweltering, and a girl could only make so many chewing gums bubbles before her mouth started to hurt.

Blair glanced over to Sophie through her thick black glasses, the woman who was sat behind a desk, typing away on a computer, pretending to help the issue that Blair had. Sophie seemed as done with the job as Blair but the girls knew the job was almost over. After today they would have Judge Roy, they just had to wait it out for a few more hours.

Thankfully the bell to the Bank rang to indicate the door opening causing Blair to look around and suppress a sigh of relief at seeing her father – wearing a ridiculous all-white cowboy outfit, including the stupid hat – as well as the judge they were trying to scam.

The bank cleric, Frank, rushed forward the moment he saw the men enter the building, "Hello, Judge Roy..." he nervously spoke looking around.

Judge Roy, however, wasn't focused on the cleric in front of him, instead, his eyes flitted to the young woman at a desk behind Frank. The old man eyeing up of the girl caused Blair to look away and pull a disgusted face that Sophie could see – and from her expression, Blair could see Sophie was as disgusted as Blair was. "Yes, Fred," The judge could be heard in response to Frank's question of help, "Her phone number?"

"It's Frank." Frank corrected before nervously adding trying to hide his disgust at the judge's question, "And she's 19, sir."

Judge Roy frowned and let out a sigh, "That's too bad." He then turned to Nate with a smirk before jokingly adding "She got a younger sister?" It seemed he didn't want a response and Frank glanced at Nate behind Judge Roy as if trying to understand what was going on, before turning and following the judge into a back room, Nate following behind.

"Go get 'Em, Tiger," Sophie whispered to Nate via their com's before giving Blair a bright smile as the printer next to her sprang to life.

Frank had led them to a safety deposit box and they didn't return for a while, in fact, Sophie and Blair had managed to 'finalise' their deal – listening to Parker and Hardison squabble about illegal downloading and what not as they did.

From her ear, Blair finally heard Elliot pip in, "Fake Addresses are shut down. Post office boxes are closes. Phones are cleared," he listed off, "five more minutes, we never existed."

Blair turned to leave the bank just as a father and son came in – her dad wasn't back so she paused on her way to the door to talk with a girl Beatrice she had befriended on the job. She had a feeling in her gut to wait just in case.

"Want me to call the Delgado family, tell them the news?" Hardison asked over the coms.

"Nah. Soon as I clear county line, I want to do it. I just wish we could do more than bankrupt that corrupt son of a bitch." Elliot muttered grumpily.

Normally Blair would laugh but she had caught sight of her dad and the Judge. All her dad had to do was walk out the building with the case and they'd be free, but he had paused for some reason. Blair followed his eye line to the two men she had seen enter who were now by the front desk– something was up and her dad had cottoned on.

"What's the matter?" the judge asked from the door, asking Nate the question Sophie and Blair were both thinking.

Nate looked to Sophie and Blair before said slowly, "we gotta get out of here..."

"I thought that's what we were doing?" the judge asked, oblivious to the subtext that wasn't missed on the two girls he was in the bank with.

Blair glanced around at the counter where the two were stood noting the son was looking nervous as he hugged his arms around himself, this caused her to frown as she heard Hardison say, "What's he waiting for?"

Sophie got to her feet and brushed down her skirt as she made her way towards the door, via where Blair was to pick up the girl. As she reached Blair the security guard of the bank was over by the counter where the man was.

"Sir, I'm gonna need you to back up from the counter." Blair heard him say.

"What for?" the man replied, Blair's eyes were on the son however as he looked around nervously before moving away to the other side of the room.

"Just step back sir," Blair heard the guard say and glanced over at him just as he pulled out his gun, "Put your hands up."

The man put his hands up and backed away from the desk but that was not what caused Blair to gasp, his son had come up from behind the guard and place a gun at his neck screaming, "Drop the gun! Drop it!"

As the guard fell to the ground with his gun the father pulled out a rifle and loaded it looking around the bank and stating, "This is a robbery. I don't want to hurt anyone but we will if you don't do exactly what we say." Blair glanced from Sophie who simply rolled her eyes as if annoyed to her dad who she could see was thinking through every possible plan he could, "everyone away from the door, now!" the father screamed at Nate and the Judge.

"You've got to be kidding me." Parker could be heard in their ears.

"Oh, hell no!" Was Hardison's response.

"I knew this went too smooth!" was Elliot's impute.

Again, if it was a different place and time Blair knew she'd have laughed at the team's responses but she knew now wasn't the time or place. Instead, she raised her hands like everyone else and watched as the son pushed the security guard to the door with his gun still pointed at him shouting, "Lock the door! Lock it!"

His father's focus was on everyone who was stood behind counters, "you two out on the floor where we can see you, come on! Out from behind the counter! Everyone on the floor!" They all did what was asked, Sophie and Nate, making sure they were on either side of Blair as they got to the floor. Blair's focus stayed on the son who seemed nervous, and she could see the dad hand over a bag to the woman behind the tills, "Empty all the tills. Put everything in there."

"Get out now..." Nate whispered, clearly talking to the team in the van.

Of course, they didn't get that Nate was referring to them straight away and it took a lot of Blair's will power not to roll her eyes as she heard Parker and Hardison bicker in her ear.

"Is he talking to us?" Hardison asked Parker.

"An unmarked van parked across the street from the bank that's being robbed?" Parker responded sarcastically, "Yeah. I think he's talking to us."

"Yeah, well, five more feet and he would have been in the clear. What the hell was he thinking?"

"Don't be an idiot, Harrison." Blair could almost see Parker in her mind's eye as she hit the black man due to his comment.


"Sophie and Blair were still in there." Parker summarised in one sentence causing a smile to flit onto the young teens face as she glanced over to Sophie and her dad whom she knew had both overheard the same bickering as she had. Her dad was in the zone, focusing on the father-son duo – trying to figure out a plan whilst not giving away the con they were still in the middle of. Sophie, however, whilst trying to stay alert and in character was also trying not to smile at what she had heard.

Both girls' attention went back to the father-son duo as they started talking again. The father was stuffing the bags but he was becoming more and more frantic. "It is not enough... not even close!" he told the younger boy.

"We're running out of time. What are we going to do?" The son asked his dad, clearly distressed. Blair couldn't help but glance at her dad both of them having matching curious looks on their faces. These were defiantly not your normal bank robbers, and it seemed as if there was an amount, they needed which defiantly told the two Ford's there was more to the story.

Blair's focus was drawn away from her dad as there was more movement from the two. The older man was pulling the clerk towards the huge safe that was locked. "Open the safe." He demanded of the scared woman.

"I-I can't, it's on a timer," she nervously explained to the man. "It can only be opened certain times of the day."

"There's no one here who can open it?" the younger boy asked, causing Blair's focus to be on him. She was trying to remember any of the training Elliot gave her on guns and how to disarm an opponent safely. Seeing as they had only had one lesson before Hardison and Elliot started squabbling it wasn't the most useful use of her time but she knew enough to know the young boy was not comfortable holding a gun. He looked a lot like how Elliot described her stance – what she didn't like guns and didn't like shooting them, but she knew with their line of work guns were inevitable so she had better know something.

"No, I, don't think so." The clerk told the boy, "the manager, they have the codes."

From next to Nate on the ground, Judge Roy quietly grabbed the briefcase and pushed it under the desk causing eye-rolls from all three of the leverage time. They were being held at gunpoint and this asshole was more bothered about his cash – typical.

"Damn it!"

"I'm sorry." The young clerk spoke softly, Blair could tell she was sincerely sorry she couldn't help even if she was scared for her life.

The older man, however, wasn't to be stopped. He pulled her to the centre of the bank where everyone else lay on the ground and pushed her to the ground before yelling his next instruction, "Everyone empty your pockets!" he informed them all his gun held aloft, unlike his son he didn't seem as nervous pointing it which made Blair nervous, "Wallets, purses, watches, everything you've got, throw it over here!" Blair and Sophie shared unamused looks as they pulled off any Jewellery they had and threw it into the centre of the room. The other occupants of the bank doing the same.

It wasn't long before the three with earpieces heard police sirens in their ears, telling them the police were on their way.

"Not a bad response time," Parker commented casually, "Somebody must have tripped the silent alarm."

"This is so not good," Hardison spoke up, thinking the thought that flashed through Blair's mind the moment she heard the sirens.

The tension inside the bank was high, and now knowing police were on their way the Leverage team trapped inside knew it could easily go south quickly.

One of the bank managers was talking to the older man but Blair ignored whatever he was saying to listen into her dad as he was the one who was going to help them get out of here safe.

"These guys don't know what they're doing," Nate told Judge Roy, as well as his team who were listening in. Confirming to Blair there was something more to this robbery than what they were seeing.

"Maybe I should talk to them," the Judge whispered back to Nate, "Get them to listen to reason."

This egotistical response from the Judge instantly got eye rolls from both Sophie and Blair, thankfully Nate suppressed this urge and managed to hiss to the judge, sarcasm clearly heard in his tone, "Well, that's a good idea… get us both shot, huh?"

The judge scoffed as he took in the two holding the guns, "I've got killers standing in front of me every day in court. These guys ain't them."

"Yeah, you may be right." Nate couldn't help but mutter to himself as he took in the two guys.

While Nate and the Judge muttered to one another Elliot seemed to arrive on the scene as they heard him and the police talk in their ears.

"No, right here, right here, and we need…." Blair heard some officer say, "whoa, whoa, I need you to take a step back sir."

"Tell me, what's going on in there." Came Elliot's voice loud and clear in their ears as he ignored whatever police tap was up clearly.

"I'm afraid I can't do that," Came the officer's voice causing Blair to have to hide her face in her arms to stop herself from laughing, "this is an active crime scene, and you need too…"

The cop, of course, was cut off as Elliot barked at him, "I'm not talking to you," with that they then all heard, "How many are there?" this question was clearly towards one of them in the bank.

Nate looked up and turned to the judge before looking to the son and father duo, "yeah, you're right." He started as if continuing his conversation with the Judge, "Clearly amateurs, these two. Yeah. The younger one looks like he's never handled a gun before."

"Is Judge blow-hard next to you?" Elliot asked.

"Yeah, uh-huh," Was Nates response causing smiles to creep onto the faces of the two girls who were hearing the conversation inside the bank too, "yeah, definitely armatures, that's what makes them so dangerous."

"Alright, 2 guys, both armed, neither one a criminal mastermind." Elliot repeated the information in simple terms so Parker and Hardison knew too, "you want me in there?"

"Sir," Pipped up the cop from before, "we can't have you going inside the bank…"

Nate couldn't help the small smile that appeared on his face that mirrored Blairs as they heard the cop. "Probably, uh, a good idea to just sit tight, don't you think?" he spoke to Elliot though it appeared he was talking to the Judge, "You know, and see where these guys' heads are at, you know?"

"Alright, your call boss." Was all Elliot answered.

"I know it's almost 5 O'clock," The older man told the younger one, causing Blair's attention to go back to the problem at hand, "Just go count the money and we'll be fine. Just calm down." The older man had a hand on his son's shoulder and it was almost reassuring to him, causing Blair's mind to start racing to try to think up an idea. She knew out of the two she'd be given the task of talking to the younger boy so she kept her focus on him as much as she could. The younger boy rushed to the centre of the room and started to collect wallets and all the things everyone had pushed into the middle. As he picked up Blair's locket – the one object she was getting back no matter who she punched to get it – she sent him a small smile. A friendly smile. The smile instantly got a small smile back as a response before he rushed off, causing Blair to look to her father who nodded his head once. He knew what she was up too and the nod was an encouragement to keep going. Blair was going to become best friends with the son, they were around the same age maybe he was a little older but it was the best approach.

Of course, at that moment Judge Assface decided to ignore the advice of her father about staying low and working out what their plan was as he slowly got to his feet and approached the older man.

"What the hell are you doing?" The older man asked instantly pointing his gun at the Judge, "Get back down on the ground."

"Do you know who I am?" The Judge asked, causing a huge eye roll from Blair and a soft snigger from the boy who was still near her, clearly, he had seen her response to the man's egotistical ways.

"I don't care!" Came the older man's response to the Judge.

"You should." Was the Judge's reply, causing Blair to half wish the father would just shoot the Judge now. After 2 weeks of learning about his corrupt ways she knew no one would miss him, however, that's not how their team worked. "See, I'm the guy that can make this whole thing go away. All you've got to do is walk out the front door."

"Is that so?" The older man with the gun spoke to the Judge, he was almost laughing and it didn't take a genius to know this robbery was due to something bigger, something just walking out the door wouldn't fix.

"Thing is, I'm the law in this town." The Judge, however, had not come to the same conclusion as the Ford duo, so he kept talking to the men with the guns trying to outsmart them, "That fella out there with the badge, that's Bill. He works for me. One phone call, he and his guys hip back in the car and drive away no questions asked." This talk caused a few of the people in the bank to look to one another, they didn't know their police could be bought – apparently. "Let me talk to you for a minute, son."

Thankfully the man with the gun wasn't as stupid as the Judge as he pointed the gun at him and warned him, "Stay where you are."

As the Judge kept speaking Nate, Blair and Sophie all sat up, Nate shuffling over to a pillar where he could see the two girls from across the room. Blair sitting up against a desk to get a better view of the room, pushing her glasses back up her nose. "How are you two doing?" Nate asked them.

"Good, considering," Blair muttered.

"I'm just peachy," Sophie told Nate, "How about you?"

Nate only nodded his head as a response to how he was before he started to eye the two with the guns, "Something weird is going on in here."

"You notice that too, huh?" Sophie asked the two Fords.

"You guys heard what they said," Blair muttered.

"They didn't have enough." Nate nodded answering Blair's unasked question, "They need more cash, and it's not to pay rent."

Blair nodded subtly keeping her eyes on the younger boy who was watching the judge and his father talk unsure as to what to do. She knew her dad wanted to find out what these guys needed so they could get them it and get everyone out. Sophie, however, wasn't as onboard with the plan, "I don't care what it's for. Let's just focus on getting out of here."

"We help these guys get what they want, then we can get everyone out of here safely," Blair muttered to the woman next to her.

"I don't know about you, but I'm not going to leave my fate in the hands of the Juan Volunteer S.W.A.T team," Nate added for his daughter.

Sophie glanced from Nate to Blair seeing the two were forming some plan between them and deciding to just go with it. "Okay," she sighed, "so, what is the plan, Stan?" knowing the rest of the team could hear them talk.

Before Nate or Blair could say anything the conversation the three were using as a way to communicate without being seen slowly got loud.

"The truth?" Judge Roy seemed to laugh, "the truth is what I say. Whatever story I make up about what happened in here, these little people will tell the cops." As Roy spoke, he gestured to everyone on the ground causing the father-son duo to look around. Blair didn't realise she was making a face at the Judge for his comment until she looked over at the son and caught him trying to hide a smile. "So, yeah, son," The Judge was talking again causing the two teens to whip their heads back to what was going on, "that's how it works in this town. All you got to do is talk out that front door. It's that easy."

It wasn't that easy, and everyone knew it bar the Judge.

"Thanks, Boss." The older man said, "But I've been around long enough to know that things that sound easy hardly ever are." With that, he raised his gun at the Judge again and more forcibly than before shouted, "Now sit your ass back down!"

Before Judge Roy could join him on the floor again Nate spoke to the team, "We cannot allow the local Leo's to handle the situation. We have to get in charge of it. We have to be the police." As he finished his sentence Roy joined him on the floor and Nate clearly couldn't help himself as he added, "Well, how did that go for you there, Judge?"


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