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Season 1, Episode 1, The Nigerian Job ~ Pt. 1

Blair Ford looked both left and right, then left again before she crossed the street, her destination the bar in the posh hotel on the corner. Hoisting her backpack onto her shoulder so it was more comfortable she couldn't help but wonder how her dad would react to seeing her. He probably would wonder why she was at a bar in the middle of the day instead of at school, then he would ask if her mother knew where she was. The answer to that question was not yet, Maggie would soon know however and hopefully it would be too late for her to do anything. Hey, she left a note and she was simply going to her other parent, that's better than most kids when they disappear. Finding her dad had been too easy, one quick glance a find a friend on her iPhone and she was sorted, though she didn't seem surprised to find her dad in a bar. As she walked through the lobby of the hotel and into the bar, she noticed how the whole room was empty apart from a man sitting slumped at the end, as far away from the main door as possible. This was Nate Ford, her father. Slowly walking towards him she heard the waiter say "I checked, airport shuttle's in 15 minutes" and as she sat down next to her dad the waiter gave her a strange look, before walking off.

"So, are you off on holiday then?" she asked, not bothering to look at the man. His hand faltered as he poured vodka into the coke that was sitting in front of him, and once the bottle was empty he turned to look at the person sitting next to him. Blair hadn't seen her father in person since the divorce, mainly because her mother didn't trust Nate as a father (though he was the parent Blair would have rather lived with). She looked almost like his double, but in female form, and she always felt closer to her dad, he understood her better than her mother whose paintings always came first.

"B-Blair?" she heard him whisper and she looked at him finally,

"Hi daddy." Was all she could muster as she sent him a small smile. Before Nate could reply a nervous voice spoke from behind them,

"I'm sorry Mr. Ford, I'm sorry" Both Blair and Nate turned to see a dumpy looking man approaching them. "I know who you are. I've eh, I've read all about you." It took everything in Blair not to snort, it seemed her father had a fangirl. Though the distraction he created was welcomed by Blair who wanted to keep all questions away from her till it was too late and her dad was stuck with her. The man leaned on the bar and looked at Nate, it was like Blair was invisible as he spoke, "I know, for example, that found that stolen Monet painting, in Florence. Probably saved your insurance company, 20-25 million dollars" Blair raised her eyebrows a little at this, she knew her dad did well in his old job but seriously go dad! "Then there was the identity thief thing, and you saved your insurance company I don't even know how many millions of dollars." The man paused to get his breath back and Blair glanced at her dad who was imply drinking his drink through its tiny straw almost as if he couldn't hear the guy. "But, I just eh, when you needed them," Blair closed her eyes, this guy wasn't going to bring up what she thought he was going to bring up, "what happened to your family is the kinda thing-"

"You know!" Blair's dad interrupted, placing his glass down and finally acknowledging the man, "this is the part of the conversation where I ask my daughter to look away as I punch you in the neck around ten times. We are coming up on that part pretty quick." Nate said bluntly and the man looked at Blair as if just realising she was there then back to her dad once again, a little scared.

"I just want to offer you a job." He stated

"What you got?" The man looked wearily at Blair until her dad put his hand on the back of her chair and said, "You can speak freely in front of Blair, she won't tell a soul" As if to back up her dad's point, Blair mimed locking her lips and throwing away the key.

"Do you know anything about airplane design?" the man asked, lowering his voice and leaning forward so the two could hear him.

"I can draw a good cartoon airplane..." Blair muttered as her dad said,

"I could give it a shot, you just need to give me a pencil and one of those little rules..." it seemed this wasn't the answer the small plump man wanted as he rolled his eyes before saying,

"Somebody stole my airplane designs." He said in an urgent tone.

"Ahh, I see." Nate said in an all knowing tone of voice, "And you'd like me to find them."

"No. I know where they are." Blair looked confused, if this guy knew where his stupid pictures were, why was he interrupting her dad time? "I want you, to steal them back." Blair snorted at this, causing both her dad and the man to look at her funny.

"You can't be serious?" she said, looking at him.

"Oh, but I am." Blair looked at her dad and she could see the gleam in his eye. The crazy man was going to agree to this.

Blair frowned from the window of where her and her father were to play lookout from across the street from Pierson Aviation the tall building they were stealing stupid airplane plans from. She glanced back at her watch once again, her dad was to arrive at any moment. The door swung open and she wasn't surprised to see her dad enter and give her a smile. As much as she was enjoying the father daughter bonding time, she really wasn't happy they were stealing. Blair watched as her father placed a laptop onto the empty table in the room and opened it typing. Blair glanced back out the window the conversation with the man they were doing this for coming back to her easily.

The moment her dad had agreed to the job, Victor Dubenich moved them to a tabled to pass her dad a file which had everything he needed to know in it. "Are you sure Peterson stole your designs" her dad said after Victor went through the file for them.

"Oh, my life's work was in those files which disappears, then one week later Peterson announces an identical project, come on." Blair nodded, it seemed likely that this Peterson bloke who needed to learn what a nose hair trimmer was had stolen the files, from the story anyway.

"I don't know though, stealing them back seems like a stupid idea." Blair said, they were the ones who got her involved she was simply telling them her thoughts.

"Just listen to me," Victor said as he noticed Nate agree with Blair with a single nod of his head, "at the end of this month I have a shareholders meeting, Mr. Ford. I've spent, already five years, hundreds of hours, on this deal. If I go to the meeting with nothing to show them, then I am dead." Blair's initial thought was that this chubby guy next to her was overly dramatic, but before she could say that he was already pushing more paper towards her dad, "look, at the people I've already hired, do you recognise any of these?" Blair glanced at the names as he father did.

"Yeah, I chased all of them, one time or the other," her father said and a name popped out at Blair and she was quick to turn to look at Victor

"Parker? You got Parker!"

"You really shouldn't admire thieves," was her father's murmur as Victor nodded, "you do realise Parker is insane?" her dad told victor not looking up from the files.

"Which is why I need you," he told Nate.

"No. I'm not a thief" this comment caused Blair to laugh and nod her head a little in agreement. It's true her father was the opposite of a thief.

"Thieves I've got, what I need is one," he paused and looked at Blair, "maybe two, honest men to watch them."

And that was the stupid conversation that had them watching a building all night. The whirring noise of the projector was heard and she looked away from the window to see the blueprints of the building on the wall behind her father. Blair moved forward to the table as her father handed her a coms unit, "This is stupid."

"So you've told me already." Was the reply she got before they both placed the coms into their ears, "okay, clear coms," her father said as they waited for a reply.

"No. no. no. no." They instantly heard in their ears and Blair knew instantly that this was Alec Hardison, as he started talking about technology in a way she didn't quite follow.

"Alright," was her father's response to Hardison saying he had better equipment for them to use, "no surprises now."

"I've been doing this since high school, bro, I'm hacking disciplined."

"Remind me to get him to change my grades to A's" Blair told her father, who shot her a look, however Hardison responded back to her with a simple,

"Consider it done, little Miss." Causing her to grin happily, ignoring the look her father was giving her. What? He was making her stand watch in the middle of the night, she was getting something out of it. Next to join them on coms was Elliot Spencer, his southern twang was instantly recognisable as he informed their tech geek he wasn't useless. Blair glanced over at her dad who tilted his head as the two started to argue like children. Finally the person Blair was most looking forward to hearing joined the line, "Hey guys!"

"Parker!" Blair whisper squealed at her dad who gave her a fond smile as she fangirled slightly over the thief.

It was a weird sensation hearing voices in your ear, and Blair was still getting used to it as her father realised what they were saying. They both heard Parker sigh in fondness as she said, "I've not used this rig since Paris."

"Are you talking about the Carabagio? You stole that?" her dad asked, causing Blair to roll her eyes. It was Parker, of course she did.

"Guys listen up." Blair spoke clearly, as she heard Hardison and Elliot start to argue again, and her dad gave her a grateful smile as both men stopped talking.

"on my count no second sooner," Nate said as he walked to were his daughter was standing by the window to watch Parker leap off the roof. "Parker no freelancing."

"Nate, mini Ford, relax." Elliot spoke, "we know what we're doing."

"So on the count of five. Four. Three..."

"She's gone!" Elliot said, and Blair let out a laugh as she saw the almost invisible figure fly off the roof. If it wasn't for the fact she was looking for it she knew she would have missed it. "That's twenty pounds of crazy in a five pound bag" was Elliot's comment and all of them couldn't help but agreeing.

It seemed they were all moving to do what they needed to do, Blair left her father's side to stand next to the laptop. "Vibration detectors are on..." came Parker's voice in their ears.

"No cutting Parker, use the binary." Was Nate's response and Blair looked at him in amazement. She had to catch up on stealing lingo. Blair however shook her head, she needed to concentrate, her dad and her had come to the agreement he would be in charge over all but keep a close eye on Parker if she was the main source for Alec and Elliot, who should be dropping into the building and onto the top of the lift shaft.

"Boys are on their way" Parker informed them and Blair typed into the laptop to simulate what was going on in the building so her dad could get a clear idea on the blueprint.

"What are you getting with security?" her dad asked as soon as he could see the movement. "Do you see security?"

"They don't see a thing." Was the reply, causing Blair to smile. "Doors are open."

"It's show time..." Blair said before she could stop herself causing Hardison and Elliot to let out a small laugh. Blair had to admit as boring as it was simply listening into the trio in the building she was glad she wasn't in there with them. She was sure she would have screwed up royally by now if she was.

"Okay, have you got any chatter on their frequencies?" she heard her dad say and gave him a confused look as Parker asked the question they were both thinking

"No. why?"

"There is 8 listed on the duty roster but only four at the guard post" her dad explained to them.

"I can't even tell how many guys are in the room, how you can tell who's who?" this was something Blair could answer as she had an eye for details.

"Haircuts, Parker. Count the haircuts." Blair whispered to the girl. She knew she could talk normally but something about how tense the whole thing was cause her to whisper.

"I would have missed that." she heard the girl reply quietly,

"What?" her dad asked, and Blair told her self she would not tell a sole what she had heard the girl say.

"Nothing." Parker responded.

"Is there a problem?" Elliot's voice asked, and her dad glanced at her across the room and she shrugged. She had no idea.

"eh, maybe." He informed the hitter, "We'll run the cameras."

"I found them," Parker said almost instantly, as Hardison talked about passwords causing Blair to giggle, "They are doing their walkthrough an hour early! Why the hell..."

"Because it's the play offs" Nate said in realisation, "they're doing their rounds an hour early so they can watch the play offs. Alright where are they?"

"They're at the stairwell!" Parker said almost franticly. And Blair typed quickly onto the laptop to zoom in onto the area that Parker was talking about for her dad.

"Okay," Nate said, "this is what we are going to do, we're gonna squelch them." Blair had no clue what that was, but she pulled a face at the word. It didn't sound nice, and she really hoped the others knew what her dad meant. "Elliot, what I want you to do is clear the zone and use Hardison as bait."

"Bait, whoa hold on." Harrison's voice instantly came to their ears, "I ain't nobodies bait"

"Sorry," Blair whispered to him though she knew everyone body could hear her, though soon Hardison talking to his little opening machine was heard and it drowned out her small voice.

"Hardison, they are almost there" Parker told them as she watched from the security feed and Blair crossed her fingers under the table, she liked the sound of Hardison and didn't want him to be hurt. He still had to change all her grades for her. Soon the sounds of punching and grunting filled their ears and Blair could only assume that it was Elliot's doing, and though this was something she would never admit to thinking in front of her dad anyway, she really hope he bashed the guys heads in. what she wanted all A's this year, Hardison was the guaranteed way to get that.

"That's what I do." Was what they heard from Elliot after a moment of silence, and Blair let out the breath she had been holding. They were all okay.

"Guys, guys you gotta talk to us!" Nate all but shouted to them, causing Blair to roll her eyes.

"Please talk to us, as he is getting grumpy with no information." She informed them.

"It's all good, I am stripping the drive right now." Hardison told them, and Blair gave her dad a look as if to say 'see nothing to worry about'. "I've got all the designs, I've got all the back-ups. We're leaving them bare."

"Now the spike!" Nate said simply, and Blair knew that meant they were shutting down the system because they could, and also to give the team on the inside a way out of the building.

"There is a problem" Parker said simply, "the guards you knocked out, they reset all the alarms on the roof and the floors above, we can't go up."

This caused all of them to go silent, until Blair turned to her dad who caught her eye. He could see a plan forming in her head and nodded nice to simply say, let's do it. She could hear them all arguing about everyman for themselves as she took a deep breath. "Guys I have a plan." This caused them all to fall silent, "I know you guys don't play well, but please just trust me. Not my dad but me. Blair. Mini Ford." She told them getting to her feet, her voice sounded a lot more confident that she felt but she knew she needed them to trust her, "get to the elevator, and head down." She told them.

"We're going to do the burns scam," her dad told them having caught on to what Blair was thinking. They could hear the others moving off towards the elevator and packed up their stuff, "How did you know about that scam?" her dad asked her and Blair shot him a mischievous look.

"I like to read you casefiles." She told him simply.

"We're going with plan B?" Hardison said over the coms,

"Technically this would be plan G."

"How many plans do you two have? Is there like a plan M?"

"Yep," Blair informed them, "Hardison dies though in that plan"

"I like the sound of Plan M," came Elliot's voice and Blair rolled her eyes as her and her dad waited for them in the car outside the building, Blair with her window rolled down so she could see the well-known trio properly. Parker was the first she saw, hobbling out of the glass doors, the burn make up on her face looking real, with the dark skinned man Blair knew to be Hardison helping her and Elliot in the rear. They all slipped into the car easily and Blair shot her dad as mile. They had done it. And no one had been caught.

"You must be Little Miss." Hardison said, and Blair turned to face them all with a grin,

"Its soo cool I'm meeting you guys."

"you should really not know who these criminals are," she heard her dad mutter as he drove off, "or even fangirl over them,"

They all met up once again in the early hours of the morning. Blair, who was in her pyjamas and a large jumper, had not been given any coffee so had decided against talking or really responding to anyone. She was just going to listen in her grumpy cat state until her father gave her coffee. "Come on hurry up." She heard her dad say as he looked at Hardison who was holding his laptop out.

"I've got a couple wifi networks with some crappy bandwidth." The dark man explained, before the laptop started beeping, "There we go. The designs are sent."

"Great. Now I can go back to bed." Blair muttered grumpily causing Parker, who was standing next to her, to let out a small laugh at the girls comment.

"Alright, alright" Nate said looking at Blair who was grumpier than ever and rolling his eyes at her as he pulled her in for a hug before turning to look at their dysfunctional team. "The money will be in all your accounts later today." he told them.

"Anybody else notice how hard we rocked last night." Hardison said causing a smile to appear on Blair's face, there was something about the dark skinned man that just relaxed her and made her happy.

"Yeah, well one show only," Elliot said as he started to walk away, "no encores."

"I've already forgotten your names." Parker chimed in.

"Seriously guys?" Blair said causing the bickering to stop before it started.

"You know, it was kinda cool being on the same side," Hardison said breaking the silence, however Blair's dad did not this like response. He let go of Blair and walked over to Hardison

"No, we are not on the same side. I am not a thief."

"You are now." Blair said quietly, though all of them could hear her. Her comment caused her dad to stop and look back at her. "We both are."

"Come on Nathan, tell the truth." Parker teased, "Didn't you have a little bit of fun, playing the black king instead of the white knight. Just this once?" Blair snorted as her dad didn't even bother replying to the girl, instead he just turned on his heel and walked away, putting an arm around Blair and making her walk with him. Blair shot her new friends a smile and a wave, which they all happily returned. Though the moment they realised they were waving they shot each other a look and instantly walked away from each other two. As Blair climbed back into bed, hoping to get a few more hours sleep before her dad made her go back to her mother, she couldn't help but feel a little sad. That was probably the last time she would see the odd group again, though she had noted Hardison had added her on all social media. It was a bitter sweet kind of feeling and those where the thoughts that lulled her to sleep.

The next day she had not expected to be driving to an old aircraft facility outside the city. Her father had woken her up saying something about the designs not arriving and he needed to talk to the team again, before thrusting a cup of coffee into Blair's waiting hands. In fact on their drive he had bought her a large Starbucks so she was semi human for meeting the team, he needed her as he knew the group pf thief's all had a soft spot for her (everyone who met Blair liked her, it was one of her mother's qualities in her). "This is creepy" was Blair's only comment as she trailed behind her dad as they walked into the facility, her heeled boots making noise on the cement floor, her coffee still in her hand which she sipped in a lazy like fashion.

"Do you want me to tell you what happened with the designs?" the familiar voice of Hardison was heard, followed by Elliot's voice,

"What makes you think I, know what happened? stupid!"

The father daughter duo turned the corner and instantly saw the two men, Hardison seemed to have a gun pointed at Elliot who didn't seem to bothered, though that wasn't surprising given who they were. It was clear, though Blair blanked most if it out, that they were arguing over the files.

"HEY!" her father shouted, causing Blair to snap back to reality and almost spill her coffee causing her to pout a little, though that was the least of their problems as when she looked back up Hardison was pointing the gun now at them.

"Did you two do it?" Elliot asked, as her dad walked towards them, and Blair gave him a look from behind her father. Why on earth would she double cross them? She just wanted to be with her Dad, she was more than happy. Elliot seemed to realise that accusing Blair was stupid, but that didn't mean Nate didn't do it, "you are the only one who has ever played both sides."

"Yeah, you seem pretty relaxed for a guy with a gun pointed at you." Nate commented, and Blair snorted, causing all three of them to look at her.

"He's Elliot Spencer dad," she explained as if her dad was stupid, causing a smile to break out on Elliot's face.

"Mornin', Mini Ford" he greeted happily and Blair shot him a smile before sipping her coffee, "plus the safety is still on," he said glancing at Hardison

"Like imma fall for that" Hardison said with a roll of his eyes.

"No, no. he's right." Blair's dad spoke up, looking at the gun, "the safety is still on." Hardison looked at the gun, giving Nate enough time to grab it from him. "Blair, hold this." He spoke, his eyes not leaving the two men, and Blair took the gun from him, holding it away from her like it was a smelly fish or something. "Are you armed?" he asked, looking at Elliot and it took everything in Blair not to roll her eyes. Did her dad not even read the files they were given on these people. Elliot was a weapon.

"I don't like guns." Was the southerners reply. There was a click from behind them and they all turned to see Parker, gun aloft this time the safety was defiantly off.

"My money is not in my account." She spoke calmly as she approached them, "that makes me cry inside. In my special, angry place."

"Okay Parker..." Nate said calmly like you would to a wild animal, reaching over and taking her gun off her also.

"Did you all come here to get paid?" Blair asked from behind her dad, frowning as she realised what their complaint was.

"It was supposed to be a walk away, I wasn't meant to see you again."

"And the only reason you guys are here is because you didn't get paid..." Nate paused having finally realised what Blair was on about, and he turned to face her laughing a little before pressing a kiss to her forehead. Nate then turned to the group, "oh you're pissed off" he informed the group before laughing a little more. Blair wasn't surprised to get three looks her way, all of them asking the silent question of if her father was mad and honestly Blair couldn't tell them no. her father did seem rather mad at that moment, so Blair left him to his laughing as she explained to them the train of thought she had had.

"The only way to get us all in the same place, at the same time, was to tell us that we're not. Getting. Paid." She emphasised the last three words, as her father's laugher died out. It seemed as if he had just thought of something. Unknown to Blair it seemed the others realised that too. Whatever they had all realised she had not caught on as instantly they were running Elliot having grabbed her arm as he passed her pulled her behind her, "My coffee!" she yelled lamely as she watched the warm brown liquid fall to the ground.

"I'll owe you another on, Mini Ford" the man yelled as they ran from the building. Just as they reached the outside there was an explosion from the inside, the impact of the blast caused all of them to fall to the ground and Blair realised in that moment how close she was to death. Honestly she did not like that idea or that feeling. How many cats had she not pet yet? How many types of coffee had she not tried? Hell! She hadn't even finished high school! She was not ready to die!

"Daddy..." she whispered as she crawled over to where her dad lay on the ground, smiling weakly when she saw him still breathing. Thank god for that. She didn't want to go back to her mother. Happy with that thought she allowed the blackness to take over.

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