Outsider Chronicles: Soul in Red

A lot of people believe that being reborn as your favorite character would be fun, but I wonder how many of you actually think about what that would mean? It wouldn't be cool, it'd be annoying and, quite possibly, lethal. On the other hand, there are plenty of skills I can pick up in this world to make sure that I don't end up dead in a ditch. This is gonna be fun!

Well, it was only a matter of time before I managed this, but I finally did it! An OC story inspired by a challenge. I won't list the challenge here, but if your interested its the New Powers challenge by DZ2. Anyway, lets get started! Enjoy!

Chapter 1

You know, I often wonder if maybe I pissed someone off last time through. Then I look at my friends and realize that no, I most definitely didn't. Sorry, I'm getting WAY ahead of myself. Lets back up a bit and start from the beginning. It all started after I died from having a shelf full of Harry Potter merchandise fall on me. Not the most grandiose of deaths, although it does make me think that maybe Death has a sense of humor considering where I woke up. Anyway, after I ied from blunt force trauma, I woke up again in the body of a baby. Not what I was expecting. But lets roll with it. What I can't roll with is the fact that someone upstairs seems to be having a laugh at my expense. What makes me say that? Well, my Father can turn into a stag, my mother is known for a fiery temper and green eyes and my Godfather is literally a mutt. I am fucking screwed! Still, at least there was one good thing about all this...sort of. I can finally find out what it was that Lily used to protect Harry...me. This is confusing…

Or maybe not. Let me tell you, baby senses or NOT very good and even if they were, theres no way I'd be able to focus with all the shaking from Mum rushing upstairs with me making me dizzy, a ton of flashing lights and more. The only impressions I could get was that Mum put the blood red pendent she always wore around my neck and scribbled something onto the ground around my crib, frantically muttering to herself as she did. Once she was done, she stood and placed a palm on my forehead.

"Remember Harry, Mama loves you, dada loves you," said Lily, "Always remember, we're proud of you!"

A loud crash from the door made her glance over her shoulder.

"I'm out of time," she muttered, "Alright, I hope this works…"

She placed a palm on the thing she put around my neck and there was a flash of crimson light. She smiled at me one last time, before turning around and holding up her wand like a dueling sword. At the same moment, the door was blasted off its hinges and Voldemort swept into the room.

"Ahh, so you still intend to stand against me?" sneered the Dark Lord, "You don't honestly believe that you can kill me, do you? Surely that fool Dumbledore informed you of the Prophecy? The only one who can defeat me is that brat behind you and soon, even that threat will be gone."

"Sorry Tom, I don't put much faith in Divination, especially the type touted by Dumbledore," said Lily.

Voldemorts face contorted in fury.

"YOU DARE…!" he started.

"Yes, I dare," said Lily, cutting him off, "Because I know exactly what you are. Your a coward, to afraid of Death to accept that its a part of life and so consumed by hate that you can't even see what a hypocrite you are. I'm not afraid of you Tom and I'll make damn sure that you can never hurt my son, in this life or the next!"

She raised her wand as a brilliant, crimson light began to pore from her body, matched only by the glow from the pendent she'd put around my neck. Voldemort actually took a step back, his eyes widening in shock and disbelief.

"No...what are you doing?!" he demanded.

"I'm protecting my Son," said Lily, "I imagine you've heard of Death Curses, yes?"

If possible, Voldemorts eyes widened.

"No, you wouldn't…" he breathed.

"Thats your problem Tom," said Lily as the light continued to build, "You never understand the power behind sacrifice. Now crawl back under the rock you came from! Ad Mortem!"

I'm not entirely sure what happened next because the backlash of energy from Mum's spell knocked me out, but the next thing I knew, I was waking up to Petunia's shrill scream and with Mum's pendent being nowhere to be found.

Fortunately, this wasn't a world where the Dursleys tried to literally beat the Magic out of me, instead preferring snide comments, verbal abuse and excessive manual labour to try and keep me down. Oh, Dudley was a right piece of work and at school, the fat git did his thing by being a thick headed bully who spread nasty rumors about me that did absolutely nothing. See, while Dudley was a cruel, small minded little boy, I played the part of a kind, if quiet, little boy who was more than happy to help out. It worked to turn the schools perception of me on its head, even after Vernon tried to convince everyone that I as the troublemaker. The fact I didn't exactly hide my intelligence (augmented by the addition of a high school and university education from last time through) meant that the teachers were raving about me and I managed to make friends with most of my class. The end result? Dudley was known as an idiot and a bully, despite his parents many attempts to divert attention elsewhere, usually by trying to claim I was framing him or some other shit.

Other than that, I tried to figure out what happened to the pendent Mum gave me immediately before she died. I'm not entirely sure why I was so determined to find it, but something told me it was important. Unfortunately, it quickly became apparent that Petunia had not been the one to take it, although she did grudgingly admit to its existence as something Mum got shortly after she started at Hogwarts, although she didn't know where from. That meant that it must have been taken by someone in the time between Voldies attack and me waking up on the doorstep. By my count, that could be any one of five people, none of which I had access to at the moment. With that in mind, I put it to the back of my mind for now and decided to focus on the here and now.

I spent most of my formative years having tremendous fun messing with my 'family' and doing what I could to figure out how to control my Accidental Magic. It wasn't easy, but I managed to control it enough to actually be useful. As a result, the years up to my 11th birthday fly by and before I knew it, I was finding my Hogwarts letter on the mat.

"Hmm, finally," I muttered as I slipped upstairs before the Dursleys could see the letter, "Now, what should I do now...I wonder if Petunia would be willing to get rid of me for the rest of the summer?"

With that idea in mind, I waited for Vernon to leave for work and Dudley to head off with his friends to add yet more crimes to his rap sheet before I approached Petunia with my letter. She was sat in the sitting room with a cup of tea and a sneer as I entered.

"What do you want?" she growled.

I held up my letter. Immediately, she went the colour of off milk.

"Ah, good, you know about this," I said, "Now, I don't like being here and you don't like me here, so how about we make a deal. You tell me where to go and I'll bugger off for the rest of the summer."

I watched as a number of different expressions crossed Petunia's face, before it landed on an expression of resigned acceptance.

"Fine," she growled, "Theres a pub on Charing Cross Road that normal people can't see. Thats the entrance to that world. If you ask someone inside, I'm sure they can help you more."

She stood and grabbed her purse, shoving a handful of notes into my hands.

"That should be enough to get you there and I'm sure your freakish parents left you something. Now get out and don't come back."

She sat back down and ignored me as I scampered out of the house and down the street.

One bus ride later and I had found the Leaky Cauldron. It was...pretty much exactly what I was expecting to be honest, a grimy, gloomy place that was sparsely populated with a few patrons at this time of the day, none of whom gave me a second look.

"Can I help you lad?" asked Tom the barman as I approached said bar.

"Um, yes, I was hoping you could help me…" I said.

Tom smiled, showing his lack of teeth and forcing me to hide a grimace.

"Ah, Muggleborn, right?" he asked, "Alright, come along."

He led me out the back and showed me how to open the gate to the Alley.

"Um, would it be possible for me to rent a room for the rest of the summer?" I asked, "Its just, my family…"

"I understand," said Tom, "My own family didn't understand when I received my Hogwarts letter, so I tend to give kids like you a good rate. Go and see the Goblins at Gringotts for some money then come back and we'll get you a room. You can use an owl at the post office to send your reply to the letter for free."

I blinked. I honestly hadn't been expecting that, but I guess its one of those things you never really think of.

"Thanks," I said.

"Not a problem son," said Tom, "Oh, but I'll need a name for the books."

I hid another grimace.

"Harry Potter," I said and stepped through the portal before Tom could react.

However, whatever bad mood I could have had was quickly washed away as I walked down Diagon Alley and my Harry Potter fanboy nature came out full force. It really was something else to walk down the actual Diagon Alley and take in all the magic that this place practically dripped in. I couldn't wait to have a proper look around some of the shops and see what I could find! By the time I reached Gringotts, I had a massive grin on my face. That grin was wiped off my face once I reached the bank however. Oh, it wasn't because of anything like meeting a Malfoy, instead it was because of the two creatures standing guard in front of the marble building. They...weren't what I was expecting. Oh, they were so short I was a full head taller than them, but they weren't the ugly, long fingered creatures I was expecting. Instead, they looked almost like miniature Humans, albeit with pointed ears and perfectly round eyes that appeared to be one solid colour, with only a slightly darker area indicating a slit shaped pupil. Both were wearing heavy looking armour and glowering at the Witches and Wizards that passed them.

"Those...are not Goblins," I muttered as I made my way into the bank.

I joined a que behind a sneering middle aged man in expensive looking robes who was grumbling about 'Damn Goblins making Upstanding Purebloods wait for Mudbloods'. I frowned. So, they were considered Goblins? Um, that didn't sound right…

Eventually, the belligerent man was served by the sneering 'Goblin' behind the desk and stomped off with a look on his face like he smelt something particularly bad.

"Next," growled the banker, "What do you want Wizard."

The word Wizard was spat like poison. I hesitated for a moment, before deciding to ask later.

"I understand that my family was rather wealthy," I said without beating around the bush, "I was raised by my non-magical family for most of my life and have only found out about my magic today. I would like to enquire into my family's assets."

"Name?" said the 'Goblin'.

"Harry Potter."

The 'Goblins' head snapped up and he glared at me. He slowly put down his pen and took a deep breath.

"Do you know how many people have come in here claiming to be Harry Potter?" he asked with an air of forced calmness, "Most who come claiming that attempt to show the scar as proof. Are you going to shove that in my face as well?"

I blinked. That was one of the things that set me apart from the normal Harry. I didn't actually have the scar, likely because of whatever Mum did to obliterate Voldie, although I did have a VERY faint mark on my head where I think I'd been cut by the backlash. It was just a normal scar though.

"What scar?" I asked.

The 'Goblin' narrowed his eyes and looked me up and down.

"Hmm, interesting," he muttered, "Very well, lets see if you truly are Potter. Come with me, Client."

The 'Goblin' paused, apparently waiting for something.

"Alright, lead the way Master...Hisebel," I said with a quick glance at the nameplate on his desk.

Hisebel nodded and led the way into a network of winding tunnels that I quickly became hopelessly lost in. Eventually, we reached a door with the name POTTER on the brass plaque screwed to the door.

"Place your hand on the nob," said Hisebel, "If you are a Potter, it will let you in. If not…"

He gave a nasty grin but didn't elaborate. I gulped, but did as I was told. I winced as I felt something pierce my finger, drawing blood, before the plaque glowed and the door unlocked with a click. Hisebels eyebrows shot up so quickly I'm surprised they didn't go shooting off into orbit. Apparently he hadn't believed that I was indeed the genuine article. Still, he didn't say anything and instead led me inside the room where he took a seat behind the desk and opened the file that rested on the desk.

"So, I take it that I do have money?" I asked as I sat down across from him.

"Oh yes, and lots of it," said Hisebel, "Your Trust Vault contains a total of 2000 gallons and is refilled yearly from the Main family Vault. I am afraid that I cannot give you any details on that until you come of age."

I nodded.

"Fair enough," I said, "How do I access my money?"

"You will need your Vault Key," said Hisebel, "However, judging from what you said earlier, it is not in your possession, correct?"

I nodded.


"Hmm, in that case, we will have to make you a new one and change the locks on your Vaults," said the 'Goblin', "I'm sure you understand the security measure."

I nodded.

"Of course," I said, "May I ask if this will cost me anything?"

Hisebel shook his head.

"Not this time as you could not possibly have been aware of your Keys location. However, any future updates will come with a cost of 50 Galleons, so please keep your key safe."

Well that was a nice surprise. Hisebel scribbled something on a piece of parchment and dropped it into a slit in the desk.

"There, we shall have your key ready for you by the time we get back to the main hall," said Hisebel, "Come along."

The 'Goblin' led me out of the office and back to the main hall where we were met by a smaller, younger looking 'Goblin' who handed Hisebel a key. He led me through a pair of large doors that lead into passages with rock walls, albeit carefully shaped ones.

"Hey, can I ask something?" I asked.

"If you must," said Hisebel.

"You guys aren't Goblins, are you?" I asked.

Hisebel nearly tripped over his own feet and spun around to fix me with a glare.

"And where do you get that idea from?" he growled.

"Lucky guess," I said, "So?"

"Humph," grumbled Hisebel, "Yes, technically, we're not Goblins. Goblins are not very bright Beastfolk with a penchant for shiny objects and explosions. They're good traders and Crafters, but the only type of bank I'd leave them in charge of would be an empty piggy bank. I have no idea how you British Wizards mistook us Lalafell for them."

"Lalafell, of course," I muttered.


"Nevermind. Anyway, shall we go?"

Hisebel eyed me suspiciously for a moment, before nodding and heading off down the corridor.

After a ride that had me stumbling around for a few minutes and retrieving a bagful of cash, Hisebel handed me some papers and waved me off with slightly less hostility than he'd shown when I walked in. After making a mental note to look for something that would give me some idea of what sentient races called this world home, I headed out to do some shopping.

And done. Yeah, in case its not obvious, I'm drawing inspiration from FFOnline for this story. Take a stab in the dark at what it was that Lily gave Harry?

Yeah, I turned the Goblins into Lalafell for no real reason other than why not? As for why they're referred to as Goblins by the Brits, well its a combination of typical Fanon purebloods being dicks and everyone else not knowing any better. As for why they stick around, I'll cover that later.

Nothing else witty to say, so I'm going to sign out. Don't forget to leave a review on the way out!