Chapter 4

At about 4 o'clock, Tony and Steve had given up on trying to convince me to stay away from Loki and agreed to take me to see him. A couple other Avengers came with us: A woman dressed in tight black clothes with bright red hair, who I leaned was named Natasha Romanoff and was Black Widow, and an older man with speckled gray and white hair, who was Bruce Banner, the Incredible Hulk.

I stood nervously in front of the door as Loki walked over to me. "Loki," I greeted anxiously.

"I do believe that we've met before, but I am drawing a blank. What is your name?" Loki asks with a grin.

"How about a deal?" I ask, slyly.

"What's it going to be?"

"If you answer my questions, I will tell you my name. Deal?" I raised an eyebrow as he thought it over carefully.

"It depends on what your questions are."

I look down at the interrogation sheet Steve had given me. I read the questions and snorted a little. 'These are basic questions!' I think to myself. "They're mediocre."

"Okay then, we have a deal," Loki says and I look back at him.

"Before we start I would like to make it clear that I will be able to tell whether or not you tell the truth. They told me that you're in the lying business."

"How could you possible be able to tell?" he asks with a smirk.

"I'll keep that information to myself," I say reading the first question. "Do you have any family on Earth?" I ask while I sit in a folding chair.

"Yes," he answers. To my surprise, he tells the truth.

"Who?" I ask.

"My brother, Thor," he growls.

I turn around to look at Tony. "Is he the hammer guy?" I ask and Steve practically face-palms and Tony starts laughing.

"Yes," Natasha answers me.

"Okay, moving on," I look at Loki. "Have you been to Earth before? What the? Who thought of these questions?" I ask and Tony points to Bruce. "These are the dumbest questions I have ever asked in my life!" I exclaim and Tony about loses it, laughing.

I stand and walk over to Bruce. I hand him the clipboard with the interrogation sheet. "Bruce, if you want to waste time asking questions that you could easily look up on the internet, you can do that, but I'm going to ask real questions," I say quietly.

Tony snickers as I turn around and glare at Loki. "Last question, what did you do to me earlier?"

"What do you mean?" he asks as pain shoots through my memory chip.

I let out a little scream and clench my fists. Loki backs away and I look at my reflection in the glass. The pink streaks in my hair have turned black and my eyes had become silver. "Answer me, Loki!" I yell and he grins.

"It wasn't me, I think it was you," he says, by now my senses are clouded and I cannot tell whether he has told the truth or not.

I turn around to leave and the rest of the group stands up. By the time I reach the door I remember my deal with Loki.

"Evelyn," I say as I turn around, still riled up about my chip.

"What?" he says looking at me.

"My name is Evelyn," I say then I leave.