"Howard rubbed his temples in irritation as his father expressed his worry about him. It had become overbearing as of recently. It had started last year. His father and even his sister would drive him to school. Call the school to check up if he was okay. Make sure that he was in his classes. It got to the point that he wished summer would just come around. And when it did-It was still terrible. His father would call from work to check on him. And when he didn't answer, his sister would have to check on him. The constant ringing on his phone was the normal now. He wished that his father trusted him enough to stay out of trouble.

"He managed to walk to school on his own. Luckily, his father said to just call when he got home. Which was fine. He could do that. As long as he didn't have to deal with his overbearing father for the rest of the day. He never got why they were acting this way. It wasn't just him. His classmates, his teachers. Everyone was on his tail.

All because of some incident that he could barely remember.

In fact, he barely remembered anything from Sophmore Year of high school. It was all a blur.

He always wondered what was missing. He couldn't QUITE piece it together. It was something that had been bothering him as of recently. He was all alone with no friends. Which-bothered him. He never said anything about it. Howard didn't want to come across as someone who complained too much. Or be referred to, as a sap among his peers. Reputation was everything to him and he had to keep up appearances in order to be noticed by the popular crowd. Unknown to Howard, it will most likely never happen.

To complicate things further. Heidi had graduated a year prior. It didn't matter much as he didn't need his sister to pry into his business.

He walked down the hall. Pushing past people. Grunting in response when people yelled at him for pushing. Well, sheesh! Sorry if he had to get to class on time! He had to keep his grades up or his dad would try to 'bond' with him. He cringed at the thought of it!

Howard turned to the source of the voice and immediately growled when he recognized it. Debbie Kang. His arch nemesis from Spanish class. He hated how she stared at him with that critical look on her face. As if she was better than everyone else in her year. Lately, she had been bugging him to no end. Which made Howard avoid her even more. He wasn't sure why she was so interested in him. The one person he didn't want attention from.

"Would it kill you to shoob off? I have to get to class." Howard spat out coldly, "What do you want, anyway? My autograph?"

"No." Debbie tsked like she usually did, "Making sure you go to class."

"Howard simply rolled his eyes at her, "I'm going to class. Will everyone lay off? First, my dad wanted to take me to school myself! And now you are in my face."

"Are you always this moody?" She inquired, placing her hands on her hips, "Honestly, I'm just concerned about you."

Howard sighed. Feeling somewhat bad for being rude to her, "I'm sorry, okay? I'm just tired of everyone pretending they care." His eyes averting her gaze. She was going to make HIM late for his first day of class.

"What do you mean? Of course I care-"

Howard didn't hear the rest of what Debbie had to say. He was immediately slammed into by another person. Howard hit the ground rather harshly; letting out a small cry of pain. Debbie immediately went to his aid, helping him up from the floor.

"Thanks, Kang." Howard muttered under his breath. He glanced up at the person who barged into him. The kid looked about his age with purple hair and blue eyes. He looked slim and his facial features looked that of nervousness, "What the juice?! Watch where you're going!"

"S-sorry." He stuttered out; he slides over to the door, grabbing at the knob, "I didn't see you there."

Howard opened his mouth to speak again. This time, however, Debbie spoke instead. Knowing full well that Howard might start a fight over something this small, "It's fine. Just watch it, okay? People here are not as friendly and could potentially harm you. Even it's just bumping into someone. By the way. My name is Debbie."

Debbie walked over to Howard; placing her hand on Howard's shoulder, giving it a gentle squeeze, "And this here is, Howard. Don't mind him. He is normally in a bad mood. Right Howard?"

"Mhmm." Howard answered back. The kid who had bumped him, avoided his gaze. Instead, focusing entirely on Debbie.

"Anyway, besides that. We did not receive word that we got a new student today. We usually get an announcement after homeroom."

The new kid fell silent at this.

Howard shrugged his shoulders at this, "Well, Heidi isn't here to inform us when a new student has arrived." Debbie was going to pry as she had that look of curiosity on her face. That kid may have bumped into him. But, he did not deserve to be questioned a billion times about his life, "I think the bell is going to ring and he is going to be late to class on his first day. You don't want that, do you?"

"True..." Surprisingly to him. Debbie considered this, "Why don't you come by my office later? It's down the hall from here!" Debbie pointed to the room across the hall from the classroom. Her room was in disarray. Papers scattered across the floor, "I could show you around and maybe, if you're lucky. You could meet the Ninja.

"I doubt you could get a picture of him." The new kid chuckled. He was getting antsy and just wanted to get to class, "He stays in the shadows."

"How do you know that?" That piqued her interest, "Do you know where he hides out?"

"Uhhh. Um ... I-" He fidgeted. The new kid looking from side to side; fumbling his hands together as he tried to find a good excuse.

"Debbie Kang. I think you've forgotten that the guy is a ninja." Howard butts once more to save the new kid, "Aren't ninjas supposed to stay hidden?"

"Hmph. I guess you're right."

"I should go." The kid pushed past both of them. Opening the door to the classroom and rushing inside without sparing them a glance.

"Nice going, Kang. You scared him off. Howard chuckled at his friend, "Do you scare off all of your friends like that?"

"Be quiet, Howard!"

The new kid introduced himself as Randy Cunningham. Cunningham. That surname sounded somewhat familiar. It kind of stuck out to him. Not sure why, maybe because his last name was weird. Who was he to judge? His last name was just as weird.

Throughout the entire time of his introduction. His eyes were fixated on the floor. He only lifted up his head to say 'hello'. When he finished introducing himself. He walked over to his desk in the front.

What a weird kid.

Howard wasn't paying attention to the subject. His classes were boring and dull. Honestly, how can anyone stay up and listen to History?
You know what will be great?

If the ninja ACTUALLY showed up. So, that he could ditch the class without anyone knowing.

He hasn't seen the ninja. Since...

When he tried to remember; it became a huge blur. When he did he last see the Ninja? The last time he saw him was freshman year? No, that can't be right.

Were there no monster attacks that year?

No. That wouldn't make sense. There had to be a monster attack. There was always a monster attack. Every year there was one. So why the juice couldn't he remember the ninja appearing? Better yet, why was his sophomore year such a blur?

"The ninja has been part of Norrisville's history for centuries. That much is true." The teacher began. Howard turned his attention towards his history teacher when the Ninja was mentioned. Finally, something interesting.

"It is said. That he is immortal. Many reports from various different people report seeing him defeating a monster. But, as soon as he appears. He vanishes again. Never to be seen. Unless, he is summoned."

"What is more interesting." The teacher continued, "That he has a physical appearance of that of a child. Never has he aged-"

Howard darted his eyes away from the teacher to look at his classmates. He snickered at the thought of any of his classmates being the ninja. Despite, the reports of the Ninja being immortal. Julian? Nah. He would cower in fear. Along with Bucky. Both of them couldn't handle the stress of it.

Theresa Fowler, the cute, but weird girl on the far left corner. He could imagine her being the Ninja. It would be a dead giveaway. He could see her using the Baton to whack the monsters that attack the town. Debbie? No. She would lecture them to death.

Then, he thought about the new kid. Seeing how nervous and fidgety, he was. He doubted-

A crash was heard. Whatever crashed into the classroom was so forceful that it knocked Howard to ground. Glass scattered everywhere. Howard could hear the screams of his classmates. Half of them already rushing out of the room. A few pushing to get out of the area as quickly as they can.

What crashed into the room was a large metal ball. A head emerged from the ball, a red light flickered and began scanning the room. The two locked eyes. Howard remained frozen onto the floor. He couldn't open his mouth to scream for help.

Metallic tentacles emerging from the ball. Its tentacles formed into sharp claws. Ready to strike.

"This was it, huh? This was how it's going to end?

It plunged his hands towards it's target. Ready to kill.

Hunk buried his head into his hands. Dreading his impending doom.

"Not today, Mcfist!" Red smoke filled the air. Which made Howard cough as it invaded his nostrils. He had to pinch his nose as the smoke smelled like farts for some reason.

The red smoke cleared enough to see the figure of the Ninja standing on a desk with a sword tightly clenched in his hands, "And I was really hoping today would be a peaceful day!" The Ninja whined, "Don't you robots ever quit?

It didn't respond too well to that insult. It rose his hands again to strike him. The ninja jumped out of the way immediately. The desk immediately crushed under the weight of the arm.

"Ha! Missed!"

"Hey, Yo-hoo! Over here!" The ninja waved the sword to gain the robot's attention. The robot's eyes narrowed at Howard. Another metallic arm emerged.

The ninja followed its eyes towards it's intended target. His eyes widened. He had not seen another student in the room. He thought everyone evacuated! Okay, calm down. You can do this. History cannot repeat itself.

Howard watched frightened. He immediately crawled to the next table to his left side. He could feel the blow coming from the other side and then a crash.

"Hey! Kid!" The ninja called out him, "I'm going to need you to close your eyes."

"What?! WHY?"

"Just do it!"

Howard clenched his eyes shut. The Ninja raises a bright red ball and tossed it over towards the mechanical beast. The monster staggered back at the bright flash of Light. The ninja took this as an opportunity to attack. Raising the sword in the air, plunged the blade towards its 'eyes'.

The Ninja took the sword back, jumping back from his enemy. It's red eyes became a dull black. Static emerged from where it was stabbed.

"Woah..." Howard was in awe at what he had just witnessed, "So honkin' cool!" He emerged from the desk, grinning from ear to ear.

The Ninja sheathed his sword. Flashing a glare towards Howard, "What is wrong with you?!

"Huh?" Howard flinched at the Ninja's tone.

"You could have gotten yourself killed." The ninja sighed. Pressing his hand against his forehead, "Why didn't you run like the rest?"

"I had to take cover. That's like the number one rule; when we get attacked by monsters." Howard explained, "Or-rule number 2? Honestly, I don't pay attention to those stupid drills-Hey, woah, are you okay?"

The Ninja clutched his chest, "No, no, no." Not now. His legs shook violently; which resulted in him, collapsing to the ground, "N-not again."

"Ninja?" Howard bends down to his level; reaching his hand out to him.

The Ninja didn't acknowledge Howard. Muttering to himself, "I'm sorry."


"I'm s-sorry, Howard..."

"Wait, what?"

The Ninja took a deep breath, in and out. His hand reached down to his belt, pulling out another red orb. He slammed the orb down, red smoke escaping the ball and filling the air. Howard coughed, his eyes burning from intensity of the smoke. When the red smoke cleared up; the ninja was gone.

What the juice did he mean by that? Howard pondered this over and over again as he walked down the hall. He was retrieving his stuff so that he could head on home. They were let out early due to the robot attack that took place today. It still bothered him that the Ninja knew his name. Normally, it would be cool. But, the Ninja was 'sorry'. Sorry for what? What did the Ninja do?

It was like the Ninja knew him well. At first, he excused it as the Ninja knowing everyone's names. He has been around for centuries.

"It did sound like the Ninja knew him personally.

Howard walked towards his locker. A photo sticking out out of the door, "What is this?" He took the photo out from the door to take a look at it. He flips the photo over to reveal him; who looked much younger. Possibly freshman year? He was in whoopie world. His arm were on another's shoulder.

"Both of them were smiling happily. As if they were having a good time.

"New kid?" He figured it out. Yep, it was him. Purple hair, blue eyes. The two looked like they were having the time of their lives.

The two hung out?


Howard was sure; he would remember something like that. Never in his life did he hang out with this kid. Why would he? For one, he seems like a honkin weirdo. He had no memory of going to whoopie world. Sure, he went. But, with his sister or on a class trip.

He tried for the life of him to remember. Everything was a blur.

Wait a minute... He wasn't exactly a new kid if he had met him before. It didn't make sense to him.
It looks like, Mister Randy Cunningham had some explaining to do.