Chapter 6

The next day I woke up with a headache. I walked into my bathroom and washed my face in my sink. When I looked up at myself in the mirror, I saw that the cut on my cheek was gone. I touched the place where it had been, but there was no scar or indentation to show it had ever happened.

I ignore it and undress, slipping into the warm shower. As the hot water beat down on my back, I washed my hair. I thought back to the fight yesterday. Loki had cut my cheek deeply, there was no way that, with the ointment that Bruce gave me, it could have healed that fast. I step out of the shower and dried my skin off. I threw some jeans on with a tank top and headed downstairs.

"Hey Tony," I said as I passed him. I rubbed my eyes before grabbing a coffee cup out of the cabinet and pouring myself a cup. I walk over to the counter and set my cup down as Steve walked into the room.

He looked around until his eyes landed on me. I smiled as he walked over.

"Finally mustered up enough courage to ask me?" I tease as he stands in front of me.

"Well, if you're not too busy later today, I'd like to take you to dinner," he said politely.

"Okay, I'll check my calendar," I say smiling to him. He grins and walks away.

"You can go," Tony says, winking my way. I roll my eyes.

"Now I'm afraid to go," I say as Natasha walks into the room.

"Why don't we go get breakfast?" she suggests when Steve gets back.

"Where do you want to go, Eva?" I snap into reality and think of nearby restaurants.

"I haven't been to any of the places around here yet," I say and she smirks.

"What do you want then?" she asks.

'What do I want?' I ask myself. Eggs sound good, and bacon sounds really good. "Something served with eggs and bacon," I say.

"Okay, come on," Natasha begins walking out and the rest follow her. I stay near the back as we get into a white limousine. I get in last and see Tony put some sunglasses on.

"Really, Tony?" I ask. It was nearly 6 am and he was putting sunglasses on. "It isn't even light out."

"Yeah, but the fans are going to be out and about and I must be protected!" he says dramatically, causing me to roll my eyes.

"So mature, Tony," I say, getting a laugh from Natasha, Bruce, and Steve. We stop at a small diner and the door opened. I slid out of the vehicle and looked around. We were in downtown New York now. I read the sign and almost squealed in joy.

"You okay?" Steve asked. "You look like you're about to explode."

"I'm fine," I say. "I've just heard a lot about IHOP and had always wanted to eat at one!"

"Didn't you live with a millionaire?" Tony asked, holding the door open for the me and rest of our group.

"Yeah, but they don't have IHOPs in Gotham. The crime rate is 'too high'," I explain, making quotations with my fingers.

"Ah, I understand," he says. "The old bat couldn't keep up."

"Ha, ha, very funny," I say, glaring daggers at Tony, who is still wearing sunglasses, even though we are sitting in the corner of the restaurant. "Could you take those off?!" I exclaim and he shakes his head.

"They'll notice!" he says.

"You're attracting more attention wearing them, then you would if you weren't!" I say and he finally takes them off.

"There, are you happy?" he says as our waitress walks over with our food.

"Thank you," I say to the waitress as she hands me my plate of eggs and bacon. "So, what are we doing today?" I ask.

"Well, first, we'll need to figure out a new suit for you, then we'll talk about the rest of today," Tony says, finishing his breakfast. He paid and we left.

During the whole car ride, I couldn't stop thinking about having a new suit. My old one, made of spandex and rubber, was falling apart. I wondered if maybe I would get a suit made entirely of rubber, or plastic, but I doubted it. Both of those materials were expensive to use and I didn't want to pay out of my pocket for it. I look at Tony and he grins at me. I can't help but smile back, wondering what he has in mind.