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Chapter 1

I was sitting on the couch in the front of Bruce Wayne's house when my phone started ringing. Recently, my secret ID had been leaked and I was no longer safe in Gotham. Lucky for me, the Justice League found a mission for me in far away New York. I was to go undercover to find out information on the League's newest enemies: The Avengers.

The Avengers were a group of so-called heroes who worked for the government. When they arose, the Justice League was threatened. These Avengers worked inside the law, instead of fighting as vigilantes and were easier for the government to work with, mainly because they ran the group. The Justice League was now in jeopardy because the people no longer wanted to place their faith in masked figures. Part of the Avengers was that everyone knew who they were. No secrets. No privacy. No freedom. And I had to join them.

The Justice League decided that, since the people know my identity, I was no longer allowed to be a part. They said that I was a liability and danger to the League. I had packed all of my possessions up a couple weeks ago because I had broken up with Dick, so all I'd had to do was move my luggage to the front door.

I look down at the caller ID and see that it is a New York number. I hesitantly answer it and hear a fed-up voice on the other end of the phone.

"Hello? Is this Ms. Rose?" a man asks impatiently.

"Yes, sir, it is. Please, call me Eva," I say as politely as I can muster.

"Okay, Eva," he spits my name out as if it's poison. "I am Tony Stark and I have sent a limo to pick you up at 3 o'clock. That should leave you enough time to arrive at 5 am tomorrow."

"Okay," I said writing everything he said down on a post-it note.
"Good, so I should see you tomorrow," he says. "Don't be late!"

The other end hangs up and I look down at my phone. I save the number, marking it as 'Tony Remark'. I snickered at my dumb joke and looked at the clock. It was already 2:50!

"Shoot!" I say allowed and look for Alfred. "Alfred! Please help me carry my stuff!"

Alfred walks down the stairs and opens the front door. I grab my suitcases as he grabs my other bags. One carries my toiletries and the other carries my suit.

We walk out to the fountain and Alfred sets my bags down. He goes and opens the door just as a white limo pulls up the drive. They turn and stop in front of me. The driver, a middle-aged man steps out of the car and grabs my luggage from my hands, throwing it into the trunk. He then throws my bags in and I hug Alfred.

"I won't be too far, so if you need me, just call." I say and he smiles. I then step into the vehicle and strap the seat belt around myself. The driver hands me a clipboard and a pen. I read the top sheet on the board. I begin filling out my information.

By the time I finish we are stopping in front of a tall building with a large glowing "A" on the top of it. I smile and walk through the doors into the open area. The limo driver brings my stuff in and sets it down.

"I was told you need to wait in here until Mr. Stark is ready for you," the driver tells me.

"Thank you," I say pulling thirty dollars out of my wallet and tipping him. He smiled and left, driving away. I sit on the edge of a couch until I finally fall into a light sleep.